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September 16 2008

(SPOILER) New info about a Dollhouse episode. E! Online's Kristin relays a intriguing tidbit from a cast member (spoilers for other shows on this page).

(spoilers for other shows on this page)

Someone want to email me what it says about Dollhouse so I don't have to wade through spoilers for other shows?
Since this thread's spoiler tagged, here it is: "I hear there's an episode where the dolls might wake up and realize they're all dolls."
Well, that's kind of a "duh!" spoiler, isn't it?
I think the fact that this might be an episode is a real cause for concern. Whedon Alert Level - 'burnt ochre'.
Well, that's kind of a "duh!" spoiler, isn't it?

I read it as either a tongue in cheek kind of answer or an actual hint about an episode where something goes wrong and all the Actives are affected. Unlike the series premise, which is about Echo more slowly retaining memory and identity.
That would be a cool episode, provided they all are made to forget by the end. That would actually be really disturbing.
While I agree with you, UnpluggedCrazy, that that would be an awesome episode, I wonder why it's being discussed now. I would think that something as twisted as that would showcase later on, like Season 3 or something.

Unless this malfunction is the "spark" that starts Echo on her development...

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