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September 17 2008

Saints Row 2 - Whedonverse voice talent. Daniel Dae Kim, Neil Patrick Harris and Eliza Dushku chat about lending their voices to THQ's gangland sequel.

Sweet. I was already going to purchase this, but NPH and Duckshoot cemented the deal.
I've never played the first one but the sequel looks more fun than GTA IV which was a little bit dull. Anyone know if there a definitive list of which Whedonverse actors have done voices for video games?
I don't own any of the current generation of consoles (not yet, anyway), so all I can really say is NPH was funny in the video, and Eliza, of course, was oh-so pretty. Just when I think my attraction is fading, she's back on the scene and I'm smitten again. :)

Seriously though, I've always been a fan of celebrities coming in to provide quality voice work and/or a motion-capture likeness for a game. It makes them more fun to play by default, I think.

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