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September 16 2008

Get "Exposition Song" from "Restless" on A new extended version offered as a special separate bonus track to the recently released BtVS score album. And the best part? You can have it for free!

All you have to do is download the "Amazon MP3 Downloader" and get the mp3 of the song.

And just to remind you, on, you can also download "2 Girls, 1 Van" Ė another web-exclusive bonus track from "Restless".

Oh to live in America.
So I go to the page. It says log in. I log in. It says download installer. I donwload installer. It says install installer. I install installer. It says click to download. I click. THEN it says I'm too Swedish. Amazon - the place where you can always count on wasting something. In this case, it was my time. Thank you, Amazon, for wasting my time.
Would it be wrong to upload something like this elsewhere for those who can't download, seeing as it's free anyway? If it isn't, I'd be more than happy to!
For a second there I was actually worried about identity theft.

This is US only I presume?

edit: Yes it is. (Note to self: Read thread before posting.)

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Dan I'd kiss you! Well, ok, maybe not. 'cause...ya know...internet and all that.

But. If you were to do this (Both songs, please?) I'd be eternally grateful.

Dial-up's such a pain.

GreatMuppetyOdin "THEN it says I'm too Swedish." LOL! Sorry, but...I love that! It just made me giggle.
So how many extra tracks are there now beyond the base release? 1 on amazon, 1 on Rhapsody, 2 on iTunes?
This is great!

I also picked up the CD last week and it's fantastic. All the material from Hush, Restless and The Gift doesn't repeat from the bonus tracks on the album released for the musical. So one could potentially put together a playlist using all available sources without duplicating any music.

I would have liked more from season three though. The promo disc I have has some more just as great stuff.
FYI: You don't need to use Amazon's installer program to purchase individual tracks; that's only required for purchasing whole albums. All you need to do is click on Get MP3 to start downloading the file.
Wonderful. I want this, but I am not living in America yet and might not ever live there. Why do we Europeans never get such a great thing (granted, we got Radio Sunnydale Deluxe, but damn, we want more! MORE!)
Echoes Simon's sentiments.
I want this, really want this....
So only for the US, huh.... Even if you've purchased the cd from Amazon US?

And european friends don't prize yourselves to much for "Radio Sunnydale Deluxe", we also got the same version you got down here in South America. It's North America that got the lesser one.

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If one of our friendly American folk wouldn't mind uploading this mp3, that'd be great.
I'll do it, I just need to know if it'll get me banned putting the link up!
Yeah, if somebody could email me the MP3 it would be fab, I could play it on the radio show tomorrow. Because I live in the UK they won't let me download it.
Check your e-mail... :)
I'm actually in the US, but Amazon wont give it because I'm Australian! Something like that anyway.
So... I don't have a radio show, but I would so love it emailed to me too...
You should have it now, Tober27!

So... can I post a link here or what, site admin? :/

[ edited by Dan Corson on 2008-09-16 20:17 ]
I understand offering content in different countries at different prices based on the local economy. Yet, how does offering something FREE to only ONE country make any less money than offering that same something to the entire WORLD at the same price?!? I mean, multiply zero times any value you want. It's still zero.
Oh, sweet lord, you actually sent it!
Wasn't sure you would.

Dan rocks, just so people... know.

So, uh... anyone have the other exclusive tracks?
Or think that they might be on an international release of the CD?
Yet, how does offering something FREE to only ONE country make any less money than offering that same something to the entire WORLD at the same price?!?

Someone else may own the licence for distribution in other regions (or it might be under negotiation currently).

Bit grey isn't it, I mean the MP3's free but it's still under copyright. Dunno the site policy in that situation.
This song really is unbelievably catchy. Whenever I hear it in the episode I always want it to keep going.
Dan would you mind sending me the mp3?
Tried emailing you in pvt, but there was no email in your profile.
Who else is without? If so, you know what to do. You betcha.
Here is a mediafire link:

Admins, If it's not cool, I'm sorry... please be merciful!
Great song! ... I miss Giles.
Well, Iím from Europe (not even the cool, internet user-friendly western part ;-), and I got it, so...

Anyway, in case the mediafire link was for some reason taken down (although I don't see why should that happen), here's a little tip for you:

When you login/create an account, perhaps try to submit an US address and zip code (e. g. Boston, Prince St., MA 02101) Ė maybe it will help. ;-) At least I didnít do anything else and got it directly from Amazon, even though on other sites I usually encounter the same non-US problem as many of you now do on Amazon.

BTW, has anyone heard "2 Girls, 1 Van"?

[ edited by Anuris on 2008-09-16 21:42 ]
"2 Girls, 1 Van" just seems like an unfortunate title nowadays due to a certain infamous Internet video, which I've had the fortune to not actually see.
Here is a mediafire link:

Thank you ! this is great.
Thanks very much for the heads up....all downloaded. :)
Yay! I love the exposition song. What a lovely nice thing to happen to a crappy day. So, thanks!
I'd recommend not creating the US address, as it may leave you accidentally shipping your Gold Box Deal box set of Angel to Saint John, California, 90210, rather than Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada...
Thanks a bunch for the link.
Dan, thanks for the link. Even though I'm in North America, I still appreciate the more direct way to obtain the song. I didn't wanna have to download all the crap that Amazon requires.

I wonder who played guitar for the Exposition Song. ASH ?
Man, I love this song. Although people tend to give you strange looks if you sing it out loud in an unguarded moment, because really, the lyrics are odd ;)

I'm also really digging the extended version. Nice guitar solo. Too bad there's no more lyrics, there really should be a return to the song at the end there.
Thanks for the link.

Did anyone figure out what classical song Tim Minear used on this youtube video?
It wasn't ASH as he said in an interview once that he doesn't play the guitar. Appearances to the contrary.
Any luck with the rhapsody tune? That is also a U.S. only number.
Thanks bunches, Dan! I <3 you. ;)

Oh, god. That was supposed to be a colon, not a semi-colon. Oh, well. Let's roll with it. Big sloppy kiss coming your way. Ooo! Giles, you give me chills man! *chuckles* "steam cleaned*
Awesome. I've had a poorly-recorded version from the actual show on my comp for years. Now if only we could get a good version of Anya's OMWF throwback from "Selfless"...
Oh yes! Selfless! *tear* I cry every time on that ep. Lovely & heart-breaking.
Ok, so...ya "2 Girls, 1 Van"? That sucks like a neophyte vampire.

I can't even listen to it: "For the best experience, please download the latest Adobe Flash." ARGH!

Isn't the backing group for Giles Four Star Mary?

dingoes8 I've got both versions - I'm using the one w/Willow's intro in my "Musical Buffy" playlist (Which starts w/the overture from OMWF & then goes into Giles singing "Behind Blue Eyes" and then "Free Bird" & "The Exposition Song" before going into the OMWF soundtrack, with "I'll Be Mrs" coming before "The Mustard Song.") and the longer version is in my "Instrumental Buffy" playlist. Once I get the new CD "Restless" will be longest section; "Hush" has the little girl's rhyme & two versions of the suite (One from the show w/chains and Olivia's gasp & the knock on the door) plus "La Danse Macabre," but I think it's still shorter.
"Isn't the backing group for Giles Four Star Mary?"

That would make sense, since their music was still in use in Season 4 I think (at a college party, no? And Willow's reminiscing ? Possibly after Oz has left, but just before Tara). Hey aside from Darren and Oz as characters standing in for the lead vocalist and bass of Dingoes Ate My Baby/Four Star Mary, were any of the other band members on-screen portrayed by their actual real-life counterparts ?

Everything musical in "Restless" rocked, everything it brought to the mythology rocked, the performances were's still in my Top 5. They don't all have to have the big emotional gutpunch moments (although Buffy realizing about the First Slayer's solo life is pretty sad in conjunction with the music) and singular Emmy-worthy scenes to get my vote for the top spots, sometimes they just need to be really well put together and beautifully weird.

Hey, cool sort of demo reel that Tim Minear put up on YouTube a few years ago. What does "one more" refer to ? His shows getting canceled before they're ready to end (hey man, you left Angel before Season 5, so that one wasn't you), or the desire to make one more piece of art, or wanting one more year, month, week, day, hour, minute ?

He knows what some of his best moments are ("And yet, I just can't seem to care", plus I had a feeling he would end it with Darla staking herself).

And yeah, Minear was a good looking kid (edited to add: oh, I'm agreeing with a YouTube comment there. Ah, it can stay).

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Again, download not for Europeans *sigh*

I'm slightly disappointed that - in my understanding - the bonus tracks are not on the CD ...
Thanks for putting up the mediafire link :)
I was just thinking about this song yesterday, and wondering if I could find it online somewhere. Then this shows up.

I wonder if I can capitalize on this burgeoning ability to predict the present.

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