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September 17 2008

Newsarama talks with Tahmoh Penikett about Dollhouse and BSG. "I'm looking forward to being privy to Joss Whedon's writing style".

That's a really good interview.
What is it with Joss and privies ? The guy's obsessed and his obsession is spreading !

Yeah the usual sane, sensible, insightful comments that I think (and hope) we're going to have time to get used to from Mr Penikett. Joss knows how to pick'em, no doubt.
I had to go to seven different video stores - Iím talking Canada and here - to find Firefly

Is that good because it keeps on selling out or bad because they're not pushing it?
He should have just gone to Target. They always stock it.

I do think it's kind of funny how people in the industry gush about Joss but have never even seen his work. It's cool that he made that effort.

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