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September 15 2008

Neil Patrick Harris backstage at the Creative Arts Emmys. Neil talks about meeting Tim Conway and playing the French Horn.

Hilarious. :)

I played French Horn for 15 years, wonder what that says about me? Hmmmmm....

Edit: Reminds me of an old Horn player's joke punchline: "The kiss was OK, but I LOVED the way he held me." Heh....

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Scrubs is "passed?" I thought it was just moving networks.
He was obviously the perfect person to host that. Is it available for viewing anywhere?
NPH truly is an "all-around bon vivant"... :)
Succatash, Scrubs did move to a new network and is finishing up its final season of filming.

I'm a horn player too. *wink*
Scrubs is "passed?" I thought it was just moving networks.

Succatash | September 15, 21:44 CET

Yeah. The 8th season will be on like ABC. But NBC wouldn't let some of it's stars pop up again in the show now that it's on another network and all. :(
NPH and Sarah Chalke, what a great couple ! I wish we could see the whole show, but we can see a short but very funny clip here :

And Yeah for Scrubs ! love that show, it deserves a good final season.

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Thanks for the vid-clip, Nico-Angel! Blurred bums. Very funny! I love me some NPH!

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