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September 16 2008

David Boreanaz scheduled for "The Bonnie Hunt Show" today (9/17). Also noticed that Alyson Hannigan is scheduled to appear on Friday.

Can find out where/when is on in your area here

Bonnie Hunt is well known for being one of the best guests ever on any talk show, so let's hope that translates well to the hostess seat. If she has any chemistry at all with David (and who can not?), it should be a good interview. And I'll need to remember to add that channel to my lineup, I skipped it during initial setup because it's mostly religious and long-form commercial programming. Weird.
You should have seen Bonnie interview Cloris Leachman Monday. It was very funny. I think David and Alyson will have a ball. I only wish I had a ticket to either one of these shows. I have one for Wednesday's taping, with Teri Garr.
That man is a humongous goofball. I'm just sayin'... :-)

ETA: And I can't believe that his son, Jaden, is old enough to start school! Holy cow, does time fly!

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I got so happy when he discussed Rocketship 7. I watched that all the time as a kid (which makes his dad really, really old). I remember the first time I found out that David's dad was Dave Thomas, and how my head exploded just a little bit.
Funny how they bonded over Catholic guilt trips. And, of course, crackers. ;)

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