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September 14 2008

(SPOILER) Spike: After the Fall #4 Finished! Brian Lynch's latest blog update includes cover art and a lightly spoilery description for the final chapter. Issue 3 should come out this week.

Awesome! Spike After the Fall hit a high note on Issue 2 so I'm very excited to see where we're heading. Great storytelling.
Looking forward to reading this no end!
Spike: After the Fall #2 was one of the best Buffyverse single issues I've ever read - can't wait for #3!
The Spike series hasn't really pulled me in. I think I need to reread AtF and then start over with Spike. I keep feeling like I'm missing something.
Despite desperate efforts of mine I am still not able to lay my hands on those comic books here in Germany.

I am confident that the stories are fine. My biggest hope is, that the epic structure will lead somehwere. I would be disappointed if everything went all soapy, in order to enable endless continuing, leading nowhere. Good things have to end somewhere, even if the characters go on, outside of our awareness.
Cleveland: Try "Grober Unfug" in Berlin, who do mail-order, are nice, and know their stuff.
Brian Lynch is, without doubt, the right person to hand an ongoing Spike series to. This guy knows Spike. A real shame this was only four issues but I'm hopeful there will be more.
So far, Spike:After the Fall has been amazing. Sounds like it's going out on a high !
Serial Rocker, I couldn't agree with you more. Lynch was born to write Spike - a perfect match.
Thanks for the hint, scotws! ^^

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