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September 20 2008

Anthony Head speaks about Uther. Lovely interview with Tony about his role in the new 'Merlin'.

Ahh, I do miss this man. Tony talks about his childhood, his role as Uther, and his advice to his young costars.

I find it interesting that Anthony Head is referred to as 'the' star of Buffy. The implication, for the people who have not seen said show - and I have anecdotal evidence that such people exist - might be that Tony played a vampire slayer named Buffy.

...Could he pull that off? I think he could pull that off.
I love how he's so savvy about the business and at the same time takes such delight in the roles he gets to play. Such a good egg, that ASH.
Tony Head as Uther Pendragon? Yeah! ^^
Does anyone know if this is coming to BBCA? (The BBCA site would be the last place to get accurate information.)
Shey I don't think BBCAmerica is going to carry it. It's a BBC1 production, and NBC has picked it up for this winter. CTV in Canada will have it, as will the TEN Network of Australia.

Once there are release/air dates available, Tony's site will list them.
Thanks, ShadowQuest, I never would have thought to check Tony's website (actually didn't know he had one, but I'll look it up now).
"Swanning around in chain mail and armour, getting to dress up in really cool clothes because I'm a king. Has it been fun? Hell yes. It's as if I've come home," he grins.

Man, I love how enthusiastic ASH is about this. I have to start watching 'Merlin' now too, of course. Ours is a hard life.

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