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September 12 2008

(SPOILER) Peek Inside the Dollhouse! E-Online caught up with Dollhouse's stars at the Fox premiere party to get the inside scoop.

That will calm the panic I guess :)
I have no worries at all. This show is going to be awesome!
I'm English, of course I'm evil!

I'm not evil. But then I'm not English. I just live here. Well, maybe just a bit evil. I don't kick puppies, but sometimes I will look at one and make a "Tchhh" sound with my tongue.

A friend of mine is English and every time he feeds his dog he makes the dog stare at the food in front of him for twenty seconds or so before he lets him tuck in. Now that's evil!

Also, productions shutting down for a week or so happens all the time. No biggie. Alert level down from "Beige" to "Grey".
Is that morally grey, or some other shade?
I wonder what being "morally beige" would actually involve ?

And i'm not English but I am evil, which just goes to show mapping domains and ranges can be tricky.
I wonder what being "morally beige" would actually involve?
I think it means your moral code is serviceable but uninspiring.
Makes sense - it works but you're not gonna show it off, you're gonna hide it under the desk.
Pasting Joss's head onto Tahmoh Penikett's picture as an inset was kind of a weird aesthetic choice.

'Uh, no, you have not told me what my background is, and I would love to know that,' and he was like, 'Oh, it's this and this,' and I just about crapped my pants."

See now my expectations are all high about this. If he wasn't like James Bond and Crocodile Dundee combined, but also a rock star, I'm gonna be disappointed.
I think it was interesting that we heard mention of the other actors and characters. I'm just as interested and in Victor and Sierra's story as I am with Echo's.

...and is it me or does Tahmoh look extra delicious in both pictures? >_<
D'ya know what i've just realised ? Where's 'November' in all of this, the beautiful "heavy" character that seemed like a refreshing piece of casting ?

Have I missed some news that she's been dropped (entirely possible since i've been a bit wary of spoilers etc.) or has she actually just been quietly dropped without fanfare or explanation ?
Jcs: "serviceable but uninspiring"

And I've found my new motto.

All I need to do is translate it into latin for my coat of arms.
I think November's still in there. I just think we're not hearing anything about her because she's a recurring character, not regular, and she's not in the pilot-now-episode-two.
Yeah, there's been no character changes, this was just an interview with the actors on hand.

I'm still so pleased that Joss grabbed Tahmoh for this role in "Dollhouse". He has such a quiet intensity to his acting style, I think he's going to be quite a remarkable character.

And zz9. Not evil? Please, my friend, you hold a PHd in evilness. Even Bad Horse gets giddy when he hears your name;)
Pasting Joss's head onto Tahmoh Penikett's picture as an inset was kind of a weird aesthetic choice.

Yeah. For a second I thought he was wearing a large and strange "vote for Joss" button.
Yep, the recurring characters (Amy and Miracle) seem to get stiffed when it comes to parties and photo shoots. But she's still on board.
I wonder what being "morally beige" would actually involve ?

I think it involves whipped cream.

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Madhatter, not sure about giddy. I think he just has difficulty in pronouncing "Z" as Zed and not Zee. What with his lisp and all...
Well, that's common amongst horses. Shouldn't hold it against him.
I blame him for Hulu deciding that Dr Horrible should not be viewable in the UK.

Seriously. January needs to not be four months away.
All these character details are highly intriguing. Topher as a crafter of fine personalities tailored to your personal needs. Boyd policing the gray line between using an active and abusing one. And Victor's mysterious backstory of pant-smirching awe.
zz9, wasn't aware that Hulu was restricting their overseas streams. Well, that bites. And very evil indeed!

Guess we ought to do something about that.
Yep, Hulu went "US only" with DH about three weeks ago. Hence my sense of urgency for the DVD!
Jcs: "serviceable but uninspiring"

zz9: "And I've found my new motto.
All I need to do is translate it into latin for my coat of arms."

Well, here you go, zz9. And I can unconditionally guarantee that all my Latin is entirely made up, so it's got that going for it.
You didn't blazon the coat of arms, QG. ;-).

"Vert, in chief a heart gules above wings conjoined, deleted; supported by a battle-axe, head downwards; in base, a dexter hand, fessways, couped at the wrist, a helmet in profile, and a horse passant."

Yeah, I'm totally bluffing, but it's kinda fun . . . erm, yay Dollhouse snippets!
Oh, yeah, I forgot to say, SNT, all my heraldry is guaranteed to be 100% made up, too. ; >
Thanks QG! Now I can go invade somewhere! I have a flag!

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