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September 18 2008

Dollhouse gets praised in London. But still no word if it will be picked up in the UK.

"The tone is dramedy -- it's light. Viewers are moving away from the high concept shows. We're all going into a period of economic doom and gloom, and they want something engaging and that will take their minds off it."

Well that doesn't sound good.
You don't think a gorgeous woman kicking bitt will take their minds off it?
Hehehe, 'kicking bitt'. Best typo today. =D
zz9, that is a quote from the Disney/ABC rep. Of course she is going to say that. That is what most of the shows they are selling are like. It doesn't mean that is what people want or are buying.
Yeah, who wants "light dramedy"? We want bitt-kicking!
"kicking bitt" sounds like an excellent Whedon-ism. I might have to take it with permission and use it in one of my scripts. ^_^
Simon, I think it will be.
Dr. Horrible kicked bit so hard he had to move to a new server.

What? I can't be more than one kind of nerd?
Reading that article gave me major Deja Vu, by the way. And then I realised it actually repeated that one paragraph :). I like that buyers (who are probably pretty cynical about television, on the whole?) like what they're seeing with 'Dollhouse'.

Pointy, you can be '10' kinds of nerds. Unless you think that gives you more than two options, then you get to be just one.
Yeah, GVH, but they also like what they're seeing with 90210, so...yeah. But any praise is good praise, especially if it concerns its marketability, which has come under question lately.

Though if you'll excuse me, I need to stop the post, my bitt is getting sore from this chair...

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If a UK station doesn't pick it up (hypothetically) what other means do you guys have of watching the show? (just curious)
It'll probably be online. And if that fails, there's always "Buttorrent."
I'll be watching Dollhouse the same way I've been watching all my US shows initially for the last couple of years... on my computer (or actually, on my standalone DivX player ;)). And then, eventually, I buy the DVD's if I liked the show.

UnpluggedCrazy, yeah, they do like '90210' as well, but then again, that show probably is very marketable as well. Which means 'Dollhouse' is too and as you say, there's been some doubt as to that.

Given how many cable and satellite companies there are out there, besides the terrestrial powers, it's bound to show up somewhere.

If not, we can always move to Canada or something.
"Buttorrent". Awesome.

[ edited by dollrific on 2008-09-19 06:06 ]
GVH said,
my standalone DivX player

I use a LaCie Silverscreen myself, which one do you have ?

Buttorrent for the couchpotatoes, awesome indeed.
Bitt kicking is a better typo than butt licking!
GVH: Pointy, you can be '10' kinds of nerds. Unless you think that gives you more than two options, then you get to be just one.

I count 2^2 options there ;) - 00, 01, 10, 11.

I'm fairly sure this'll get picked up by someone in the UK, when I still had Sky they bought a lot of stuff from the US and often pretty early in its run ('Journeyman' was only about 4 weeks behind for instance, had a few friends say they were really enjoying it only for me to tell them it was probably cancelled).

And if not Sky then someone else - LivingTV ran 'Veronica Mars', ITV4 showed all of 'The Inside'. Hell, even the BBC might reach deep (especially if Sky aren't that interested).
I've always wondered about the likes of Sky One or the Beeb purchasing US shows. Do they put all the money up front for a potential 22 episode run (with the proviso that a proportion of the cash is returned if the show is cancelled) or is it pay as you per episode?
Wonder if São Paulo is the next stop?
Weird comment from ABC, as they just greenlighted a high concept pilot.
ETA: That's just a pilot Numfar PTB, doesn't mean it'll air by any stretch. Still, one corporate hand not knowing what the other's doing isn't exactly unheard of ;).

Do they put all the money up front ...

I think they must make some sort of commitment towards an entire season Simon because even shows that're cancelled early in the US will often show as many episodes as were actually produced on UK showings (so we had all of 'The Inside', all of 'Wonderfalls', all of 'Firefly' etc.).

If they had to pay per episode that would seem like throwing good money after bad to me (especially with shows like e.g. 'Odyssey 5' which, after US cancellation, was bumped around the schedule and moved from 9 pm to something daft like 1 in the morning).

Just speculatin' though, don't know much about it.

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jpr, I have a crappy no-brand version which I bought for as-little-money-as-possible at a local store. But hey, it works :).

Saje, I didn't give the option of '00', '01', or '11'. Just '10'. So there ;).

Also: Odyssey 5, heh. I hadn't thought about that show for ages. I actually quite enjoyed that, I seem to remember.

ETR: typo

[ edited by GVH on 2008-09-19 12:44 ]
They deserve it after coming out with so many shows we've wanted to watch and never let us watch them until years later so we come up with horrible American knock-offs. It's about time they make a horrible UK knock-off of something from the USA.

(J/K of course. You know. J/K makes it all better.) :)
'Brighton Belles'.

(not sure about anything more recent)
As a Brighton boy and Golden Girls lover, I wish I'd seen that!

And am I the only one who revels in 90210's trashiness as they saunter about what will always be to me, Sunnydale High?
GVH, the most magic of magic words "it works".

Though all of these boxes are of the "no brand" type since the big brand names seems to have been given offers they couldn't refuse from the big media companies.
For some reason, I just can't see the Beeb going in for Dollhouse (not sure why). But if Sky1 aren't interested either, then as stated above, there's still plenty of options - Virgin 1 probably being the best bet, though there's also E4, Living, FX, Five US, maybe even one of the ITV channels.

So I'm not worried.

If they want something light and pleasant, they can always try remaking the Norwegian smash hit "Farmer Needs a Wife". It always ended well.
Well Joss could do that. I can't see him having a problem with giving the farmer what he needs rather than what he wants.
Like a combine harvester. But evil.
If only. I might actually have watched that version. Of course, we'd have to take a few painful deaths. I think Kari, the milkmaid or Ole will get it first, but it's all good because the favourite cow, Elsa, survives.
Yeah, trust Joss to subvert the old cliché of "cow enters abattoir pursued by butcher, cow dies". I mean, Talk about a surprise ending.

[ edited by Saje on 2008-09-19 22:45 ]
Saje, spoiler tag! Some of us haven't seen it yet!
Thanks Saje.

Of course, now we'll see dozens of copycat kick ass cow shows and movies.

There's already a SpongeBob SquarePants watcing cow in Fringe. It's just a matter of time before it mutates and starts kicking bitts.
Farmer Needs a Wife? There is actually a U.S. reality show called Farmer Wants a Wife...
It's the same "format" sold around the world, common culture these days seems to have spiraled down to the point where we all suffer similar Idol juries, Survivor island conspiracies and yes wifeless farmers.
I think 'Farmer wants a wife' is a Dutch concept originally. We're also the grand culture that brought you 'Big Brother'. Sometimes I'm proud of my countrymen ;)
There is that but you also brought us Whedonesque so I think that more than balances it out.
And mayonnaise on chips. OK, that might've been Belgium but i'm happy to give the Netherlands the credit ;).
And Tastey Toms. (It's a type of tomato for those of you who immediately go there, which is exactly where I went or I wouldn't be explaining this.)

I do think though that when the cow franchise comes to fruition, I should get some credit for the idea.
I've never even heard of Tastey Toms. I guess I'm out of the tomato-loop ;).

And yeah, Simon. I think Caroline should get some kind of award for the good work she did, balancing out our bad national karma.
"The tone is dramedy -- it's light. Viewers are moving away from the high concept shows. We're all going into a period of economic doom and gloom, and they want something engaging and that will take their minds off it."

Well that doesn't sound good.

They, and you, overlook this is Joss - as soon as everybody is having a good time he'll kill someone off or otherwise make sure to ruin everybodies day.

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