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September 16 2008

Neil Patrick Harris interview at the A.V.Club. "That was crazy renegade filmmaking with the safety net of Joss Whedon underneath you." A long and illuminating interview with our favorite horrible doctor, covering his career and the production of Dr. Horrible.

It's so interesting, the way he talks about his craft. His answers are very insightful.

I love the way that whatever he's in, he's in it as part of the team. The way he's looking to make things work for everybody. I definitely respect that about him.

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I wonder what other role he and Joss spoke about.

Good interview, very insightful.
I think it was the role of Simon in Firefly.
I'm looking ahead to.... being a late-night talk-show host that does variety acts.

I think he would be great as a talk show host and/or variety show host. He's got what it takes -- intelligence, a quick wit, a great comedic sense of timing, graciousness, a great work ethic, business acumen... I could go on and on. He could be the next Carol Burnett! (I do miss that show; am I dating myself here?)

I would love to see him interview Joss!
Simon! He would have been great as Simon. Yes, I love his interviews. At the bottom of the page there was a link to him singing from Les Mis. It was made of awesome.

Not sure how to do the linky thing so you will have to type it in.

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NPH FTW, etc.

Alternately, OMGWTFBBQ?!?!

Loved the interview and love NPH more every time I read an interview with him. I started watching HIMYM for Allyson and Jason, but I now watch it for NPH (and the occasional ludicrously involved joke setup that could fail spectacularly, but doesn't).
Thanks zeitgeist, for the link assistance.

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