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September 11 2008

Dr. Horrible soundtrack soon available beyond iTunes. Dr. Horrible tweets good news. No details yet as to when and where.

Thank goodness! I was getting antsy about not having this yet.
Is this referring to a physical CD, or just another download? I want the CD.
Clearly, it does not say to what it is referring.

Is this referring to a physical CD, or just another download? I want the CD.

electricspacegirl | September 11, 23:13 CET

Same here with the CD. I want a CD. :(
Excellent! I won't have to choose between having a copy of the soundtrack, and sustaining my long-running hatred of iTunes!
I wish they would say if it's a cd or not, but anyway, it's great news! If it's another place to download it, at least (I hope) it may be some place where everybody (from everywhere) can buy it (like Amazon or something like that). But I'm also hoping for a cd!
It doesn't sound like they're talking about a CD. I think if it was a CD they would say so. I could be wrong of course.
Wrong thread.

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Please mean an official CD! I wanna play it (& sing along to it) in my car! And have people look strangely at me as I sing about a bad horse! Yay! :D
I'd love an official CD. But even if they aren't talking about a physical CD (which seems more likely, because I also feel that they'd have phrased it differently otherwise), this is good news. I have yet to get iTunes running correctly on my ooooold computer, so this will give me the chance to finally fork over the well-deserved cash to Whedon and co.

This is quite possibly the first time I've ever looked forward to paying for something, by the way ;)
Well, not your first time, GVH. If you think hard, I'm sure you can come up with a couple of other occasions that you were happy to pay for something.

This does remind me that I need to purchase the iTunes one before my trip.
I like the phrase "beyond iTunes". Or maybe I just like the word "beyond". Twilight zone or Outer Limits...
7digital would be a very good place to put it up for sale, in my opinion. When I pay to download music, that's where I go. As long as it's DRM free, of course.
I'll put in a plug for CDbaby for an actual CD. I've only bought from them once but the musicians I know who sell their music through them, all think it is a great company to do business with.
Also CDbaby is a local Portland company, so I'll second that plug. ;)
I think CDbaby only distributes the CDs. Doc probably needs a company that makes the CDs and distributes them.
A bit off-topic, but since the post regarding the long-awaited release of BtVS Score is already gone from the main page, I think this is the best place for it...

Today, I discovered that on you can download yet another web-exclusive bonus track from the episode “Restless” called “2 girls, 1 van”. So if anyone was interested... ;-) Any additional info about the track from people who heard it would be appreciated, since, unfortunately, I myself cannot buy it. :-(
I don't suppose they mean on cassette? ;) I'd buy three cassettes!
Do you think there will be any extras on a CD? Like early sound tests and so on? I'm not trying to be greedy, but it just seems like a Joss thing to do, and probably wouldn't be too difficult/expensive. Things like Joss and Kai singing at the end of the Buffy album?

Either way I will buy it of course. :)
I think CDbaby only distributes the CDs. Doc probably needs a company that makes the CDs and distributes them.

Making CDs is easy. There are many places that do that. Distributing them is the harder/more time consuming part. But yes, one company that did both would be simpler - if probably more expensive.
I hope they release a physical cd at the same time as the DVD. When a big movie DVD hits Best Buy, the soundtrack is available too in the soundtrack section. Selling so well on iTunes may help them find a company.

I am also hoping for a comic attached to the DVD...

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