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September 18 2008

Television Without Pity's List of the Most Egregious Emmy Snubs. Of course Buffy tops the list, but How I Met Your Mother is also included. In another section, TWoP explains why they think Neil Patrick Harris should win in the best supporting actor (comedy) category. (You will have to page through a few photos on the way to Neil.)

About Buffy:
Considering the cultural impact the show has proven itself to have had in the years since it stopped airing, this seems all the more egregious.

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I don't think we've ever had 'egregious' on the front page before. And to just to give people a heads up, we'll doing a special "will Buffy win at the Emmys?" thread on Sunday or whatever day it's on.
e·gre·gious –adjective
1. extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar.

Yeah, I had to look it up.... and it sure does apply!
Okay, had to look that one up in my dog eared webster.

Looking forward to it, I'm sure I'll have a thing or three to say.
First year for reality tv awards? Um, where have they been for the last 7 years? I'm pretty sure only the host competition is new.

I think the Emmys' problem over the last 20 years is that there are a ton of old people left in the academy with a fair amount of new people coming in, and the great shows get cancelled out in the voting -- and lucky us are left with crap like Two and a Half Men year after year after year. I've never seen Boston Legal so I can't say for sure it's crap, but I'm pretty sure there's at least one show more deserving of the honor.
Certainly Buffy was snubbed. This year Mia Wasikowska was snubbed for her spectacular turn as Sophie on Treatment. Some other good choices there was well
Vee Mars was certainly a snub, especially in the acting category. Kristen and Enrico Colantoni were just great. But I have to say BSG and The Wire are by far the biggest snubs. In just about every category. It's just sad. Although Buffy is certainly a huge snub. Perhaps more so then the others if only because it was "accidentally" left off the ballet for "Once More With Feeling." >_>

And I can't believe they had Michael Cera (who was great) and not David Cross who was the other huge snub from that show. But really, the whole cast could have been nominated in the comedy acting categories.
And to just to give people a heads up, we'll doing a special "will Buffy win at the Emmys?" thread on Sunday...

COOL, Simon! I'm not sure I'll watch the show, maybe I'll flip back and forth, we'll see. But I'll definitely check in here.
I also looked egregious up (it's something I do obsessively), and it seems it has an interesting secondary meaning, courtesy of the Oxford American Dictionary:

e•gre•gious |iˈgrējəs|
1 outstandingly bad; shocking : egregious abuses of copyright.
2 archaic remarkably good.

Just amused me anyway, how one word can have two completely contradictory meanings. I wonder if there are any others out there..? Sarcasm excepted, naturally.

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MattK... here are a few (and you can see more here.)

These are called "contronyms" or "Janus-faced" words.

BOLT: a) to secure in place b) to dart away
BUCKLE: a) fasten together b) fall apart
CLEAVE: a) separate b) adhere firmly
CLIP: a) fasten b) separate
STRIKE: a) secure in place b) remove
WEATHER: a) withstand b) wear away

So could be translated as most remarkably good Emmy snubs. The english language can be so confusing.

cabri Boston Legal is far from crap. It's actually quite cleverly written and ridiculously fun. I used to think I wouldn't be interested in it, then my dad started watching it and since I could hear him pissing himself laughing at it all the way from upstairs, I decided to give it a shot. I do not regret it one bit. Shatner and Spader portray the most adorable and facinating male frienship I have ever seen on tv. Denny Crane is a character that stands for everything I despise politically, yet I still can't help but love the old fool.
floofypooh -- I'm amazed Yahoo Answers is actually useful for once. Thanks for the link. :)
I know I saw at least one dictionary, many years ago, in which "egregious" was simply defined as "exceptional," which sorta reconciles both its archaic and contemporary connotations.
floofypooh, that was cool, thanks.
Battlestar, Veronica Mars and Neil Patrick Harris being snubbed is a crime!!! But no wins for Buffy is just madness!! ALL these shows deserve awards!
You're all welcome.... I am constantly amazed at the complexities and inconsistencies of the English language. And I have great admiration for anyone attempting to learn it as a second language!

BTW -- Janus-faced words --

Wasn't Janus the statue that Ethan Rayne used in the Buffy episode: Halloween?

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