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September 11 2008

Declare your love for someone with Dr. Horrible's words. Another testament to the power of Joss, in making people feel something/anything.

I tried posting this a few minutes ago, but my computer was acting up. I don't if that's the reason it disappeared or not. If it was deleted for some other reason, mods, my apologies for re-posting and please delete once more.

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That was very sweet!
That's all kinds of awesome, and I can totally understand. One of the defining moments of flirtation between my wife and I is based around 'Rest in Peace' from the Buffy musical. I think she just liked to listen to me sing, but some of those lyrics were pretty true for me.
Awwww, that's so sweet. That guy she has sounds so cute! Hey, are there any other Joss-loving, sweet, single guys out there?
yes there are.
ETA: oh, wait, you said sweet. Never mind.

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Lol. She sounds like me at the start. Lord knows, I've had similar thoughts about couples and any form of PDAs when single, and I detest Valentine's day. You become incredibly lucky when you can find someone to change your mind, and of course, share your love of Joss with, or convert them if need be.
Hey, Joss-loving, single guys is fine too. Well, maybe not Joss-loving... his wife & kids might take issue with that.

We'd always have something in common though. :)
Well, I'd like to think I was one of those kinds of guys.

Anyway, a huge "Awwwww" for the piece.
This kind of sounds like my own predicament, only opposite. Story goes, I was in a rough patch of life and she walks in waving white peace flags for me. She comes bearing Joss-y goodness that paved a metaphorical yellow brick road for me. It was about this time that I came to the conclusion that I wanted to write. You know how the stereotypical story goes, boy+girl=fall/not gonna happen+broken heart. Sob story, yeah, but since then I've associated Buffy and the like with her and I guess no happy endings had a real world bearing on me. And that's how that goes. I now have no belief in true love or anything of the like. Relationships are really for naught in my opinion.

Sorry for my cynical views probably dampering moods. Deep down I'm still a hopeless romantic even though I don't like to admit it. It just makes me feel better to be a horrible person about these things. I still hold out that someday someone will come along and change my mind. Now it feels better not to though.


That is all.
I need an insulin shot.
I really liked this story. But I just hate it when someone "gives" you a song or tells you a song makes them think of you. Case in point.."Over the Hills and Far Away" by Zeppelin. Everytime I hear it it makes me remember the night my old boyfriend gave it to me for Valentine's Day. We're no longer together, haven't been for about 20 years. But everytime I hear that song.....! Would be nice to hear it just once without thinking of him.

Sorry. T.M.I., I know.
I have that problem with a Yes album that was playing when my college girlfriend and I made a video.

You think yours was TMI? I've shown you what TMI really is.
"There'll be no mutant enemy we shall certify" and it comes full circle around.
Aww,That's sweet.
I could go for a guy like a that. or just for one who like Joss's work. nice story,thanks for the link.
SMMJWF (single mixed male Joss Whedon fan) here, I've always had this really deep relation with Spike and now Dr. Horrible. Does that mean I'm a sweet guy on the path to darkness, or a sweet guy who's trying to be evil cuz the a$$holes always win? I dunno, but it was good to hear that Freeze Ray was used in a romantic context, cuz I want that played at my wedding. And good to see a cynical girl, which is all there are by the time you're my age (post high school and college) admitting she really likes a nice guy to herself, and that Joss is continuing to make geeky chic-y.
madmolly, yep. I had an ex that kind of ruined some Zepplin for me too.

bix, waaaaaaaaaay TMI.
I have that problem with a Yes album that was playing when my college girlfriend and I made a video.

Yeah I make videos all the time! mind.

Great story though.
Edit: wow. Wrong thread! Ignore. Nothing to see here.

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madmolly, yep. I had an ex that kind of ruined some Zepplin for me too.
NYPinTA | September 13, 02:52 CET

It's epidemic with Zep - the one I couldn't listen to for years is Going to California, despite the fact that I ended up being eternally glad that he did just that. :)

Also Sarah McLachlin's Full of Grace, for a real Joss/BtS connection.

Loved the letter, especially the "Godify" part. (We've already done that, right?)
You know what, I love that YES album. And now I will always think of theonetruebix. dang.
Honestly, I don't know. I guess that was...cute...-ish.
I kept wondering "What happened to the mac-n-cheese?!"

Note to boyfriend (present or potential): If I have a favourite song and you like that song too? Cool! Don't ruin it by making it "our song" because when you leave, it'll taint that song for me. Thanks.

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I don't know... I thought bix's "I" was just right. :)

The only time I get upset with songs is when they're used in a heart-felt moment on TV/movies that makes me cry. Like the "Goodbye to You" on Tabula Rusa.

Or, take for example, "Say what you need to say". It was cute... at first. Then it became alarmingly annoying. But, after watching Bucket List last night (GREAT movie, BTW!), I feel sad when I hear it. What's up with that? I was quite content about being annoyed with that song, and now I'm all close & sad with it. *growls*
It's amazing how music can trigger memories so effectively. I used to read books a lot faster than I do now (thanks to the joys of work) so I would have an album in my CD player (I know, going back a while) and it would play over and over whilst I read the book over a day or two. Then every time I would hear a song from the album when something particularly important was happening in the book, I'd remember it. Fades after a few years, but still, impressive what the human mind does all the same.

I can't say I've ever had an "our song". Even with my current BF, where it is far more serious, far more romantic blah blah blah, we don't have one. I commented on it the other day, and neither of us could even recall the first song we danced to, in our attempt to try and find ourselves a song. But then, I don't really feel the need to have a song really. I have however, had guys send me lyrics of songs to try and explain how they feel. But, without the music, it's just not quite the same.

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