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September 19 2008

Call for papers on teaching with Buffy. Two academics are asking for essays on using Buffy in the classroom.

They teach first-year seminars on Buffy themselves....

This is really neat :)
I'd even call it "nifty"!
Maeve -- language, please! This isn't today's porn thread.
Hmmm...I'm doing a thesis on using Buffy as a teacher--not to teach, but to help adolescents with their issues. Not quite the same, but, I wonder if I should inquire as to whether or not they'd be interested?

Granted this is all purely academic (har) seeing as I'm not even through with my research...

ETA: I just re-read this (my brain not functioning well at this late hour), and I'm thinking: not. C'est la guerre.

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Hey, I could write something for this!
I'm a teacher in training and I would LOVE to use Buffy in the classroom. These papers are of great interest to me!

I read/heard the show referred to one time as "group therapy for a generation." That's always stuck with me.
I'm teaching a class on Buffy and literary theory next semester. I'm very excited.
I tried to sit in on her first class when she started at my school. But it was a freshman seminar. I still need to look her up and see how it all went. A few of the profs at my uni will come up and tell me about Buffy papers they hear at conferences. It always makes me SO happy. Especially since they all FINALLY stopped mocking me for my love of all things Whedon. I also got to turn in a number of papers written around Buffy while I got my degree. How fun is that?

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