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September 16 2008

The girl behind the glutes: Summer Glau. Tells Women's Health about her workout moves - aka 'how to build a (literally) killer body'.

Story includes mention of her as 'an insanely buff fighting machine' and one pretty pic (there's a couple more in the actual mag).

Bacon & eggs for breakfast every day? My kinda diet!
Low carbs, no fear of fats, and whole body workouts? YES. I can personally vouch for all her recommendations. The "paleo" life is definitely getting more exposure!
Here's the high-res version of that nice pic:
I'm so happy to learn that Summer has a healthy relationship to food and that she takes care of herself. She seems like a good role model!
I would agree. I saved her article so when I come back from vacation, I'll have a guide from someone I respect on how to get back on track.
Damn double-post. Sorry!

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A girl that eats eggs and bacon for breakfast is my kind of girl. *sigh*

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