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September 15 2008

James Marsters' September Q&A is up. September's queries include best first kisses, refrigerator doors and vegetables.

Probably McKellen, for me. The one and only man that should ever be allowed to play Gandalf. No-one else. EVER!

And that was one hell of a sex scene. The ultimate in 'angry sex'. Never watch it just before you're heading to bed with the girlfriend though. Nothing you do is gonna live up to that. And trying will only result in expensive furniture bills.
LOL. I wonder who James' nanny is.

Sir Ian McKellen or Sir Anthony Hopkins?

I can choose. One in the morning and one at night! ;)
Oh damn, Torchwood spoiler :( Not that it's a big spoiler, but I'm very allergic to spoilers.
I'd say that's less a spoiler and more a character trait. Really wouldn't worry.
Hey, I live in Humboldt County! Cool :)
Anthony Hopkins for the win!

Also, now I get to imagine first kiss with james. Mmmmmmmmm. :)
Both at noon & both at midnight.
love that he refused to choose between McKellen and Hopkins. Why should anyone have to?

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