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September 19 2008

Warehouse 13 is picked up by SciFi. Jane Espenson worked on the pilot.

Whoot! Go, Jane!
I don't know where I've been, but I had no idea there was a series being built on something that was part Jane's story! Although this would seem to preclude her involvement with Dollhouse it's still quite amazing for her. Yay Jane!
Blimey this item has had more comebacks than Cher. So for the third time today, is Jane still attached to this project? Cause the consensus so far is no.
According to The Futon Critic she is, Simon. I'm not sure where to go to get a more recent confirmation of that.
Variety also reports that she is exex producer and writer of the pilot
The premise sounds a little like the Librarian movies, but I look forward to anything from Jane.
According to SCI FI Wire itself:
Warehouse 13 is produced by Universal Cable Productions and executive-produced by David Simkins (Blade: The Series). It is based on a story by Brent Mote and Jane Espenson; the teleplay was written by Brent Mote and Jane Espenson and David Simkins.

That does not have Jane as exec prod.

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And the Variety article doesn't actually say she isn't a producer.

And via a timetravelling Saje.

News that Sci-Fi ordered the two-hour pilot penned by you, Rockne O’Bannon, and D. Brent Mote left many fangirls jumping for joy. The concept is intriguing. Can you give us any juicy tidbits about your new dramedy Warehouse 13?

Oh, I wish I knew myself! I was neither the first writer on that project nor the last. The script (and the show) is in Rockne’s hands now, and I’m confident he’s doing a great job. I can tell you that I was proud of my draft, and that I believe in the project wholeheartedly.

And the Variety article doesn't actually say she isn't a producer.

It doesn't say she isn't, but it specifically stops after Simkins with a period, just like the SCI FI Wire piece. I think it's safe to say she isn't producing it.
Again I ask, didn't David Simkins showrun a few episodes of Angel?
Quick, future me, who wins the football tomorrow ? Or if you're past me, don't eat the Salmon mousse !

And yep, David Simkins co-execc'ed some 'Angel' eps. Or IMDB says he did anyway, so requisite pinch of salt etc.
After the end of Angel season 3 Tim Minear left to do Firefly and David Greenwalt left to work for ABC Angel was without a showrunner. Fox hired David Simpkins as the season 4 showrunner because they wanted someone with experience running a show but after a few episodes it became clear he wasn't working out so he left as was replaced with David Fury and Jeff Bell.
That sounds like it might be a fun show. Can't wait until they tip a hat to Raiders of the Lost Ark...

EDIT: I have an absolutely overwhelming sense of deja vu after posting that. Have we talked about this before?

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I've got this feeling that if it gets deleted again, it'll come back again like baggy jeans or poodle rock. So I've reworded the subject line to avoid miscomprehension. Apologies to myself and Knuckleball for deleting mine and his entry earlier on.
You probably shouldn't accept your apology until you're sure you really mean it, or you might do it again.
Well I'm in two minds about accepting it.
Forgiveness starts with yourself. Or so I hear from people who make mistakes. ;)

I wish this show wasn't on SciFi. I hope it's good though, and gets a lot of Espensonian input. It sounds like something I might like on DVD.
Well, in an optimistic spin... this must mean Jane's name has a certain draw, if they're name-dropping her even if her involvement was minimal.
Yes I did wonder why it had been deleted, as the one I read was in Variety. didn't realise it was because of the producer thing.

Is there somewhere where you guys list why all threads get deleted for those of us who are left wondering?
It's not so much because of the producer thing as because Jane, by her own account, doesn't have anything to do with this anymore (i.e. she wrote a draft of the script then it was given to another writer and that was that - she's due a credit but apart from that isn't actually working on the series).

I like your idea for a 'dead threads' list Ivalaine, sometimes i'm curious as to why they're deleted too (and it might prevent the times where the same thread crops up repeatedly because people - understandably - don't know when they've already been posted and deleted). Course, the mods already have a full plate, might be asking a bit much of them.
Usually links get deleted because

1) They've been posted already
2) They're a bit too tenuous for the front page
3) They're self-linking
4) They link to torrents, scans, dodgy use of copyrighted material etc
5) They're extremely immflamatory i.e. the piece linked to would be seen as fan-hate speech
6) The information the link contains is grossly incorrect

There are other instances as well but those are the main ones as shown in our rules. I hate to take up discussion here about it but feel free to email me about it or pass on your ideas at the " Questions, Feedback, Suggestions" sub forum over at
Was just curious. Surprised you don't PM people when you delete their thread. I know I wasn't sure whether i messed up the posting on one of mine or if it got deleted. I assumed the latter, but yeah.
I'm looking forward to this. I had hoped for JE continued involvement with a Rockne O'Bannon project. Oh well, it's not like she isn't busy.
Surprised you don't PM people when you delete their thread

Well, we do what we can . . . but we certainly don't always have the time to go chasing around following up on everything. It's kinda a labor of love, rather than a labor.

And, I must admit, I don't necessarily understand what the big deal is either way. Your post got deleted? OK, there was likely something wrong under the (general) guidlines suggested by Simon above - but I don't know that it's cause of panic or a lawsuit, frankly.
Simon e-mailed me once or twice explaining why a post I posted got deleted but that was when there were a lot less people. I would imagine with so many members now there are probably a lot more deletions due to the reasons Simon listed.

Sometimes in the thread itself they'll list why something will soon be deleted as well.
I was saying that I am not the first person to wonder if it got deleted very quickly or if I didn't post it properly.

I don't care if it got deleted. Juat in that situation, you don't want to repost in case it was deleted.

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