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September 14 2008

(SPOILER) IDW unveil their Angelverse comic books for December. Let see's what we've got. There's Angel: After The Fall #15, Angel: Smile Time #1 and Spike: After The Fall #1 (Comic-Con Edition).

An episode adaptation? Not sure I care to spend my well-earned cash on something I've already seen in a different format. Someone tell me if it turns out so good I have to have it.
I too am cautious about episode adaptations.
So is Joss co-writing Angel 15? If so, awesome

As for story of Smile Time by Joss, I'm guessing that just means the original episode was his story
I wonder if the Smile Time comic book will have stuff that was cut from the aired episode.
Yes, will they be using the original scripts like what Dark Horse did all those years ago for the movie adaptation in Origins, or just simply do a graphic-novelization of the episode.

I understand why people are ambivalent towards the future of Angel, after the conclusion of After the Fall, mostly because fans question the matter whether something is official canon, because they don't want to spend fortunes into something that might just turn out into overpriced licenced fan-fic.
I'd have to think that it won't be a straight, word-for-word adaption of the episode. What would be the point? There would need to be some reason to pick it up for those Angel fans that are picky about what they spend their money on. The most obvious extra would be scenes that weren't possible on the show's budget.

If there was enough additional material then I'd consider picking it up but I'll probably wait and see what others think of it first. The canon/not-canon issue won't come into it for me, to be honest. All I need to know is if it's worth the money in terms of giving me a story I've not enjoyed before. Well, parts of a story I've not enjoyed before, at least.
*alredy has the Spike Comic-Con variant*
Ugh I really dont have any respect for IDW's handling of the Angel licence at the moment. Spin-offs and continuations and extending amount of issues and episode adaptations and blah blah blah give me money blah.

That Angel:Smile Time cover is atrocious. Terrible terrible angel similarity especially for what is supposed to be an episode adaptation. And when did Angel leap through fire in Smile Time.

IDW is all very blergh for me at the moment....
Oh well, it takes all sorts eh? I for one am loving it so far. *g*

So bring it on!! :0
Don't think I'll be getting Angel: Smile Time, but the Comic-Con edition of Spike: After the Fall is looking verrrry tempting.
Ahh,so this Smile Time adaptation was the art Chris Ryall was previewing on his site a week or so ago.
'Smile Time' is one of those episodes I can watch and watch again and the idea of a comic adaptation and what it will add to the mix is therefore very interesting. You can never have too much Puppet Angel, imho.I've enjoyed all Scott Tipton's Angelverse stories, plus I love David Messina's art - I'll definately get this series.
There would need to be some reason to pick it up for those Angel fans that are picky about what they spend their money on.

Wouldn't be the first time a company's assumed fans of a show would buy anything related to it, regardless of its actual quality.
Serenity Spirt Animals anyone . . .
"Smile Time" is one of my least favorite ANGEL episodes... but I love IDW really, really hard, so I'll definitely be buying this. One, 'cause I need every Angel comic. Just a fact. Two, 'cause I love what IDW's done with the title more than any comic I've read. Three, 'cause it'll be interested to see the Wes/Fred stuff translate to comic pages.
I'm not really interested in episode adaptations, but if something is a good original story, I don't care if it's supposed to be canon or not.
Well I am there.....the more Angel the better:)
"Smile Time" may be one of the best episodes of Angel, but I ain't buying that. No way.

The Angel: After the Fall cover is gorgeous, though.
Not sure I'll buy the Smile Time comic. I enjoyed the episode, but it's not really one of my favorites. As far as the Angel #15 cover goes - I love the concept, but I think again, the quailty of the art is uneven. The large portrait of Angel in particular could be better ...
*also owns S:ATF CC variant*

*evil grins*

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