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September 16 2008

Poised to Leap: 10 Web Video Creators. "TVWeek Spotlights the Leaders in the Race to Go Humongous". Joss Whedon & Felicia Day both make the list.

Nice article.

Felicia Day, actress-writer-Web producer, has become the patron saint of online talent.

So she's already risen from queen to a saint? Quite the feat. :)
The show was a one-shot deal, with no sequel or follow-up planned.

Raise the Whedon Panic Alert level!
The show is on track to break even soon. Revenue comes from iTunes, sales of the soundtrack, advertising deals and from an upcoming DVD release. “In a couple months we can start paying off everybody,” Mr. Whedon said.

Panic Alert level is currently at This Is Made Of Awesome, Who's Up For Margaritas?
Ooh, margaritas. Let's invite Dave Saulhaus.
They axed Dr. Horrible?

Where do we sign the petition?
Meanwhile, I kind of just skimmed. Was anything in there from Stike.TV? Has anyone been watching any of it? I watched when the beta opened, but keep forgetting to go back and watch later episodes of things. I suppose that's not a good sign, maybe.
All I really noticed was The Guild, Dr. Horrible, Ask A Ninja. Because the Ninja clip embedded there is my very favorite one. I got distracted.
Don't think I've even heard of it, bix. What's the general idea of what they do?
So Beth'll, were you sent a request from Sergio of TVWeek to post this, as I was? There is also an interview with Joss on the same site in which he talks about colonies of moonpeople.

[ edited by Lioness on 2008-09-17 00:25 ]
Moonpeople? Didn't Joss tell us not to go back to the moon because there were raptors. Was that Joss or someone else?
Moowhedy, where Moonpeople eat Mooncakes with their colony of Moondoctors. And where raptors are allowed and are welcomed into the community as "once mis-understood, but truly warm & generous" members of society.
Dag nabit! What is with the double-posting?? I'm not even drinking!

[ edited by korkster on 2008-09-17 04:58 ]
JOSS: “ 'For me it’s like going on a date. If all you are thinking about is getting in bed, you aren’t going to have a nice dinner,' he said."

Seriously, how could you not love this? It reminds me of that article posted here a year ago or so ago, the one that suggested Joss was the ideal... mate? Husband? I don't remember, exactly, but there was commitment, dammit.

Oh, Joss is my favorite moonperson, and he mentioned pie again, which makes him double-cool.

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