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"Buffy: Vampires are creeps. Giles: Yes, that's why one slays them."
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September 10 2008

Happy Birthday Harry Groener! Our favorite neat freak Mayor turns 57 today.

Its funny, he doesnt look a day over 35......

Happy Birthday!
Moist towelette?
Happy birthday, Mr. Groener!
Harry Groener is awesome. I love the way he draws Bart and Lisa.
(JK--we love our evil demony mayor)
Happy Birthday sir.
You make a fine, fine villain, sir :)
Happy Birthday, Harry Groener!
A very Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Groener - I hope you read this site every once in a while! You are without a doubt my all-time favorite Buffy Bad Guy.
Meeting with PTA
Become Invincible A Year Older

Happy birthday Mr Harry Groener esq. and many more. Maybe try cake instead of big spidery things BTW, you might prefer it - less carapacey ;).
Years ago he was at a con and we were waiting to have pictures with him. it was a small room and the camera wasn't working. So he sang and danced to keep us all amused. Nice, nice guy. Happy Birthday HG!
And he doesn't look a day over 100! I mean, er, 50. (It's a mayor joke--not saying Groener doesn't look fantastic!)
Why can't all villains be more like the mayor? Happy birthday to my favorite Big Bad.
Why can't all villains be more like the mayor?
I agree. Family-oriented. Polite. Sanitary.
He was the best.
He paleyd an authority figure and he's less than 5 years older than I am? Damn, I'm old.

Seriously, Happy Birthday, Mr. G. On screen you remind me of Ross Martin, which I imagine is a compliment since ol' Ross is remembered as an actor's actor.
He forever shall be the best Big Bad.
Happy Birthday, to one of the world's true gentlemen.

And no, not the Hush kind.
Happy Birthday and wishes for many more to you!

I'll play a round of miniature golf in honor of our Mayor's special day. I'm sure Faith would approve.

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