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September 14 2008

Mad Men T-Shirt featuring Christina Hendricks silhouette at Glarkware available for 1-month only.

About two weeks left before this goes away.

Judging from the lack of comments, I assume I'm not the only one for whom it won't load?
No, it loads fine for me. Looks like a pretty cool shirt.
See also these wallpapers which aren't photo referenced so I felt a bit too off-topic for their own thread, but I think are quite the thing.
And if you click on the other limited edition shirts for September, you'll find they have a Robin Sparkles tee from How I Met Your Mother.
Man, that woman sure has some curves on her! :)
I know it is an obvious reference to Christina's character on Mad Men, but where does it say that this is explicitly a "Mad Men" t-shirt? Or is this just an unlicensed rip-off of an image from a critically acclaimed and popular series?

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-09-15 17:46 ]
TamaraC- That's the entire point of Glarkware. They also used to host a ton of stuff for Television without Pity. The whole concept is to celebrate TV that is fan-loved, but not licensed often. They still might have one on my favorites on the site, "Slayer Washroom." It's a take on bathroom pictogram, with a female staking a a horned male. Or for "The Office" they had a stapler in jello. It's all tongue-in-cheek, side references. As a fan, you giggle or smile at the wearer, because you get it.

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