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September 12 2008

Viral Ad for Buzzy Multimedia features James Marsters. Listen to JM (reading the Dresden Files) and others in this viral ad for Buzzy MultiMedia Books.

Listen to the reading of James Marsters, Jason Carter, Ben Browder , Michael Shanks and the music composed & performed by Eric Kufs (Common Rotation).

I just heard about this type of advertising on NPR on the way home

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I think Eric *performed* the music; it certainly sounds original! ;-). Love this ad, especially the sword fight!
The Oxford demon is hilarious. :) I seriously need to read jim butcher.
OH, that is great :D Not to mention it's like seeing my life. I've bought loads from the Buzzy ladies. They rock!! I keep my ipod on continual loop for books and listen nearly all the time. James Marster's Dresdan books and Ben Browder's Interlopers are staples. I've prolly listen to them 25 times each. Beware tho, Interlopers will scar you for life, if you are an outdoor kind of person. And no narrator EVER has beat James Marster's reading. I was crushed when Penguin took over the production of the Dresdan books even tho they are have kept Marsters as reader.

dulce_serenidad, Most defiantly go read the Dresdan books. They are wonderful. BTW I have a horse named Dulce.
This is a great way to advertise. I have gotten all the Dresden Files books from the Buzzy ladies. But this clever ad makes me want to try the others as well. They certainly seem to have a knack for getting people with good, distinctive voices to do the reading.
I listened to the first Dresden book with James narrating, and he did do a good job. I particularly liked how Bob the skull sounded a bit like Spike.

There were a few words, though, that they probably should've made him re-record. Like, when you say you're a spellslinger, you probably mean you sling spells, right? He pronounced it like 'spells linger.'

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