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September 17 2008

The Futon Critic's first look on "Castle". A brief review from Nathan Fillion's new show pilot presentation. "Castle" is slated for ABC's midseason.

I wonder why they changed the name... in all the previous press stuff I've seen (and the pilot script) it was Nick Castle
Yeah, that is odd. The link itself uses two first names, Nick and Richard.
Maybe Nick's his pen name ? Or he might not like Richard so goes by his middle name (but for instance his mum might still call him Richard, despite his wishes, in that way mums do).

Still checking this out even though IMO everything depends on the chemistry between the leads and that doesn't sound quite perfect yet. Still, early days, not even a full pilot by the sounds of things so plenty of time to iron out the little wrinkles.
I wondered if it was the other way around, that Nick was his pen name, given that the poster in one of the pics for one of his books says "Richard Castle". But I think maybe it's just that the name was changed before filming for some reason.
Still not certain about this one yet but it seems to have enough potential for me to give it a few episodes and see how it develops. I've got a lot of time for anything Nathan does, obviously with the exception of that minor Desperate Housewives hiccup. Yeah, I know. Major show, very popular, great exposure for Nathan to the non-genre fan masses. Still can't pretend I think the show is watchable.

This will depend a lot for me on how well they can balance the obvious procedural side of the episodes with actual story development and interesting character arcs. I'm hopeful it will be successful even if it's not for me because I genuinely think Nathan deserves a hit show. Just not Desperate Housewives. No one deserves Desperate Housewives.
I'll definitely be giving it a try. It sounds like a great vehicle for NF if they can get it right.
I'm a bit worried about this one, only because it sounds like the producers don't really respect any of the adult female characters, and that's a big turn-off for me. I love NF, but I don't want to watch an hour a week of him showing up or humiliating a bunch of dumb, flightly, slutty or otherwise inferior women.

I'm thinking the name change might be because there actually is a Nick Castle. I'm sure there's a Richard Castle out there somewhere, too, but maybe they didn't want the character to share a name with a real writer.
Yeah, I too worry about this one, but I'll watch anything with Nathan in it (yep, even Desperate Housewives... that is devotion). I just hope they work out the kinks so it doesn't get canceled. I don't think my heart could take it if he was canceled again when I know he deserves to be a big star.
I usually give a show 3 tries. If it hasn't impressed me by then **axe drops**. If an actor I really like is on it, then maybe a few more episodes. The premise of this show doesn't really impress me, but Nathan does. Let's see what he can do with the material.

p.s. Please don't let Nathan's character be called Dick. Dick Castle is a terrible name. If they go with Richard then please call him Richard.

p.s.s. I can't picture Nathan as a Richard. It's too weird.
Since it was just a presentation pilot (ala the 20 minute Buffy), I'm not too fussed at this point about what the reviewer sees as the minuses. They had to get the idea of the show across, which it sounds like they did. I know they've shown it to test audiences as well. Now they can go back and tinker a bit and give us a real first episode.
Really reminds me of The Dark Half for some reason.
Well, he's played a 'Robert' that was a writer so Richard isn't too far from that .... ;)

Could be interesting. Sounds perfect for him though. Let's hope they get the balance worked out with the other characters. Which might happen as he tries to interject himself into future investigations. I mean, he's a natural choice to help with the copycat killer, but I'm pretty sure the cops don't need a murder myster writer to help them with all their cases, so he's going to have to do some fancy talking to stay in the pit.
Well I will give anything Fillion related a chance....

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