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September 10 2008

Scream 2008 Awards hosted by Spike TV is open for voting and nominees include Cloverfield, Buffy S8, Julie Benz, Doug Jones, Summer Glau, and Joss.

These new awards appear to have a prestigious nominee selection board and cover comics, films and TV.

It bothers me that most of the one line sum ups for women are wasted describing them as hot, lovely or delightful while the guys get legendary, visionary etc...

I know- whine, whine, but... a symptom of our times, I guess.

Also, 'The Eye' was a Chinese horror film, not Japanese.
And Doug Jones (Gnarl and the Gentlemen, etc.) and BKV (comics writers category)!

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I voted Y and BK all the way!
Well it's not a new awards, it's been around for a few years now.

Voted for a couple of the Y the Last Man entries (although the plague revelation is a bit of a screw-up; there were like ten different explanations for it and that was frankly the weakest one, while more amazing, heartwrenching moments came elsewhere in that same storyline - my favourite being the last page of that issue, where the journey finally ends)
Did anyone else feel like they were scrambling in a few places with the comic related choices?
I mean they get props for recognizing comics at all but... I don't know, maybe it was all in my head ( boyfriend was reading over my shoulder and just informed me that alot of things my head that is).
Anyone mind marking this with spoiler tags? I had two big X-Men moments spoiled for me on ONE page.

Damn it...
I stamped in my choices even though any awards show put on by SpikeTV is about as meaningful or appealing as an ultra-moist, limp carrot.
Not to mention Amy Adams in Enchanted. To mention her.
I agree, the comics category seemed a bit thin (still happy to give it to Y though) but the award for 'Worst Category' has to go to 'Best Line' (including the typo in "Why do serious ?" ;) since none of them were that great (went with 'I'm Iron Man' just cos Downey so rocked that specific moment and the role and film in general). Went with 'Dexter' over BSG but that was a very hard decision (might go another way on another day).

... where the journey finally ends

Heh. Or not ;).
I hate Spike TV and I hate how their 'network for men' usually portrays women as being only plot devices. I also dislike Life time and how they usually portray men as devious, conniving, adulterous and pansies. Can you be a pansy adulterer? Seems to me it takes guts to cheat on your spouse.

So you know, not voting, because this is more or less like the MTV movie awards. Whoopee, you won one.
I voted for The Dark Knight in most categories it was in, because, lets face it people, that movie was phenomenal. I know thats what everyone else is saying, but it actually lived up to the hype. Woot!
Umm, and Heath Ledger and his lines as the Joker owned. So, the 'Best Lines' category was a good one to have.

Also, I got split down the middle when Sweeney Todd and Dexter things were put in the same category because those were my two obsessions last year (Sweeney in November/December and Dexter in March up until now). But in the end, I went for Michael C. Hall because he completely nails Dexter and gets you to sympathize with a serial killer, and Julie Benz because I find her adorable as Rita and she's such a good actress that I'm able to separate her from Darla when I see her on the show.:)

I don't think they were 'reaching' when the had the comic book categories; I may know nothing about that world, but when someone is as entrenched in those kinds of comics as we are in the Whedonverse, then you can see how important those kinds of things are to those fans.

Oh, and all Buffy and Joss-related things for the win.
It's not having the comics category that's a reach, it's what's in there. As someone who knows a bit about "that world" (i.e. i'm a comics reader and fan) their choices seemed all over the place with no particular pattern or sense to them IMO. Dunno how they chose the final entrants though, if it was by vote then the weird mix would make more sense.
I respectfully in the end have to disagree with you CarpeNoctem on "The Dark Knight" actually living up to all the hype. Granted, it has its share of more-than-solid attributes but on the whole I was not blown away by it (Heath Ledger, though, was/is indeed awesome).

That's just me. |

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