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September 10 2008

'Serenity' in new PC game 'Spore'. GamesRadar shows user-created spaceships for 'Spore', including one 03-K64 Firefly-class mid-bulk cargo transport.

GamesRadar shows user-created spaceships from Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica & Star Trek for the space stage of evolution of Will Wright's newest game, 'Spore'.

I can't be posty anymore but this seems topical:

Exclusive: Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse' Shuts Down Production

By Korbi Ghosh

September 10, 10:55 AM

Gjokaj_dushku_lachman Just days after learning that production on the new season of 24 has been shut down for two weeks, another FOX series is giving its cast and crew some unexpected vacation time. The highly-anticipated Dollhouse, from acclaimed TV guru Joss Whedon, has shut down production for two weeks as well.

Whedon_2 I'm told that because Joss directed two of the three episodes already shot, he has not had sufficient time to be in the writers room and tailor the upcoming scripts to his liking. A rep from 20th Century Fox -- the studio behind Dollhouse -- said Joss came to them asking for a couple weeks to regroup and they were happy to give it to him, adding that the situation is very similar to 24's: With several episodes in the can and both series not scheduled to debut until mid season, they have the luxury of being able to shut down and reexamine their direction without delaying their premiere date.

Said the rep, "We have every confidence that [the extra time] will allow Joss to make the show the best it can possibly be. It's very rare that you have a head writer who is also directing two episodes in a row. But we are happy that Joss is directing, because this is his vision."

Penikett_2 And word is, Joss is handling his myriad of responsibilities quite well. I spoke with Dollhouse actor Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica's Helo, sigh, so pretty) at Monday's FOX fall launch party, who had this to say about working with Mr. Whedon: "He has a very consistent energy and strong work ethic. You can tell he's juggling so many things at once -- one minute he's giving you direction on a scene, the next minute he's writing a new scene for a new episode -- but he doesn't really get worked up when he's on the job. He keeps it light. He should be a performer, because he's always cracking jokes on set."

Ah, yes, that's all Joss needs... to add another task to his to do list.
If that's actual confirmed news and not just a rumour that's probably front-page-worthy jengod, then we can all run around like headless chickens and swap notes about all the different ways this means the sky's falling in ;).

'Spore' sounds pretty interesting, might take a look in a while though i'm just getting back into PC gaming and so benefiting from the one big advantage of not playing much if anything for nearly 4 years - there's a lot of cheap back-catalogue games that still blow my socks off graphically ;).

(and is it just part of the game or do those portal things look a lot like stargates to anyone else - 'nother homage ?)

[ edited by Saje on 2008-09-10 20:15 ]
You said Portal :) Yay, portal! Saying that Serenity is in Spore is selling it a little hard, though lots of Spore's creatrues/ships/etc. are user created, so fair play, I suppose. There are some, ahem, very interesting creations out there (sometimes called SPORN). EA has done some removal of said content with the following statement.

Whether it's modeling clay, dolls or crayons, a small number of people can be counted on to use it for something inappropriate.

Ordered 'Portal' the other day in fact (actually thought it might have arrived today but no joy - just as well really, listening to Scotland vs Iceland at the moment, couldn't sensibly do both ;). I'd read about it in a magazine, seen it on a few "best games ever" lists and then Felicia Day singing the song was the tipping point ;).
Spore is addictive and I wish my crappy laptop would handle it. XD but then I'd also run the risk of never getting my brothers to leave the damn thing alone. lol.

But cool. :D
It is one of the best games EVER. The cake is a lie!
Too bad it has some of the buggiest, most invasive DRM in history. Go look at the Amazon reviews for it to see just how bad it is.
Steam is invasive, but I haven't had it cause me other trouble. As far as DRM and gaming, sadly its the way of the world at the moment.
I like the part with the off-topic comment that's not only off-topic but also pasted in full instead of just a URL. (Hint: There are ways to email the mods to suggest a post.)

On-topic: What's the difference/relationship between Spore and the Spore: Origins thing that's available for the iPhone/iPod?
The cake is a lie, zeitgeist. As for Serenity in Spore, personally I think all the hype about this game might be a bad sign. I hate the Sims, so personally I'm hoarding my money away for the likes of Starcraft 2 and Left4Dead.
Please assume the party escort submission position!
I think this version is much nicer!

Scroll down the page a bit.

And, yeah, SPORE, addictive!
Just wanted to clarify that Spore uses SecuROM, not Steam.

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