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September 10 2008

Vote for How I Met Your Mother or Chuck or Sarah Connor in AOL Fall TV Poll. Some of our favorite Whedonverse actors' shows are up in this AOL poll. And HIMYM, Chuck and Sarah Connor are up against each other.

Boy, my tastes are nowhere near the rest of the country -- which is kind of humbling after years of genre polls. No wonder I don't watch the People's Choice Awards, it would make me physically ill.
The problem with this poll (well, ok, one problem) is there's no option for "nothing", which would be my choice for 10PM on Tuesdays, amongst other time slots.

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There was no option for "none" because on some of those nights those nights given the choices I'd have voted "read a book instead." There's a reason Tuesday or Wednesday is my movie night.
Oh no! Pushing Daisies is up against Bones? Argh, television, why must you hurt me like this? Why couldn't one of them be moved to a later time slot?

And apparently most of the country disagrees with me on my television watching tastes. Of all the ones I voted for, only Bones was winning it's timeslot. I was surprised at some of the ones who didn't do well, like The Office.

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Very much needed a 'Nothing' option. Pleasantly surprised to see 'The Mentalist' leading the 'Most Likely to Watch' category, although it could really easily end up Yet Another Procedural it was probably my favourite pilot of the new crop, kind of a 'Silence of the Lambs' meets 'Psych' meets 'House' vibe to it (but without the funny, hope that doesn't last).

(and i'd definitely need a TiVo if I lived in the US and wasn't using "other means" anyway, didn't realise how much of the stuff I watch clashed - and that's not even counting cable shows as far I could see)
I picked Pushing Daisies over Bones. It was not an easy choice. Actually, it kind of was, but it was a sad choice. I'd rather watch both.
I like "Bones" a lot, but there's no contest; I am hopelessly devoted to "Pushing Daisies". Bummer though, 'cause for most of the times there was nothing I wanted to watch.
Wednesday at 8 is a death zone! Luckily CW repeats ANTM on Sunday nights so I can tape both Bones and PD without having to miss my favorite guilty pleasure. ;)
What's ANTM?

As for Tuesday, nothing tops the great House... What? NCIS?! Are you KIDDING me!?
ANTM: America's Next Top Model. Cabri is me with the Wednesday night viewing.
How could they do that to me? Ask me to choose between Summer and Adam??!?

Plus, people really need to review their TV watching desires when 'Dancing With The Stars' is the most popular. Seriously? I enjoy thinking.

[ edited by dellyn on 2008-09-11 23:12 ]
I voted for Bones, hoping against hope that Pushing Daisies will be up again at CTV on demand.

Some slots I just picked something I know friends watch that doesn't interest me so I could move on.

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