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September 17 2008

Poll - What's your favorite Joss Whedon work? It's time to take the temperature of the fandom.

Very hard to choose.
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," easy. Just between those two, I can't pick. Recently, "Angel" by a mile, but overall I'm not sure.
You know, as tired and predictable as it is, I still think of Buffy as something which has yet to be matched in quality to this day, by Whedon or anyone else. So yes, inevitably I can choose nothing else.
Buffy. Buffybuffybuffybuffy.

Then Angel. Then Serenity. Then Firefly. :)
Buffy will always be my first love. No matter what comes after, I can't imagine anything else touching my life the way Buffy did. Then Angel, then Firefly/Serenity.

Oh yeah...and Titan A.E. is a pretty decent little movie. Just rented it last week.

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Has to be Angel for me! With Firefly a close 2nd and Dr Horrible 3rd
Oh, what the hell. "Buffy" and "Firefly" are tied for me.

It has nothing to do with longevity or arcs or cultural impact. It's all emotional. Every time I watch Buffy, I'm sucked right back in emotionally. It kills me. Firefly is the same way. It just always strikes a chord. And the music, god, the music.

Angel, while I appreciate the writing, the acting, the arcs...never really got to me on an emotional level (except Fred and Cordy's deaths in S5). And that's why it's the show I can watch the most, because I'm removed from it.

Why? Because Angel always felt like the more epic of the others. *shrug* But I love them all.
Though all three of Joss' television series are endearing, the first love always holds a special place within the heart. Buffy is what drew me into the Whedonverse. And what a wonderful experience it's becoming. Not only with the shows, but also the people I've met as well.

So dancing on pins and needles for "Dollhouse" to start, can't wait!
Buffy, Angel, Firefly.

Angel, Firefly, Buffy.

Firefly, Buffy, Angel.

I refuse to choose! Though I did watch Angel first.
Spike the Series.

So what if it hasn't technically happened yet. Still my favourite Joss show.

Of those that actually, y'know, exist it's probably going to be Buffy, followed by Angel. Firefly and Serenity tie for third.
the poll makes my head hurt. can't chose! can't chose!
This list seems biased. I suspect there has been undue Viking influence.
Firefly. Wasn't a hard choice. Buffy was great while I was watching it, but I find it doesn't have the same impact on me on return viewing. Angel had some excellent stories, and some even better characters (Wesley / Fred is still some of the best television I have ever watched). But Firefly seems, to me, to be the zenith of Joss's creative excellence.
I think Firefly is number one for me. I'm having a hard time picking between Angel and Buffy for second, because I generally like Angel better, but I really dislike season four...whereas with Buffy there's no one season that I really dislike to the same level.

Bah, I love all of Joss's work.
So difficult but I'd say Angel and Buffy tied and then Firefly. But I love them all and all the time!
Oddly enough, while it's always been (in an emotional-response way, like pat32082) Buffy for me, this time I actually can't choose between Buffy and Dr. Horrible. Yes, 7 seasons and 45 minutes -- tied in my heart. Surprising.
I was a lifelong book reader, not a tv watcher, when a friend decided I shouldn't be allowed to carry on without being introduced to the works of Mr Whedon. She lent me Firefly first, and I was amazed by the quality of the storytelling and the richness of the world. Then I moved on to Buffy, and was stunned to find how emotionally involved I became and how much I believed in the characters. And then I watched Angel, and watched in awe as I learned that a tv show could rewrite the classic heroic tales and challenge me to think about the world just as well as all the books I've ever loved have.

So Angel wins for me, just because I live for epic storytelling with glorious darkness and characters I can inhabit. All Joss' shows fit that description to some extent I guess, but Angel is the one that really floored me with it.
This list seems biased. I suspect there has been undue Viking influence.

FATTAAAALLLL ... STAB ! Damn 'kings, get everywhere.

(seriously though, no mention of the comics at all ?)

This would be like choosing my favourite testicle. So i'll politely decline ;).
I can't go "dere," Matt won't send me my corrected password *sniff. An' "dey" my "ol'est frien's" on the Net too :-(.
Buffy, for sure. I admit I'm still trying to get thru the Angel series, I've only seen the last season start to finish. It just doesn't grab me, but then I really didn't like the Angel character that much, I thought the supporting people were wonderful. I also liked Firefly but didn't LOVE it. I guess the "love!!!" place in my heart for mavericks-in-space went to Farscape. I liked Serenity better than the show Firefly.
You know when those Olympic swimmers touch the wall with like a billionth of a second time difference and one walks away with a gold & the others get silver & bronze and it seems really silly? It's like that. Depends on the day.
Firefly. Hands down. And I like Angel better than Buffy but I don't think I'd like it as much if I had never watched Buffy so they're too entwined to choose one over the other.
Fav comic: Fray.
Fav online blog: Ooh, tough choice but I'll say Doctor Horrible. ;)

PS are we voting next on which of Saje's testicles is our favorite?

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re: the testes of Saje.

Let's not and say we didn't. Though I'm sure they're fine examples of said anatomy.
How dare you ask me to choose, choose-y poll thing.
How dare you ask me to choose, choose-y poll thing.

At least it wasn't "Poll - what is Joss' best work"?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer by a long way.
Buffy, hands down, no contest.
Firefly. I joined this list because of Firefly. Not saying it is or isn't the the best of Mr. Whedon's works, just the one I care about the most.
The one constant in the universe. We always agree to disagree in these polls:)
I think I'll go with Dr Horrible, Firefly, Angel, and then Buffy. So I either go for what is most new and shiny, or I figure the shorter the better. I guess I'll see when Dollhouse comes out.

This wasn't an easy choice. I loved Buffy from the first episode and on some days I might even put it in first place.
I actually met someone last week who had never seen Joss' shows but loved his comic books (including Buffy season 8). I was like "aha this people do exist!". Anyhow Buffy for me, I fell in love with it somewhere around The Puppet Show and it's been my favourite Joss work ever since.
It's Buffy for me. I still adore practically every aspect of it, and that's a very rare thing indeed. Angel and Firefly second and third. But, yeah, it's all great stuff really, isn't it?
That's pretty interesting Simon. I could see the Serenifly comics working but "season 8" without seasons 1-7 ? I'm (pleasantly) surprised people are getting something from them as stand-alones.

At least it wasn't "Poll - what is Joss' best work"?

"Poll - which of Joss' works are the most canonical ? Stating reasons."
I honestly don't know how Joss made me care so much in 14 eps of Firefly. Got me attached. He even managed to do that with Dr. Horrible. And I think that's why I follow everything he does. Because he consistently gets me to connect, to feel something.

Very few shows touch me in that way, and the others ones that have, their creators can rarely do it a second time. Example? David Milch. Deadwood? Indescribable what he did to me with that show. John From Cincinnati? Not so much.
Firefly, without question. While I love everything else, it doesn't occupy the space in my heart that Firefly does. (which is impressive, since there's so little of it to love.)

If only Firefly'd had the run that Buffy and/or Angel had.

The poll website crapped out my browser, so I don't even know if my vote counted!
"Nightmares" was the first episode that hooked me. Brilliant work.
Firefly changed my life and my career. I think I have to go with that one by a hair.
Buffy. Buffy. Buffy.
I say 'Buffy' now and hope the best is yet to come.
I don't get why people separate Serenity (movie) from Firefly (series). It's just the continuation/ending of the story that was created in the TV show. At least with the Buffy movie you can say that it wasn't Joss' true vision for the character so it can be discredited. Serenity the movie was created with almost complete control by Joss and as such should be counted in the regular series of Firefly.

That said, I chose Buffy, but it could really go for any of the shows for me.
Angel was the show that first drew me in. It's still my favourite.
You know when those Olympic swimmers touch the wall with like a billionth of a second time difference and one walks away with a gold & the others get silver & bronze and it seems really silly? It's like that. Depends on the day.

Yeah, but I still think in that metaphor Buffy is Michael Phelps. Such brilliance from everyone, yet Buffy will always win. Firefly was a bright flame of awesome. Angel was swell. And of course Dr. Horrible was incredible; Titan AE as well. But in the end Buffy has eight gold medals and my heart. Not Michael Phelps though. No heart for him.

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Firefly changed my life and my career.

I'm curious, TamaraC. How did Firefly change your career? That sounds interesting.
Out of interest, are most people going with the first Joss show they watched? I'd say Firefly definitely, but I suspect it might be because that was the first Joss show I really paid attention to -- I was too young to follow Buffy properly when it first came out. That said, I was actually really close to putting Dr. Horrible for the poll... but I stopped because I'm probably biased because it's just so new.
I suspect that's true, whatever show you caught first could be considered your fave.
Dollhouse isn't even an option?! Is it time to panic yet?

I was thinking that olive would be a cunning panic-level, as you might think it's a shade of green so it's not too bad, but it's actually greyish yellow with no green, so it's worse than you think and I should stop typing now.
I don't know about others MattK, but that wasn't it for me. I saw them "in order" as it were, but while I've enjoyed Buffy and Angel, they didn't grab my insides the way Firefly did.
My favorite's gotta be the "Willow and Tara" spinoff series. For all of its seven years, it was the funniest, most clever show out there. Top of the ratings, even!

Oh wait, he doesn't make that until 2009... Sorry, got my time vortex messed up again. Just pretend you didn't read that. And remember to act surprised when it happens.

Captain Jack, over and out.

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Okay, so who else voted for the buffy movie (crickets CHIRP). . . so no one then. Liars, there was .4% for the movie. Liars one and all. And why wasn't Waterworld on there. I mean sure only like two lines of script that Joss wrote made into the actually film, but those two lines were important. I'm absolutely sure of it, even if I have no idea what they were!
Well, that's a colorful thought, AlanD :)
Buffy for me - without any hesitation whatsoever.
Firefly. Saw them all in order, but it was Firefly that grabbed me enough to get involved with other fans. And it changed my life too.
Firefly still remains my very favorite, though I feel compelled to speak up for Angel, which never gets the credit it deserves, IMO. As a spin-off of a spin-off, it's always seemed to have an uphill struggle in terms of recognition.
Left. No question about it.

And I prefer all of Joss' Viking stuff. It feels like it was written for me alone.

And anything with puppets in it. Where was the Firefly puppet episode, I ask you? It like there's this huge gap in my heart that can never be filled.

Um, and doughnuts, but not the kind with sprinkles - yuck.

My temperature is still over 100F, which I'm pretty sure is not normal.
Very hard to choose.
Right now I'd be tied between Firefly and Dr Horrible,with Buffy in a close 2nd place. there is a very strong emotional connection, I grew up with it.
Succatash, I used to work in the high tech industry in the Pacific Northwest (where I had lived my entire life). I fell in love with Firefly and then was baffled and confused by its cancellation. And then kind of obsessed with its possible resurrection like a few others around these parts. I became fascinated and enthralled with the inner workings of the studios versus the networks versus the giant congloms that own them. I decided that I wanted to change my career and work in the industry in Los Angeles. Now I am.

None of it would have happened without Firefly and its cancellation. Best thing that ever happened to me, really.

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I can't choose.
Just can't.

Buffy was the first. Changed my life in the sense that opened my eyes to a whole new world... Was the first step to everything I love nowadays.

Angel was there together with Buffy...

Then Firefly... man... Firefly! It's something I love SOOOO much. I'm so proud to call myself a Browncoat. To know that I'm a part of this fandom it's just amazing!

And now Dr. Horrible... which was an awesome experience 'cause it was the first one I got to follow at the same time as the rest of the world (I came in late for Buffy and Firefly...).

So I just refuse to choose.
Quotergal! Get thee to bed with some lemon ginger tea! And a Viking! (Sure cure for most of what ails).

And also...
Left. No question about it.

My "huh?" becomes an "OH!" in the space of half a second...

I'm not old enough for any of Joss's works to have changed my career, but it is largely because of him that I'd like to work on tv. first I wanted to be a filmmaker,but Joss showed me the amazing things you can do on tv.
I like Joss' comic book work a lot more than some of the things on that list, though I've yet to see Toy Story.

I know, I know!!

I was on a bus out of town recently and I recognized the characters and got excited. The big words "Toy Story" appeared on the screen, to my glee, but they were suddenly slammed with a giant, obnoxious "2".
I watched Buffy first (although not until towards the end of the seventh season) and then Angel and then years later, finally saw Firefly (summer of 2005 on SciFi). I love each and every one of them, but Firefly became my favorite.

I've been slowly rewatching all of the Buffy and Angel seasons in order over the past several months (up to season 7 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel) and I have to say that I'm loving every second of both shows. It's made me long for new serial work by Joss. I loved Dr. Horrible, but I need an ongoing, ever evolving story and characters to fill this Whedon void.
Objects in Space.

Without a moment's hesitation. No-brainer.

Once upon a time, I had something of an "at one with the universe" moment while watching Objects in Space for the umpteenth time and listening to Joss' commentary for maybe the second or third.

Then I understood, well, the universe and all that, and I've had inner peace since that moment, maybe four or so years ago.

And life continues to be good and get better each year, which is pretty good, considering I was the living dead for five years prior to that moment of enlightenment.

I jest you not.

Whedonesque shall forever be my homepage. I've just had to lurk as of late due to being sucked into VORTEX of US political drama online.

Hell. Work from Joss is probably the only thing that could possibly tear me away from my new politi-crack.

ETA: Thank god for Whedonesque at Flickr. I get to discuss all the dirt and drama with like-minded folks over there. Come over sometime if you haven't already. Great discussions going on.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the show I'd been waiting for all of my life.
QuoterGal, go to bed and get some rest. Right now.
Buffy! Buffy! Best evah!
There's a Firefly aglow in my heart, and there always will be.

-Must be something about my diet....

I came by Joss's work by way of Buffy, and I adored Angel, but nothing has touched or resonated with me quite the way Firefly has. There is NOTHING I don't love about that show.

Easy choice.
Firefly, firefly, and did I mention firefly. I miss that goram show!
Firefly. Easy choice for me.
I have no doubt that Firefly would have been my choice, had it lasted a few more seasons and just flourished. There was so much in those 14 episodes and just knowing how Joss's shows play out you know that it would have become the best. Maybe it wouldn't have the emotional impact of Buffy on some people but it would have been the best. Instead, it became a great little chunk of cult television that got me into the Whedonverse.

But yeah, Buffy for me. Everything about it was so great. Well, maybe not everything, certainly not Riley. He's really the only thing I don't like about the show. Oh, and Adam, he was cheesy. Big surprise they were both introduced about the same time. All the things people don't like so much, seasons 6 and 7, Dawn, Andrew, Kennedy, I don't mind them. Wait, rape Spike, that was just weird. But everything else was great.
Even though it's yet another poll, I never tire of reading praise for Joss as opposed to ... the not praise lately.


But Joss has a lot of juice left in him. 80, yeah, that's when we'll the get the ultimate story out of him.

And Tamara, nice story. Wish I had your guts.
Buffy/Angel is main course, Firefly is dessert. :)
When Buffy was in first run on TV, a friend kept telling me how incredible it was and encouraging me to watch it. I had seen the movie, and my response was a smile and a nod. I started watching Angel in reruns on TNT and got hooked. Finally realized I needed to watch Buffy for the backstory. I burned through it and have watched it again and again.

I love them all, but Buffy is "the one".
Buffy is the reason I want to write television, and is probably the most important show to me personally. So that one, without pause. Well, maybe a little pause.
Saje said:
"(seriously though, no mention of the comics at all ?)"

Yeah, they don't exist in a lot of polls. So X-Men, Sugarshock, Runaways, and Fray are missing. I dunno if the Buffy and Angel comics should get a separate listing, or just be considered extensions of the shows (you could make the same argument about Fray, but since Buffy and Angel are separated, Fray might as well be too).

As usual, I'm sure folks will gripe about Angel being the bastard child of Joss's three shows (until Dollhouse makes it four--I don't count Roseanne and whatnot, he wasn't there for the whole run and it wasn't his). There's no denying that, in some folks' views, it lived in Buffy's shadow, but I came to see them as two equally important parts of the Buffyverse by Angel Season 2. Sometimes both were matching eachother, but depending on seasons and story arcs, at times I was loving one over the other no question (it ranked Firefly, Angel Season 4, and Buffy Season 7 that year for me, then when Firely got axed mid-season at least I still had Angel being awesome).

"This would be like choosing my favourite testicle. So i'll politely decline ;)."

Too true. However, I'm not in a polite mood, so Firefly wins. I prefer to just include Serenity as a part of that. I can't pick Serenity on its own because Firefly has to be taken into consideration to make Serenity imporant, but Firefly on its own doesn't really have the payoff needed (despite how much I love "Objects in Space") to push it above the other two shows, so, yeah.

I love 'em all, but Firefly felt the most polished.

As far as fanboyishness/rabid-viewerdom, the Buffyverse and Firefly got me to equal heights. For a half-season series + film, it's insane how much I was online for Firefly.
No bravery, Tonya, just a little luck and a lot of irrational determination. But thanks.
Buffy. And re:testes? I'm going with left, 'cuz I'm a right-handed dyslexic & when I go left I'm usually supposed to go right. So this makes no sense. Appropriate.
Definitely Firefly for me - it was what got me into Joss's work, way back all of three months ago, and it hooked me instantly. I watched every episode three times before I let my dad send the DVDs back to Netflix. And then I bought the set a week later, and Serenity a couple weeks after that.

But Buffy is running a close second (I have yet to watch season 7, but I'm working on it), and Dr. Horrible a near tie with that. They're all so good.
Favorite work that Joss does... his ability to assemble the right crews to bring his vision to bear (casting, writing, lighting, camera, music, etc). And for me, these all coalesce into the finest work exemplified by Firefly. Finest theme song ever.

Thank you, Joss, honestly, for making the world a way more better place to live.
Buffy. My life has definitely changed since that summer I saw the end of The Gift and went, "WTH? The main character just died?" and dutifully Googled up the transcripts and read them from Season 1.

Still haven't watched much of Angel, but some of what I've seen is great. Firefly rocked more on repeat viewing, and Dr. Horrible songs are stuck in my head 24/7 now, but definitely 'Buffy'.
Right now I'm rewatching the entire series in order for the first time, and a lot of what must've been unintentional foreshadowing is really amusing to catch. My emotional obsessiveness with Buffy has definitely wound down though, so I'm looking forward to Dollhouse.

Bottom line, it rocks that everything Joss has created have uberfans of their own. They're all that good.
It doesn't matter what people choose. They're all right, except anyone who dares vote for "Alien: Resurrection." Fortunately, nobody has so far.
While it's great to see Joss shows so totally dominate this poll, I fear the naysayers may yet again accuse us of stuffing the ballot box.

Which raises the question, is Bad Horse a neighsayer?
"Poll - which of Joss' works are the most canonical ? Stating reasons."

Working on you submission to the ELoE, Saje?

That poll = guaranteed submission. ;)
Buffy, without a doubt.
Buffy is the automatic answer, because that show changed my life and everything I wanted to do. Seriously, that knocked down some huge-ass doors for me. A very close second is Firefly, then Serenity, then Angel, then Dr. Horrible.

But they're all awesome, of course.
Buffy no doubt.
But if Firefly is oh so good to. Objects in Space is maybe the best thing ever made for television. That Angel thing is good, but never seemed to have the quality that Buffy or Firefly had.
Of the choices given, from fav to least fav:

Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Toy Story, Angel, Serenity, Alien Resurrection, BtVS movie. (Haven't seen Titan A.E., I'm ashamed to say.)
I couldn't decide either. Firefly got me into Joss's work, and led me to some of the best times I've ever had in my life, with great new friends; yet it was Buffy a couple of years later that yanked me out of my frozen-ness and made me feel again, which changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined five years ago. I love Serenity like I've never loved any movie before, and Dr. Horrible is constantly on my mind.

Lest 'he' feel left out, I enjoy Angel as well; it just doesn't have the same pull as the rest. On the other hand, some of the episodes are so rich and powerful, they're hard to resist. It only took 10 minutes of Angel to get me hooked, thus leading to my obsession with Buffy.

To make a long story short (I know - too late!), I love pretty much anything Joss has created and I don't want to have to choose between them.
The one and only Buffy, no other Whedon work have ripped my tiny tiny heart out and put it through a blender quite as efficiently.
Objectively, Firefly is the most brilliant of the three shows. But Buffy is still my favourite. The early seasons may not be very polished, and have the feel of a work in progress (grainy picture, an occasional lame pun), but there is something so endearing about the innocence of the young Scooby Gang that it somehow beats the brilliance of Firefly.

And here it is again, Angel is forever the Cinderella...
Left. No question about it.

Well, before you rush to judge QG, bear in mind that some of those leaked photos that I just made up may well have been flipped around the Y axis (those aren't all my arms either BTW but that's a separate issue).

Working on you submission to the ELoE, Saje?

My costume would be a cassock and my special power would be starting "holy" wars within fandoms. Yes, I am ... the Canon Canon ! Tremble in fear as I smite with my mighty mitre ! Cower as I get my enemies slightly tipsy with communion wine ! And then dry their mouths out with crackers so they can't whistle ! Muhuhahahahahah !
Angel. Then Buffy and finally Serenifly.

But it was tight.
Buffy, no contest. Firefly was more polished, (as should be, third time out with a series & all that), and I loved Serenity probably just a hair more than Firefly, even. But Buffy will always own my heart.

Angel a distant third, in spite of flashes of brilliance. Love Dr. Horrible yes, but I have a problem with the apples & oranges thing, a total of (what, finally .... something around 40-45 minutes?), compared to the richness of the long (and short) running TV series' and Serenity as basically a two hour coda to Firefly?

Ten years from now, when 40 minute long horror/comedy/musicals debuting online are a regular occurrence and have a separate category, I'm sure I'll vote for Dr. Horrible as number 1 in that category. ;)
Buffy. By a wide margin.
Today, it's Buffy. Other days, other choices.
Oh... and I loved, loved, loved Roseanne. Does that count?
Ugh. I almost wish they hadn't showed the results first, because I was forced to vote for Toy Story for two reasons: 1) it's the only Joss-influenced stuff I've let my kids watch so far, and 2) It did NOT deserve to be in the absolutely last place.

I almost voted for Titan A.E. for the same reason #2... I really think that BtVS the movie belongs there. :-)
Buffy. If I'm honest with myself and force myself to choose, it's Buffy. That show changed the way I view television and storytelling in general. It got in deep. I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with it and things haven't been the same since. If you had told me before I got into Buffy that a TV show would mean this much to me, I would have laughed in your face. Derisively. (Not proud of that, but there you go.)

I count Angel a very, very close second - despite the shows' distinct identities and individual brilliance, they are part of the same universe for me. They extend and enrich each other when I now (re)view them.

Then come Firefly/Serenity and Horrible, all pretty much at the same level, i.e., very, very, very close behind Buffy and Angel.

I love all of these works. They're all genius to me. The differences in my affection for them and my respect for them are so minimal as to be a little laughable. But there, I did the poll and gave them all a ranking.

I'm hoping Dollhouse will top 'em all.
Introduced to the Whedonverse by way of Firefly and I was late to the party. Absolutely some of the best stories. Than last year bought the entire Buffy DVD set. Had a very hard time getting into it especially the first year. I just did not get it. But did watch a number of episodes that Buffy lovers said were some of the best. And yes they were great stories. But still have not come close to watching most of the episodes. Than late last year bought the entire set of Angel. And during the writers strike watched all 5 seasons. Engrossing wonderfull episodic stories that I felt riveled Firefly. Between the Firefly and Angel I now would like to see new Angel stories on the big screen then more of Firefly. Don't shoot me.

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BUFFY. Most definitely. BUFFY is pretty much the show that defines me as a human being. Sounds pathetic, but truth is what it is. It has been with me since I was 10, of course it had to have a huge influence on me. No other way around it.

While I liked ANGEL and thought that season 5 was probably the best BUFFYVERSE-season in terms of epic and suspense, it never made me feel how BUFFY made me.

FIREFLY...honestly, not my cup of tea. I enjoyed watching it, but it never would have been any favorite of mine.

Dr. Horrible was fun and has great songs, but is slightly too chaotic for my taste to win this race.

SO, conclusion:

Buffff Eeee.

This poll actually alerted me to Titan A.E. which I was only vaguely aware of - I had no idea that it was Whedon penned! Another one for the wishlist, and, on obtaining it, a further brick in my Tower of Joss.
Firefly is near and dear to my heart... but Buffy's in my heart. I may come to appreciate the others more as I grow up, but right now, Buffy is my life story.
Titan A.E. is among the ultimate in Jossness. Instead of just killing a person or two whom you've grown to love, he kills off the entire earth, with a few exceptions, and that's just the *opening* of the movie! ;-)
How much of Titan A.E. was Joss ? Was it something he sold to Hollywood/Fox Animation, or was the concept already there, having been worked on by others, and he was brought in to doctor it and/or flesh out the script ? I'll have to check the IMDB, but the last time I did I could've sworn he shared story credits with one or two others.

I don't ask to doubt its place in the poll, just curious (Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were moved along by groups too, not only Joss, despite him being the main dude...although I suppose it might be true that Angel is just as much David Greenwalt's baby, despite it eventually becoming more Tim Minear's and Jeffrey Bell's 'cause he didn't stay with it).

I liked Titan A.E. a lot, dunno if I still would as much. I loved Lit at the time, so the sequence their song plays over was pretty fun. Wasn't that the last Don Bluth film (or, most recent, I should say, since the guy's still around and could still make more despite there seeming to be more of an appetite for Disney-styled and toned stories than his more darker, personal stories) ?
As far as I remember, the only part we know for sure was Joss's was the Bob conversation as related in the commentary. Other than that, and unless somebody knows different, it was a collaboration so hard to tell who wrote what. I wonder if the screenwriters worked closely, though - that would've been a great writers' room with Joss and Ben and John August (Corpse Bride). :)
Angel spoke to me in ways I didnt think a TV show could. Buffy and Firefly are obviously close seconds. However the tortured hero with a dark side has never been so fully human and relatable as it was with Angel. Not to mention Wesley Wyndham Price's dynamic development and portrayal was like looking at a very cool Whedon version of myself.
It's Angel for me - always. Followed by Buffy then Toy Story
Well, I can't choose.

Buffy and Angel live in the same world, share characters, have cross-overs and whatnot. They, to me, are the same thing (even though the shows themselves were quite distinct in tone and setting).

Buffy is what drew me in. I watched from the beginning and by the time S2 came along, it drew me into the fandom like no other show before. My personal fandom hit its high during the shows' second and third seasons (still my favorites to this day). The fourth season had some problems for me and is - on a whole - my least favorite Whedonian season. Seasons six and seven also had some problems for me, but those were mostly a matter of taste. Those seasons are still undeniable quality telivision and given my pre-established fandom and the fact that there was more than enough to love, there was no going back. The characters had become a part of my life by then and there was no shaking them off. In fact, the only reason I have problems with those seasons at all is because of how much I love those characters and how much I care for the show. In a lesser show, none of it would've mattered. As a whole, Buffy is right up there and still my first love and first 'serious' fandom.

Angel had one of my all-time favorite Whedon characters (Fred) and possibly the best chracters arc in any of his shows (Wesley), although it was slow to find its feet (season one did not really "do" it for me, for large stretches). But then Angel's second and fifth seasons might just be the best Whedonian seasons ever produced. I'm also one of those people who feel that the ending to Angel is thematically perfect and fitting, so I love the whole thing to bits. I still don't get how many Buffy and/or Angel fans are able to seperate between these two. They are both undeniable television (cult) classics and of a rare quality (still) not often seen on tv. I loved them completely and without reservation. I did not co-run the now no longer operational Dutch 'Buffy and Angel' fanclub for nothing ;).

And then there's Firefly. Watching 'The Train Job' for the first time and having mile-high expectations, it fell flat for me. I was never that into westerns and the characters did not instantly grab me. I gave it a few more episodes, but still: it did nothing but amuse. It never amazed. I can assure anyone that it was pretty troubling, having the writer of your two favorite television shows (of which you're running an active fanclub) produce something you don't instantly love. And then the DVD's came along, which I bought nontheless. Watching 'Firefly' in the right order, everything clicked. "Serenity" was as great an introduction as they come, and one of the best pilots I've ever seen, making me instantly care about the world and the richly drawn people in it. The small character arcs and subtle continuations between episodes suddenly made sense, and I fell in television love again, showing that lighting can hit thrice. To me, that experience proves how much energy and work go into the little details on a Joss show and how important they are to the overall experience. Even though the episodes themselves are pretty well contained and work fine as seperate pieces of story telling, they only become great if and when you understand the characters, their journey and their place in the complex group dynamic and see them as part of a living, breathing, realistic world.

So, anyway, after that DVD boxed set, the story was over and my third "big" fandom happened. I started moderating a Dutch browncoats forum, which then turned into the official Serenity website for our country. The lead-up to the release of 'Serenity' was an intense and inclusive period and one of the most exhillarating fandom experiences ever. Nathan posted on our forum (which, for the black, nothing special ;), but for that forum: unique and exiting, making us feel even more a part of a global fandom than we had before that), we had a private pre-screening because of our contacts at UIP and we had an amazing red carpet premiere with Nathan and Summer which our forum helped organize. I still feel connected to that part of the fandom today and while the term "browncoat" may have less than positive connotations to some today, it's a lable I still feel at home with, even though these days I'm hesistant to use any lable to desribe my part in this fandom.

Coming back to 'Firefly' itself, I think that if Joss had had the chance to continue with his original vision, this poll might have held an acceptable answer for me. Firefly was more polished than Buffy and Angel, had enormous potential and an amazing and able cast with incredible, almost tangible, chemistry. As it is, though, Firefly is broken brilliance and unrealised promise. It did not get the chance to shine as much as Buffy and Angel did. But what's there, is beyond great and watching 'Serenity' for the first time (with my fellow fans at a Dutch pre-screening) was one of the most intense movie going experiences I've ever had.

To me, these three shows and one movie cannot be seperated and are a collective number one. It's actually why I post at whedonesque and not some major forum of one of the seperate shows, nowadays, after having been active in seperate parts of the fandom (apart from, obviously, my lovely fellow posters and the intelligent, funny and insightfull discussions that happen here :)). Ever since 'Firefly', I've been a whedon fan first, loving almost everything equally.

As for Dr. Horrible? Apples and oranges, as someone upthread remarked, and as such hard to compare with Buffy/Angel and Firefly/Serenity. But the experience, posting here when the seperate acts hit, living the experience and that incredible, hard-hitting ending and sharing the aftermath in - among others - that EPIC Act III thread, has been my favorite experience here (which makes sense because I only joined whedonesque mere weeks before 'Serenity' opened so I've mostly been here for the whedonian 'draught' :)).

Things like 'Toy Story' and 'Titan A.E.', then, have never been a direct part of this fandom for me. They don't feel enough like a true Joss-product, although the 'Bob'-line in Titan A.E. cracks me up every single time (obviously I do own the DVDs ;)). And the less said about the original Buffy movie or Alien Resurrection, the better.

Having said all that, I do think 'Astonishing X-Men' should have been included since, in many ways, that's Joss' fourth television series. Only, this time with added drawings and text baloons, and less too-hot-to-be-legal actors ;). If it had been included, it would've been a close third, after Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible. I think.

All in all and in closing (finally ;)) it would have been more shorter and concise and less boring if I'd just followed Saje's example upthread and mentioned my testicles. Lesson learned here? Talk about your intimate parts = good choice. Writing longwinded whedonesque posts instead of going to sleep? Not so much. But now that I've written what is probably my longest whedonesque post, it's a shame to just hit backspace and type 'what Saje said' instead. So there you go ;).

But if anyone actually read all this: W O W. You're a more patient person than I am :). In fact, you may be nearing the enlightenment phase we may or may not have talked about in our massive atheism/religion thread a while back, in between topics like tea and reality ;)
Astonishing X-Men and Toy Story...just to be different!
Testicle count: zero, so no choosing available as metaphor.
Not up to lengthy posting about the who/why and history at the moment.
Just put me in the Firefly column. FF provides an alternate universe into which I can step when there's a need.
I read it all GVH! But I'm a little alarmed to think that might mean I'm nearing enlightenment. I'm not ready to be enlightened. I'm having too much fun being self-obsessed and angsty. Can't I just have a cookie or something?
Also read it all GVH! And loved it, actually... have to say that I agree with almost everything, especially these parts:

"To me, these three shows and one movie cannot be seperated and are a collective number one."

"I've been a whedon fan first, loving almost everything equally."

"Dr. Horrible (...) the experience and that incredible, hard-hitting ending and sharing the aftermath in - among others - that EPIC Act III thread, has been my favorite experience here"
I also read it all, GVH, as I usually do when you post. Almost everything you said rings true for me , as well, especially the three quotes maxsummers mentions, as well as the fact that I also joined Whedonesque just before the Serenity prescreenings started. As a matter of fact, I believe my second post was begging for tickets to the second screening, which was answered in the affirmative by our own m'cookies actual!

Those weeks where we were waiting word on whether there would be another round of screenings and, if so, where would they be this time, then refreshing every few minutes for more news and then tickets, was such an exhilarating time! Seeing the finished movie for the first time with the one person I knew understood and felt exactly the same way I did - when Joss's name came on the screen for the credit, we just turned and grinned at each other - and then the second time later that night with 120 other local Browncoats - was an experience I'll never forget.

Sharing the whole Dr. Horrible experience brought back some of those memories - and made new ones. Whatever Joss does, I'll be there.
Well, GVH, Saje's post was funnier, but yours expresses many of the things that I feel/have felt about Buffy/Angel/Firefly.
So they're both keepers. Just like the...oh nevermind.
"I went all the way to the end of GVH's post and all I got was this lousy insightful take on Joss Whedon's work" ;). No nearer enlightenment though, do I get a refund ?

Testicle count: zero

OUCH ! What happened ? ... Oh wait, nevermind ;).
Nah, Saje, you just get a cookie instead, just like catherine. samawitch, I remember the footage of those American pre-screenings and I can only imagine how impressive it must've been attending those.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! :)
I read it all too GVH. I'm a latecomer to Whedonesque but was so happy to be here for Dr. Horrible. Quite recently I actually had my very first 'real life' fandom experience when I took my little sister, who had seen a few eps of Firefly but not the film, to the Leicester Equality Now screening of Serenity. I had never seen it on the big screen the first time round so that was special! It was fun enjoying Joss's work in a collective environment.

[I was a bit disappointed that as far as I could see some sort of re-cap of the event did not seem to appear on a blog somewhere that could be linked here. According the the CSTS website $537.58 was raised at Leicester.]
Off topic reply to @ Fangless: a recap of the Leicester CSTS event was posted on the CSTS forums and I did put a post on my own LJ, with a totals post for both the Midlands events here although I didn't feel it relevant to link to them here. Feel free to read them at your leisure however.

Favourite JW work I think is actually Seasons 2 & 3 of Buffy and 1 & 5 of Angel. It's too hard to pin it down more than that. Oh, and 'Toy Story' ;)
(bursting into the dark)

I-I get it! The...thing...ab- ...left...

(noting an empty space)

(to himself: I didn't really get it anyway, had to cheat to get it.)
buffy,angel,firefly,serenity and I know I will love dollhouse
In order of most to not-so-most:
Serenity; Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog; Robot Chicken: Rabbits on a Roller Coaster; Firefly; Bandwagon; Alien: Resurrection (which is a funny movie if you expect it to be instead of some horror/action flick); Toy Story; Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (movie only); Titan AE (and a few episodes of Rosanne but not sure if he was editor of those)

Didn't like the Buffy/Angel TV series. Nope. Sorry.

Haven't see the rest.
Buffy. I love all the other stuff, but I can watch any Buffy episode, anytime and never get bored.

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