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September 19 2008 Orders James Gunn's PG Porn. Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum are slated to star in this short form digital series of (no, I am not making this up) recreations of dialogue from pornographic films minus any nudity or sex.

The series of comic vignettes aims to bring together primetime tv stars and porn stars and presumably hilarity will ensue. Words fail me, James Gunn, words fail me.

O... kay... O.o

Weirdest thing I've read/seen today, by far.

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Oh, so THIS is what it is! There has been way too much speculation and too much teasing from the man himself. I'm very puzzled about how this will work but have confidence in James it'll be a trip.
Girl: I'm having a party at my dad's beach house but so far no guys have said they want to come.

Guy: Who are you?

Girl: Mmm, we've never met but i saw you and knew there was something special about you.

Guy: I don't know. I don't really know you or your friends.

Girl: Oh, don't worry, we're all shy.

Guy: Hmm, I -

Girl: -Come'on you big fraidy.

Guy: Okay.

Sounds potentially very funny to me.
Oh, I read that as Charles Gunn.

I was going to say... If they played their cards right, things could've turned downright erotic.
At last -- the great porn dialogue you love without all that pesky nudity and sex!

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Porn dialogue that's PG? That's where I'm puzzled.
Oh my God, that is a genius idea!
Perhaps they're all kneading bread: "Do it! Do it! Harder, baby, harder! Pound it 'til it hurts!"

Ugh. I feel sooo dirrrrty now. I need a nice warm soapy shower.

Wait a sec, that could be porn dialogue too! o.O Help! I'm trapped in porn land!
See now, when I posted something on an upcoming Gunn/Fillion project...SOME TIME was deleted. And yet here it is again. I guess someone decided it was relevant after all.
What did you post, BAFfler? Was it speculation or actual project info and what was the source?
It was an article on CHUD, that quoted James Gunn spilling a little tease (casting info) about an upcoming project of his. According to the article, Alan Tudyk was also involved.
James did say on Twitter that Alan was involved as well.
Found it in the database - This was your link. I'll find out why it was deleted the first time. I understand it can be frustrating, but please drop us a line any time you have a question on the whys and wherefores of a delete; its better to get clarity when it happens rather than resenting it and then griping about it publicly later.
If I recall, it was deleted because the CHUD article simply regurgitated info which James Gunn twittered, and that tweet itself had already been posted.
Looks like TamaraC brought it up in this thread. Also, the thread on the tweet. Sometimes my search-fu is a little wonky :)
Cue porn music: :: Bow chicka bowm bowm :: "Oh honey, please rub that caustic soap deeper into my cornea ... oh yeah. Right.there."

What do I know!?
Tonya J, no,'s bow chicka bown now :)

Or maybe it's code... bow, chicken, bow down?

Wonder what that means?
Well, says it can be:

# bow chica bow bow
# bow chica bow now
# bow chica bow wow
# Bow Chica Mach 10
# bow chica wah wah
# bow chica wow wow
# bow chick a bow wow
# bow chick wow wow
# bow chicka bow wow
# bow chicka honk honk
# bow chicka wah wah
# Bow chicka wah wow
# bow chicka wow wow
# bow chika bow bow
# bow chika bow wow
# bow chika wow wow

Oh, those wacky internets (I hear its a system of tubes).
Shiny, they mentioned Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Hopefully, James copyrighted/whatever the title with and without his name attached.
zeitgeist !! Zounds... I was somewhat close doing it phonetically. Did you all ever watch Whose Line is it Anyway with the likes of Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles? Every time Ryan had to do a porn improv, that's what he would do.
Tonya J, you mean 'every single episode when Ryan had to do a porn improv'... ;) All Whose Line is, is sex jokes. But it makes me laugh.

Also, 'bow chica honk honk' makes no sense.

In other news, I really have no idea what a PG porn could possibly be like.
Hasn't this already been done by a British show? (No not Eurotrash).
Do you mean 'Badly Dubbed Porn' Simon ? Not seen many but if that's what you mean then it works the other way around i.e. they keep the porn but change the dialogue whereas Gunn's show obviously keeps the dialogue but gets rid of the porn.

This is a pretty funny idea I think but I do wonder who did the research - and you really would need to research it I think, otherwise you'd have about 20 variations on "I've just come to fix your pipes Madam" ;).
"I've just come to fix your pipes Madam"

They actually say “Madam”? ;)

My wish for MichaelR to move closer to Whedon is slowly coming true… I’m somewhat taken aback in how though. Not that I won’t be watching! ;)
I anticipate ensuing hilarity.
VeryVeryCrowded, I think the "porn every episode" was the audience's fault since they often were the ones that gave suggestions for the skits. Dirty Dirty Audience!
Well, it is an interesting little tidbit. It could be either truly hilarious or entirely awkward depending on the execution. I hope it is the former.

PS, Pointy: "At last -- the great porn dialogue you love without all that pesky nudity and sex!" Thanks, Pointy. LMFAO. L.M.F.A.O.
This sounds hilarious. I'll watch this.
They actually say “Madam”? ;)

Course, just cos you're there solely to shag someone senseless fix a washing machine doesn't mean you can ignore the niceties ;).
That's odd... I always thought it was the copier he was, there to fix! ;-)
This project makes me grin like a manic fool - it's so twisted and brilliant. And also probably extremely cheesy and uncomfortable making. I anticipate much amusement.
Jimmy has said at his Appreciation Society that he plays one of the "good boys." Now, if you've ever spent any time around him, and I have for over two years, good=pure=virginal is not ever something I would think he could play (but of course, I anticipate he will prove me wrong, wrong, wrong), not to mention his penchant for the highly scatological and inventive use of curse words and how he channeled that into PG porn has me scratching my head. That said, he is a very nice man, loves animals, probably helps old ladies across the street too.
Wow... just wow. This is gonna be HILARIOUS!
If anybody is interested, here's the trailer for James Gunn's upcoming Xbox Live TV series: It's produced by the same company as "JAMES GUNN'S PG PORN".
I want to hear Nathan Fillion saying porn dialog. I don't care if it's wrong.
# Bow Chica Mach 10

I'm highly amused at the inclusion of this one. It makes no sense whatsoever :).

Anyway, this project reminds me of when I was over at a friend's place during the olympics. We switched on the television, which was showing a porn movie, while the radio switched on and gave us the commentary for the coverage of the Olympics. Trust me when I say, sports commentary and porn make an often hilarious and at times disturbing combination.

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