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September 17 2008

...that being Doug Jones.

I think this thread almost died a quiet death because we're all Doug Jones'd out after Hellboy 2 lead to a few thread about him, but thanks for posting it 'cause this guy always has interesting insights into the film making process.

Great little interview though. I wonder who he'll play in The Hobbit, should Del Toro invite him. Have their been any casting confirmations besides Ian McKellen as Gandalf ? I wouldn't want Doug to replace Andy Serkis as Gollum, so hopefully that's not what's in the workings.

Some of the posters in the AICN thread were suggesting Beorn, but Jones doesn't have the right build for that role, Beorn is supposed to be a bear of a man (and then sometimes just literally a bear--hmm, maybe Adam Baldwin if he can pull off ye olde English-y accent). I love Beorn, so I hope they get him right. Others suggested the Wood Elf King, a character I don't remember (the book was read to my third grade class by our teacher that year, then I read it again when I was 13, but there aren't as many strong images that stick out as I've had in my head from reading The Lord of the Rings when I was 14, ones the movie sometimes reinforced when it got them close to my imagination).

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