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September 18 2008

Charity screening of Serenity this Saturday in London. Just Can't Stop The Serenity.

good luck
the theatre looks like a real fun place to see a movie
Ironically, I just finished another re-run of Firefly within the space of a week and I was planning on watching the movie, again, this weekend. I would have loved to have made it, with a bit more notice. Unfortunately, I'm stuck up in Liverpool. Best wishes though!
That's walking distance from my house, but I can't make it owing to other plans I can't change! Thanks for the heads-up though. I'll pass it onto some friends.
It's wonderful that this event is going ahead - especially since it has been pulled together in such short a time. It's also wonderful that a UK CSTS event is getting some promotion through such widespread channels - although it is a massive shame that the Warwick and Leicester events didn't get the same level of support (despite being the best attended UK events to date).
Good luck to everyone running the London event.
Couldn't make the Leicester event (closer to me) thanks to prior engagement, but I have a ticket for tomorrow! Now to see if I can find my way there...
peepiecheep - I did try to get support for the Leicester event on here, but unfortunetely the post was removed within 5 minutes of it being posted without a word.

I wish the London event well, alas I won't be making it for financial reasons +plus travelling to Milton Keynes the following weekend for Morena Baccarin & Mark Shepherd @ Collectormania
peepiecheep - that's funny, I just posted about the Leicester event in the Favourite Joss Work Poll thread. I came to Leicester's event with my little sister and we really enjoyed it. Well done, I bet a lot of hard work went into organising that. Very nerve-wracking so hats off to you.
See you there skittledog!

Although, I'm still smarting that Mark "the badger" Sheppard is not coming, even after my invite. Pfft ;)
@ fangless: I just replied to your comments on that thread but also thought it worth cut n' pasting here for others to see:
A recap of the Leicester CSTS event was posted on the CSTS forums and I did put a post on my own LJ, with a totals post for both the Midlands events here: although I didn't feel it relevant to link to them here. Feel free to read them at your leisure however.
I have no doubt the London event will go just as well, and it benefits from being in a prime location. I sincerely hope that next year more people will pull together to form a really solid 2009 CSTS team - but let's face it, anything that gets people together to watch Whedon stuff *and* raises money for charity is a Mighty thing :)
Well, are any Londoners going to be going? I will be there, a bit of a Nigel no-mates it seems How will I recognise any Whedonesquers so I'll have someone to talk to?
Good luck! Hope you guys pull them in! We're doing our best in Philly next week with our screening (better late, than never), so hopefully the good karma you generate will travel across the pond, too.
giles (yes, it is my real name),

Maybe you could wear a name tag saying Whedonesquer and see if anybody recognises it.

Please post back on all the fun that was had. We love war stories.

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Just got home - want to say thanks to all for an enjoyable afternoon. I was rather unsociable, being part of a small group that left fairly soon after the showing ended because one of our number needed to go get a train. But nonetheless it was very good to watch Serenity with a bunch of people who all know and love it already, and thanks to all who were involved in organising it.

(But to whoever it was that laughed at Wash getting skewered.... pfft. ;)
I just wanted to throw in my thanks as well. I've only been living in London for about two weeks and it was really nice to see so many Browncoats around to support the cause. Being around fellow Whedon fans made me feel strangely at home.
Updates on the CSTS London website say they have raised 600.40 / $1,103.81 which is absolutely brilliant for a UK event. Well done to everyone involved.
A recap of the event has been posted on the CSTS Forum:

Well, the London screening was a great success! We sold 70 tickets and have so far raised 600.40 / $1,103.81, but donations are still being taken so this amount might yet go up. We sold 597 raffle tickets and were fortunate enough to have both Nick from 'The Signal' and Wendy from 'Sending a Wave' with us to pull the tickets out of the hat; we had 3 raffle baskets and a few last minute donations from Wendy, which were very well received!

Roxy Bar & Screen turned out to be a lovely little location for this screening, mainly because it allowed everyone to enjoy the movie, and events, and have a few drinks at the same time (the only draw back I could see was that they only served a mezes menu!). The mood was just great and everyone was eager to participate, cheering and clapping in all the right places (thanks for your support guys!) and there is nothing better than watching a movie like Serenity among people who love, and appreciate, it as much as you do - it just makes the whole experience so much more!!

We had people attend from all over England, even from as far afield as Scotland (thanks so much for coming!), and quite a few first time viewers of the BDM; I'm glad to have been able to share this experience with all of them. I was also pleased to see that quite a few people came in costume, and I'd especially like to thank Claire, Paul and Carly who took part in the costume contest; it all served to make the day more enjoyable; and the costumes were brilliant (if anyone has any photos, I'd really like to take a look - with all the excitement, I hardly took any!)

We were also very lucky to have Nick give us an impromptu performance on his guitar: I believe he covered 'Big Damn Trilogy', 'The Ballad of Joss', and 'Mal's Song', but as I was being interviewed at the time, it's a little hard for me to be sure; the whole thing was videoed though and if I can find where it's uploaded I'll post the link on my website (thanks very much Nick!). We rounded the day off with a trivia quiz, which was also a good laugh - well done Team 1!! And that about sums up CSTS London 2008; I'll post the few photos I do have shortly, but would love to see what others have taken!!

I'm just looking forward to next year's event now...

Well done, everyone!!

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