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September 14 2008

(SPOILER) "Merlin" gets BBC air date. Tony's site gives the premier date and time, but the official BBC site doesn't.

According to Tony's site, it'll air on BBC1 Saturday, September 20th, from 7:30 - 8:15 PM, with an encore airing Sunday the 21st from 3:45 in the afternoon to 4:30.

No release dates yet for the US, Canada or Australia.

(I spoilered the link because there are character descriptions that might give away plot lines.)

The BBC has been airing promo's saying it will start next Saturday.

I've changed the link to go to Tony's site because that's where the information is.
I'm curious about this show. I've enjoyed BBC's take on Robin Hood, despite all the liberties they took.
Though I'm weary for the fact that the producers worked in "Hex".
May watch this out of loyalty to ASH but I'm very doubtful that I'll stick with it beyond the first episode.

If what I've seen of the show so far is any indication, with respect to the title character, this isn't going to be any version of "Merlin" that I'll be interested in watching. It sort of seems to me like they are missing the whole point of what the legendary character was all about. We'll see.

Didn't know about the Hex connection. Doesn't fill me with confidence.
To be fair, in terms of BBC scheduling, it hasn't got a bad time slot. It's wedged right between Strictly come dancing and the national lottery.

To be fair though, I don't think that it is going to put up much of a fight for ratings against The X Factor*.

I know what I'll be watching in work on Monday. Thank god for BBC iPlayer.

*Yes, that's right, I am a loser.
Re: timeslot, for a family show that's one of the (if not the) best you can have in fact.

I dunno, i'll have a look but it reminds me of 'Robin Hood' (which didn't impress) and, even worse, the lamentable 'Spooks: Code 9' (obviously not in subject matter, it just has that same "yoof appeal" vibe to it - which usually ends up not appealing to "yoofs" or adults). Hoping to be pleasantly surprised though.
I get a 'Gormenghast' feel off the trailers. (Gormenghast's supposed to be good, but I couldn't get into it at all, despite the presence of the godlike John Sessions.)
Well, I checked the BBC channel I get all the way through next Sunday. We won't get it here in AZ. Bummer.
If it turns out as good as 'Gormenghast' that'd be a win I reckon Caroline (the only thing really wrong with that IMO was that they didn't adapt all the books so we got half a story, at best).

I don't get the same feel of slightly Shakespearean, slightly over-the-top bravura that 'Gormenghast' had though (course it's difficult to tell from the trailer and i'm very much reserving judgement - I want to like it cos of ASH apart from anything else).
Julian Rhind-Tutt is Two-Face! Well, I suppose it's casting against type.

So if it's next Saturday, I suspect we'll see it on the cover of next week's Radio Times, the BBC's listings magazine.
Caroline Thanks. I didn't link to Tony's page because 1)I usually end up linking to it when I've got news reports and a lot of the stuff on the news page doesn't update and B) because I thought folks might want to see the cast and read a bit on what to expect from this version. (Which seems to be just borrowing the character names & creating their own story. Especially where Gwen is concerned.)

And since I'm on dial-up the BBC site told me I needed newer versions of Flash Player and...something else to get it to work right, so I thought there might be more there I wasn't seeing that folks with all the latest players and high-speed connections could see.

So...y'all are saying the BBC is planning on it airing on the 27th and not the 20th? You would think that Tony's webmistress would have the right airdate/time.

I just hope the darn thing lasts long enough to make it over here; I doubt NBC would pick it up if it tanked.
Good grief. It's Smallville Season One with Tony as Lionel Luthor.
Well, if the Hex mention earlier in the thread didn't put me off this show then the Smallville comparison should do the job.

I don't think that Mr. Cowell and company will be losing me as a viewer, this coming Saturday.

So...y'all are saying the BBC is planning on it airing on the 27th and not the 20th? You would think that Tony's webmistress would have the right airdate/time."

The promo that I watched a few seconds ago says Saturday. That's the 20th in my book.
Also the 27th a week later though. :?
Caroline I was puzzled when someone said "next" Saturday, as opposed to "this" Saturday, which is how I say "the Saturday that ends this week;" "next" Saturday would be the following week.

madmolly AZ as in Arizona? NBC is scheduled to pick this up for the "winter," but I think I remember reading somewhere that meant January.

Then again, if this tanks...

And, gosh darn it all to heck! I liked HEX!!! Maybe watching the entire series on DVD gave me a different take on it, but I thought it had potential. It was a bit...muddled at times, but any new show starting out is gonna be. I really wish I hadn't given the discs to a friend, because now I want to watch it again.

But, what do I know? I'm rewatching LXG for the tenth or so time. shrugs
I saw a trailer for this at the cinema last night. It doesn't look fantastic but I'll give it a go I expect.

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