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September 16 2008

J. August Richards' new show 'Raising the Bar' gets renewed. And only after three episodes too.

oh, thank god. I love that show, and he's so awesome in it.

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Haven't seen it and probably won't be doing. Lawyer type shows just don't pull me in at all. Too many suits and ties. Ally McBeal, at a stretch, but then usually only for the Fish and Cage double act. Bygones.

Good news for J., though.
Cage so ruled.

Not surprised this is doing well, it's got mainstream appeal written all over it. Competently made, nothing particularly wrong with it, it's just not my bag but i'm happy for JAR.

'Leverage' looks very promising though, that was probably my second favourite pilot of the new crop. Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman and Saul Rubinek (guesting in the pilot) not to mention the Whedonverse's own Christian Kane - pretty decent cast and a pretty solid basis for telling stories (it's a little bit like a US 'Hustle' crossed with 'Sneakers' with a smidge of John MacDonald's Travis McGee books thrown in and has the geekiest shout-out i've seen - or rather heard ;) - in a TV show in quite some time).
If it makes it over to the UK I'll check it out. Great news for J.

Now all we need is to see Alexis D in a show.
Sorry...when I saw the ad showing Zack Morris getting up in someone's grill shouting 'What? What? You gonna hit a lawyer?' I wanted to punch my TV. God damn right you should hit a lawyer. That should be like a rule and shit.
I'm in the "Yay for JAR, but I've got no interest in lawyer shows" group. Didn't know about Leverage.

that was probably my second favourite pilot of the new crop.

What was your first favorite?
I liked 'The Mentalist' jcs, the idea of the character is right in my sphere of interest and the particular way he's haunted by his past seems resonant and ripe for revealing - he's a character in the mold of House but the reasons for his obsessive drive and self-loathing are even more clearly defined and believable IMO.

It's not perfect though, far from it - the dynamic with the rest of the team was dodgy, not sure about the arc story's legs and it could very easily turn into a fairly uninteresting procedural - but there're a lot of hooks for interesting character stuff, it sort of reminds me of last year's abortive Jeff Goldblum procedural 'Raines' in that respect. The pilot I thought had the least wrong with it basically (or maybe jointly with 'Leverage').

I'd like to see Joss doing Shakespeare, with J. in it.

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