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September 16 2008

Latino Review debunks the David Boreanaz as Green Lantern casting rumor. In their new review of a draft of the upcoming Green Lantern movie, Latino Review says David is not up for the role even though his likeness was used in the concept art. According to them,David is a decade too old for the part.

Latino Review tends to be good with this sort of info.They are the ones who broke the casting of Brandon Routh as Superman and Heath Ledger as The Joker.

The film sounds like it's going to kick major butt though.

Decade too old?!? No he's not! He'd be a totally believable Green Lantern.
Not for this script he wouldn't.
That leaves out Nathan too...born 1971. David born 1969.
Honestly I don't think Boreanaz looks too old to pull off 27. He's very well preserved :)
He is definitely too old to pull off 27. Not in a million years.
20s are a funny age. Everyone seems to be aging differently during this period, probably more varied than any other (maybe the 30s shows a lot of variation as well). Not sure if it's mostly genetics, the levels of stress in your life, getting married and having kids (I know it doesn't age everyone, as a rule, but definitely has some visibly negative health effects on some young folks I know, despite the emotional benefits). I'll be 27 next March and David as a 39 year old looks way more mature than me (I wouldn't say he looks "old"). But I don't seem to be aging too quickly (so far--if I look at my dad, if my biological clock is like his, it'll catch up to me eventually. And he got married to my mom and they had me and my sister while they were still in their 20s, whereas there's a very slim chance of that happening to me in the next few years, mostly by choice, so the comparison doesn't line up due to situational difference). I'm not concentrating on this for superficial reasons, but the whole aging process, how it happens, what may or may not speed it up or slow it down, it's interesting to me.

David could conceivably play a 27 year old, I've seen guys that age who look like he does (lucky bastards--I wish I could fill out that much). But Hollywood is vicious, they want the more youthful-looking (by their standards) version of a 20-something for most superhero franchises. Plus like Bix said, he's probably not right for this script. I haven't read it, but I did read the Latino Review recap and it does sound more youthful in spirit than how I see Boreanaz at this point...on another note, I never completely buy into the Latino Review's early hype, they're way too given to hyperbole I've found, though it is encouraging to see positive reviews from someone who's also not so well-versed in Green Lantern comics.

I like most of the GL costume designs I've seen in the various incarnations (some comic covers, the image on the page this story links to, John Stewart's two or three versions shown in the Justice League cartoons, Kyle Raynor's in Superman: TAS). Green and Black go really well together, look really sharp when he's in space, and they're often hot. I appreciate that he doesn't do capes either (I think the Golden Age one does have one? Yeah, that red costume is pretty hard on the eyes).

But physically, yeah, Boreanaz could still be 28, 29...From what I've seen of dudes, even the ones on TV, not all of 'em are slim, boyish-looking dudes. Some of them look broad and butch and a little weathered.

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I have a Boreanaz clip on my Youtube account, and according to the site, more than 55% of its viewers are females under 17.

He's still got it.
Darn right he does! And he'll have it again tomorrow night.

It was SO cool yesterday... there's this radio game called "Who's Your Daddy" where you have to guess the celebrity dad by very murky clues. Yesterday the "dad" was DB, and every chick called in (including me). I was so happy that I didn't win; to me that meant that I was beaten out by several other women/men who knew who he was! :)
According to what I've seen, Seth Rogen is supposed to co-write, produce and star as the Green Hornet. Seems to me Rogen's a much worse fit for the Green Hornet then David Boreanaz.
Yeah, David would make a really good Green Hornet.

Little long in the tooth for a 27 year old Green Lantern, though. I just hope they pick a young guy who can act.

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