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September 21 2008

(SPOILER) Will Buffy triumph tonight at the Emmys? The Buffster jumping to her death at the end of 'The Gift' has been nominated for most dramatic TV moment of all time. If your anticipation is fevered then come join us in this very special Countdown to the Emmys thread. ETA: Buffy won but it didn't get mentioned on the broadcast.

Folks may be discussing the winners/losers in this thread, so a spoiler tag has been added for those who want to delay their gratification (or otherwise).

I hope they show it and I honestly don't doubt it. How can BUFFY not win an online poll? We crashed the internet when Dr. Horrible was released for God's sake. :D
I never watch the Emmys; it's just an exercise in futility and frustration for me. But I just may try to watch tonight, and I'll definitely be updating this thread during the show to see what you all are thinking...
Maybe "sacrificial leap of faith to save the world"? Or "the Ripley-like swandive minus the wee sci fi belly creature?"
I think I'll skip this and watch the YouTube if Buffy wins. Sigh, or maybe I'll watch. I can't decide. Does anyone know when during the show this'll be, roughly? Start, middle, end?
I vote for any sentence that has the phrase "wee sci fi belly creature" in it.
Does anyone know when during the show this'll be, roughly?

The winner will be announced before they unveil which show won Best Drama. So towards the end then?
Best Drama (Go Lost!) is the last award of the night, so if it is announced directly before that, it would be just before the end of the show.
Best Drama is usually the very last award. I imagine the fan voted on spots will be sprinkled throughout the entire 3+ hour broadcast.
Read on the internet that Dana Delaney said that Nathan Fillion will be escorting her to the Emmy's.
I would just be tickled pink if BtVS finally wins a well deserved award...."About time."
Madhatter, winning a fan voted on ABC poll is not the same as winning anything from the Academy. This is a ratings stunt, not a real award. Maybe I am just being cynical, but I have not seen anywhere that this is being awarded by the Academy.
Oh TamaraC, you had to go and spoil the moment.
Even though it has nothing to do with the Academy, Buffy hopefully being shown during the Emmys is pretty extraordinary. It could even be a "na na na na na" towards the Academy.
I have a renewed respect for the Academy this year. My good friend Jim Kelly won the Outstanding Picture Editing for a Special Emmy for Justin Timberlake: Future Sex/Love Show last week. The best part, we called my friend Doogie growing up because he resembled the Creative Arts Emmy host NPH when they were kids. I may not be able to contain myself if Buffy wins Most Dramatic Moment.
This is a ratings stunt, not a real award.

Is it even being presented as an award? I figured it might be something like a montage, like they do at the Oscars when they start a new category, showing clips from great movies past and whatnot. Here's how I pictured it going down:

Host comes out, says something like "Drama. It has a blah blah blah in all of our lives. The characters blah blah touch us. Here are some of the most classic dramatic moments in TV, as voted on in our ABC online poll." Then the montage starts and the five finalists are shown in order-- Buffy at the end, if she wins (and much applause in the audience). Then they come back, open the envelope, and say "And the winner is..."
I think it's great, it makes up for our first entry 6 years ago.
Sorry, gang, but...the 2-0 Packers are facing the 2-0 Cowboys tonight @Lambeau Field. And I just know that's going to be WAY more exciting than umpitty "I want to thank God and my mother" speeches from a bunch of actors, directors, producers, soundmen and others from shows I don't watch or even know about.

Love Buffy, but...the Packers are my first love.

But I do hope it wins. I still think they should've redone the clip a bit, for the impact of the Scoobies' reactions, though.
I think it's great, it makes up for our first entry 6 years ago.

I went to the link. After all that, Simon, did Joss get nominated?
Sorry to bust the delusions of grandeur, Madhatter. It's a dirty job but someone has to enjoy it.

I went to the link. After all that, Simon, did Joss get nominated?

I don't think he did.
Wouldn't that be nice - at last? ^^
Montages are sometimes more remembered than winners... if they are done right.
I watch it to see what they're wearing. I know my shows/actors never win.
Sorry to bust the delusions of grandeur, Madhatter.

What on earth are you talking about, TamaraC? Did I wrong you in some sort of way?
I think the odds are quite good that the Buffy scene will be one of the top five. Buffy may not have won any major awards for Joss or the actors, but it would be some small poetic justice to finally see a scene played during the telecast. And even more to have, perhaps, some people in the industry sit up and take notice. Maybe it won't happen, but it makes me happy that it might.
I'm a sucker for awards shows. I love the "costumes," the hokey speeches, the excessive drinking (well, at the People's Choice Awards anyway), the sometimes-forced humor and the many more genuine moments where working actors, directors, etc. get some recognition for the work they do. Yes, I know there are myriad more who DON'T get recognized, but I'll bet my bippy they sit at their TV sets (or in bars for those who can't afford a TV) and say, "Someday that will be me." Even if it never is, hope lives for that moment. (G'd, I really am a sap, aren't I?!?!)

And please?! Football over the Emmys!?!? Get the to a nuttery! *teasing* ;-)
I'll be watching to see if Danny Strong (Jonathan), who's nominated as writer of a Telefilm or Miniseries, wins for the "Recount" script. Go, Danny!
Madhatter, I just didn't want anyone making the mistake of thinking this was some kind of official recognition of the show. You seemed to take offense at me pointing out the obvious. It is nice for ABC to include Buffy in their telecast, but there is no award involved. It is a ratings stunt. A nice ratings stunt, though.
I'll be keeping an eye on the ceremony just to see if NPH gets his dues as 'Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy'.
How awesome would it be if he wins it and manages to give a speech that plugs both HIMYM and Dr H?!

Tonya J, after OMWF was left off the original Emmy voting ballot due to a 'printing error', an addendum was sent out which included it. However, many voters had already returned the original form or didn't want to go to the effort of filling out a separate form.
Joss was robbed and it is my most humble belief that the Emmys owe him, big time. (Forgive and forget? I don't think so!)
I don't really care for awards... but I'd be nice, indeed.

Simon, this was Whedonesque first post ever????? Cool.
I'm mostly watching to see if NPH wins. I'm interested in other people/shows as well,like 30 rock,Pushing Daisies and Dexter.
The emmys are kind of fun to watch with other people,to comment, the awards themselves are boring.
Nathan just popped up on the CW's red carpet show with Dana Delaney. Looking good. Oh and there's Christina Hendricks.
^ I just logged in to say the same thing hacksaway. :P
Well that will teach me to check Whedonesque three hours early. Thanks, okelay.
I'm a little mad that Neil lost but there will always be next year!
Perhaps we should spoiler tag this thread- you know, just in case people want to hold off on the inevitable crushing feeling of disappointment and despair for a few more hours.
The announcement of winners on TV isn't technically a spoiler under site rules. Still, there's no harm in adding the tag for those who may be waiting to watch or check the results later on.
Aren't the Emmys on at the same time everywhere, since it's a live broadcast?
Aw, NPH lost? That sucks. He does look proud and happy in those pictures, though. How're Danny's chances?

Simon, why is the first ever whedonesque thread numbered "8"? :). (Also, just imagine the amount of replies a post such as that would get nowadays. Seeing just the one comment seems... wrong, somehow ;)).
Stupid Emmy, that's another way she's 30 years behind the times, can't even be bothered to broadcast live to the west coast. Oscar manages it, for crying out loud! If I hadn't missed red carpet and want to see is Buffy made it, I wouldn't even bother this year. :( And I'm an awards show junkie!
cabri, Seriously? Is not live for the west coast?? O.o
It's live here in Brazil! How can it not be live for the west coast! That's just... stupid!
From CNN:
Nathan Fillion, a star of "Desperate Housewives," joked (presumably) that his black-on-black tuxedo came from a friend's closet. "He has very good taste," he told CNN.

Stupid doesn't begin to cover it, maxsummers. All the west coasters are abandoning twitter to avoid the spoilers. (None from me, though, honest!)
Who did NPH lose to? Sorry, I don't have a TV. Let me know how Buffy does!
Sorry already here.

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cabri, that is indeed one of the more stupid things I've heard today. Has it always been that way?

Anonymous1, I can't seem to find the picture you're talking about. On the other hand, I did find Mary-Louise Parker. I've had a secret television crush on her, ever since her role in 'The West Wing'. Here's hoping she'll turn up in a Joss Whedon project one day.
GVH, I think I remember that all the award shows were on tape delay until the Oscars somehow figured out how to do it live on the west coast. (Maybe someone stole their VCR one year?) But I might be wrong because I never really thought about it until I came online three years ago.

Edited for typos. *sighs*

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NPH lost to Jeremy Piven, from "Entourage". I've never seen the show (it's on a pay channel) but I've seen Jeremy Piven in other things and he is a very good actor.

The link is leading to 377 pictures from the emmys??
Waiting from the west coast here, grumble grumble. As far as I know, it's always been this way.
David looks very serious. Maybe he's nervous? That's cute. 8)
David looks bored, not serious.
Thanks floofypooh.
Hoping Buffy makes the top 5 as this is the most inept, painful to watch, so bad it's worse Emmy broadcast I've ever seen...

And Boreanez looked justifiably, if not appropriately, disgusted.
Wonder if he at least got to wear some crazy socks, al la Booth. Just cuz.
Is it just me or are they not showing any of the clips from the categories? There was no West Wing, Simpsons or Desperate Housewives. Seems like they are just showing clips that have to do with the presenters. I don't expect them to show Buffy, even if she is in the Top Five.
Wow,NPH's honey is key-oot! :-D Not a bad consolation if one must lose an award. And I do loves me some Piven...
I really hope they have Buffy at the top 5. Who else thought Josh Groban was hilarious?
Recount won an award!
badwolf, I did! Josh Grobin is tweaked. And to that I say, "Yay!"

Would it be irony if the other shows in that category demanded a recount to see if Recount had actually won?

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 02:39 ]
Danny Strong just got a shout out for I don't even know what (I assume it's for Recount, but I literally just turned on the TV and heard the words "Danny Strong", lol. It was surreal.)

Edit: apparently 4 people who type much faster already said that before I did =x

[ edited by dispatch on 2008-09-22 02:40 ]
Wonder if he at least got to wear some crazy socks, al la Booth. Just cuz.

He did. Showed em off on the red carpet. Probably the highlight of the night.
TV Squad just live blogged that Heidi Klum called David's show 'The Bones'. No wonder he looks unimpressed...
It is so cool that Danny Strong was just mentioned at the Emmy's. He's actually nominated for writing Recount - I really hope he wins!!! It's like having someone you grew up with win an Emmy.....even though I don't even know him.
Danny wrote "Recount."
Recount just won for best television movie.
TV Squad just live blogged that Heidi Klum called David's show 'The Bones'. No wonder he looks unimpressed...

But it's Heidi Klum, that's just how she talks. Hard to be mad at her for doing what she does.
Only Laurence Fishburne could pull off wearing a jacket like that!
I must admit I shed a tear when William Peterson said that he's handing the keys to the lab to Lawrence Fishbourne.
Recount won again!
Recount just got another! No, I didn't even see what the category was!

I am a great reporter.
But Danny didn't get HIS win. >_>

Do you want to call this more Buffy Emmy snubbing?

[ edited by The Xan Man on 2008-09-22 02:49 ]
And Danny didn't =/ Boo!
Grrr! Poor Danny, at least he got substantial shout-outs :/
Damn. I was rooting for both Danny and Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant.

Oh well.

ETA: Oh wow, and way to cut to commercial mid-speech... sigh.

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It's still awesome that he was nominated even though he didn't win.
It's great that 'Recount' got some recognition. It really is one of the best made-for-television movies I've seen in a long, long time.

Anonymous1: 500, actually :). But you wrote that NPH was on picture #33. I looked at the first 50 and after not seeing the picture (and because the pictures were loading quite slowly), I gave up, but I'm sure it's in there somewhere :). I think the pictures may be randomised in the gallery or something like that.

ETA: cabri... but why is it easier to tape and show at a later time than showing it live? Don't all major broadcasters and large shows know how to do a simple live-feed? (And no, I don't expect you to have any answer to that, that makes sense, by the way ;)).

[ edited by GVH on 2008-09-22 02:52 ]
This is what happens when Outstanding Movie is on its own, but the writing gets lumped into Movie, Mini-Series, Dramatic Special all against one another.
I lol'ed when they cut to commercial during his speech.
badwolf, truly.

Him: "...they used words--"

Emmys: "But you don't get to."
I felt a little bad for him. Poor guy :[
GVH I have an UNsecret television crush on Mary-Louise Parker and you should watch Weeds! The whole show is just a big crush on Mary-Louise Parker. And some plot and stuff.

I can't be bothered to watch the emmys but I'll keep checking in here just to see what you all are making of them. You people are so much more entertaining.
So are the winning clips the ones that are having sets being made after them?
LMAO I love Kathy Griffin. "GET UUUUUUUP!"
Recount's Awards-
Outstanding Direction, Miniseries/Movie, or Dramatic Special: Jay Roach (Recount)

Outstanding Made For TV Movie: Recount.

ETA- Outstanding Writing, Miniseries/Movie, or Dramatic Special: Kirk Ellus (who wrote 'John Adams', but is being credited on TV Squad as having wrote 'Recount'. Mucho confusion!)

[ edited by missb on 2008-09-22 03:17 ]
Wait, whose speech is being cut by commercials? (this thread is growing fast and is fairly confusing without actually watching the emmys ;)).

And yeah, catherine, I saw the first three episodes of Weeds, loved them to bits (because, well, MLP and lots of her!) and then kinda lost track of the rest, which, shame on me. I've been meaning to buy the DVD's for ages :).

Thanks for that recap, missb!

And with that, I'm heading off to sleep. It's 4 in the morning here, I guess it's about time ;).
So are the winning clips the ones that are having sets being made after them?

I don't think so. The West Wing had it's set but wasn't one of the clips.
Ahh ok, thanks.
They showed a clip of West Wing, but it wasn't my choice of most memorable of all of that show! (I never saw this list that people got to vote from.)
missb, it's likely that if writing had been split into Writing for Movie and Writing for Mini-Series, Recount would have won, but because it was a combined category, it's unsurprising that it did not.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-22 03:03 ]
Kirk Ellus (from John Adams) was cut off while saying "They use words..."
Perhaps they thought he was going to go all WGA political-like?

Oh and wow, Amazing Race got best Reality Series. Again.

[ edited by missb on 2008-09-22 03:17 ]
I doubt he was cut off for content reasons. I think they just got trigger happy with the cutoff button. Gotta get those commercials in.

500? That is what is happening. Did a refresh and got the 500 instead of 377. They are loading pictures and reordering them. I going thru slowly through them and getting repeats.

I wonder if they are going to stop at 500. or keep going.

Now there is a great pic of Neil at #4.

Neil picture somewhere maybe #4 in the group of 500 pictures.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2008-09-22 03:07 ]
Wonder if he at least got to wear some crazy socks, al la Booth. Just cuz.

Yes he did. They did the 'stilleto cam' on Jaime's shoes and David said he thought they should do 'men's socks cam' and showed his blue striped socks.

I agree with others that this was one of the worst Emmy shows ever ... and that's saying something.
Wow, they cut that one guy off in mid-speech, and they just played Tom Hanks off with the band, even though he was talking pretty fast, not wasting time, and being Tom Hanks. If Forrest Gump is not immune to the cutoff, who is?
Aww Neil. I want to take him and Kristen and keep them in my pockets.
All these "bit cuts" make me wonder if Buffy's obvious winning clip will be one of them.
Nice dig at stupid Howie Mandel, NPH. ;D
I doubt they would cut that out, they are just cutting out the meaningless banter that goes on before each award.
One for In Treatment, too- Diane Wiest (though it should have been Mia Wasikowska, broken record that I am).
"Bitter, party of two!"

Well, really, is there anyone who would actually rather listen to Howie Mendel than NPH? Even on mute, he annoys me.
All these "bit cuts" make me wonder if Buffy's obvious winning clip will be one of them.

Are we still operating under the misconception that the thing Buffy is in the running for is somehow an actual Emmy thing, rather than just an ABC thing?
No, but the other clips were shown. I think people just want to see it on the Emmys- even if it isn't actually winning one. Bitter, party of one fandom. ;D
Are we still operating under the misconception that the thing Buffy is in the running for is somehow an actual Emmy thing, rather than just an ABC thing?

I was thinking Buffy would be one of the clips shown after the commercial breaks.
NPH rocks my world.
Here are some Emmy pics of David and Jaime. And near the bottom of the page are some pics of David, Joss and Eliza from an earlier party.

And some pics of NPH are
here . Courtesy of Wireimage.

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As much as I wish Michael Angeli had won for BSG - Mad Men is a fantastic show and has excellent writing. Much deserved win.
I love Mad Men but this was the last chance for The Wire to get some Emmy love. Shame. BSG still has a chance though.
Yeah, that was the official and final "snubbed" designation for The Wire. Criminal.
That's it.I have to watch Mad Men
I'm enjoying the nostalgia. I wonder how many people here watched The Smothers Brothers or Laugh In.

I could gladly forgo the game show hosts that are hosting.
Wow, maybe we'll get an answer on the clip before the show starts on the west coast. Sure would like to go to bed on time. Thanks for all the updates; getting so tired I'm not sure I'll make it through anyway.
Count me as one of the folks here old enough to remember and love The Smothers Brothers and Laugh In.
I wonder how many people here watched The Smothers Brothers or Laugh In.

I watched both of those shows and loved them. (I'm old ;) ) They were great shows. It was great to see Tommy and Dick Smothers again ... and Tommy hasn't changed a bit. Still saying whatever he wants to say. :)
*hands over ears*

la la la la la la.

I'm not listening, I'm not listening, but just had to say how completely asinine it is that the Emmys were taking place in my home town, but we weren't given them live - no, we have to watch them canned at 8PM PST. Rid-effing-dickulous.
DAMN YOU ALEC BALDWIN. Steve Carell or Lee Pace should've really won :[
Well, 2.5 hours in, and they've gotten 1 right.
Blame ABC for their horrible airing schedule. It's their fault.
Add another- Glenn Close was entirely deserving of her win for 'Damages'.
I don't get why these award shows don't just add another hour. Could get boring, but they ALWAYS go over.
Alec totally deserved it. Lee Pace will have more chances,I hope. I liked Alec's speech. it was cute,how he thanked Tina Fey
I just saw Christina Hendricks on the red carpet, looking VERY glamorous! I had heard that Nathan Fillion was attending as Dana Delany's date, but he didn't walk up with her to the mike when she was showing off her vintage gown. Here in California they are delaying the show... which is annoying (they show the Oscars live).
They forgot Don S. Davis in the memorial. Further proof that the Emmys shun anything sci-fi.
Just spied Nathan Fillion during Alec Baldwin's speech. Since I missed the red carpet thing I was beginning to think everyone was playing and he wasn't really there. ;)

Edit: That's true! They did forget Don S. Davis!

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 03:38 ]
The Xan Man, I know! I was so mad :[
I don't think they're gonna show the winning clips. :(
Crud, they are still re-ordering the pictures. I'm giving up. Maybe it will stablize tomorrow.
BTW, how could the be running so far behind they are cutting bits when no one except the reality bit went beyond their script? Does no one time these things?
they forgot Don S.Davis? I wasn't paying that much attention.what bastards!
Mainly because a lot of people's speeches are really long.
All the speeches I've heard they start the music within 30 seconds and no one has gone much farther than that. They had to have allowed for speech time when they planned this out.
Ok, they're up to 2
Awesome,Tina won!
Mary Louise should've won :[
I agree badwolf - Mary Louise Parker is awesome
I'm really bitter that Hugh Laurie or Michael C Hall didn't win. The Emmy's are really disapointing me this year.
Not only have I watched most of the show (missed 15 minutes for a shower), but I'm recording the show. I will be VERY upset if they do not show all of the clips (including, of course, Buffy's).

[ edited by ricetxpeaches on 2008-09-22 03:49 ]
They sped up the Lead Actor and Actress awards for THIS idiotic Host award?
They're wasting all the damn time on the reality host thing! *grumpy*
I know! this has got to be the worst category ever! who cares? And Hall should've won!
I'm starting to believe that they will not being showing Buffy, nor that award. Darn you Emmy's :[
Ok, so let's recap. They showed the clip from Seinfeld and M.A.S.H. (I assume it's the same M.A.S.H. clip because I never saw the one that we could vote for). They did a Laugh-In sketch. What other clips am I missing?
I don't watch Breaking Bad, but I did see a bit when my husband was watching Cranston's a good actor, and I found that a bit of an upset, but in a good way. Though I love Michael C. Hall bestest of all.
ER, and I think The X-Files. They have yet to do those two.
Holy cow... they came back from commercial, and they're still doing the reality TV host thing as I type this.
They showed something from West Wing. Was that on the list?
I haven't watched Breaking Bad yet but Bryan Cranston is just an amazing actor and his performance in this show is supposed to be outstanding. Who else remembers him on Malcolm in the Middle. He was snubbed then so it's good to see him getting recognition now. It's hard to be upset when the competition is so tight in that category. Hamm, Laurie, and Hall all could have won and it would have been just fine. Please don't complain.

Complain about wasting time over this host thing though. I'm green lighting that.
The West Wing, The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives weren't on the list, yet they showed clips.
I was just about to type that, hitnrun017. The Mary Tyler Moore clip was on the list, though.
Just showed a clip from The Mary Tyler Moore show.

ETA: Ok. I'm totally confused now. Anyone have a link to the list?

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 03:52 ]
I think they are just showing random clips of previous Emmy winners.
They just showed a MTM clip, but that was not amongst the actual finalist clips for the memorable moments thing, so I don't think these clips are relevant.

The Mary Tyler Moore clip was on the list, though.

Not by the time it got down to 10 choices, it wasn't.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-22 03:53 ]
So with seven minutes and two more awards for Outstanding Series, I think it's safe to say that Buffy was snubbed again.
It wasn't the same clip, theonetruebix? I know there was a clip from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I never saw the clip because I didn't plan on voting for the show. Here's the link
None of the clips have been of the moments selected for the top ten.
Well, we got snubbed :[
I have no idea if it was the same clip. But by the time the choices got down to 10, MTM was not on the list anymore.
Yay... Mad Men won!
I wanted Dexter or House to win :[
I wanted Dexter to win.
Goddamnit. I was looking so forward to Buffy being shown.
Waste of 3 hours.
I feel like I wasted 3 hours of my life away. Oh wait, I did.
Very typical of the Emmy's, there's no Buffy.
Wow. I feel as though the Academy played a joke on us for complaining about Buffy snubs for all these years.

[ edited by yamsham on 2008-09-22 03:59 ]
What an absolute mess of a presentation, including the voting/top ten moment non-event. What the...?
I watch the Emmys every year and that was a bad year. Not meaning who did or did not win. Just the quality of the program, IMO.
Yes, hell, like he said...
Well, those many times I voted for Buffy were pointless. I remember near the beginning of the show they were about to show a clip about "strong women" and I got extremely excited. What was the clip? Desperate Housewives. *rolls eyes*

[ edited by hitnrun017 on 2008-09-22 04:00 ]
Wow... I could've actually done something productive over the past three hours. Dear lord, that was horrific.
I think I'm done with the emmys from now on if Dollhouse isn't nominated.
The Mary Tyler Moore clip on the website was the death of Chuckles the Clown, which really was one of the most outstanding TV comedy moments (though I voted for Carol Burnett's Gone with the Wind parody)

But that website poll didn't seem to have anything to do with tonight's show.
What a waste of time.
I think I'm done with the emmys from now on if Dollhouse isn't nominated.

So you've seen Dollhouse?
Bryan Cranston's cameo as Ted's boss on HIMYM was an absolute riot. I'm glad he won.

But, yeh, these awards, in general, are cheesing me off.
I'm glad that I completely forgot the Emmys were on tonight.
Gah Boston Legal should've won best drama.
Oh, well. Mad Men won, so I'm happy about that. The hosts were terrible. I realize now why I usually don't watch the Emmys so I guess the Buffy carrot worked on me.
Thank you, Emmys, for finding a way to snub Buffy years after it's ended. I guess the first 7 years weren't enough.
I think that the only funny thing was the Ricky Gervais/Steve Carrell bit.
Well, I had fun. Didn't watch the show. I just kept refreshing this thread.
Happy 30 Rock won comedy though.
Yes and it was lovely!! :P
badwolf,are you on ONTD? cause I saw the exact same commentary there you just made here
Reading all this was better than watching the show. (don't have that tvicular component).
Uhmm...this Emmys really sucked more than usual. And I didn't think that was even possible.

I'm confused about what I voted for on the Emmys site.

And why if they were short on time they kept that long presentation with the Reality/Game Shows.
Goodnight Gracie.
The only clip they showed that was one of the choices was the Seinfeld one. And they probably couldn't have picked a worse show to show.

That voting thing was a sham. Quick, let's send in tons of something crazy to ABC. Perhaps a bunch of boxes made up to look like gifts and inside it says "Where's Buffy?"

Or maybe "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 1997-2003, It got snubbed. A lot."

[ edited by The Xan Man on 2008-09-22 04:08 ]
okelay, haha yes I am.
Well, we got to see Christina Hendricks on stage, and Danny Strong got to see his dream acclaimed and his name dropped by winners (even if he didn't win himself, boo).
I've never watched the Emmys. Was going to this year, but having read this thread, think I'll skip it.
Sorry you all took the hit for us west coasters. What utter bastards to run a contest and then not see it through. They're getting an email from me.
wow, what a disappointment... but congrats to those who won
Well I'm currently prone in bed suffering from a broken rib and pulled intercostals (damn dragonboat racing), so at least this thread stopped me from popping painkillers and passing out!

Anyhoo, the Emmys don't get shown here for another 7 hours AND they're up against 'Bones', so I'm glad I can skip them!
They have a message board at Just sayin'.
Heh. I'm feeling kinda lucky now that we don't get a live feed here on the west coast. I did DVR it from my satellite, anything worth watching? How far in?
Ok. Just to be sure that I didn't miss anything, I'm rewinding the Emmy broadcast and looking for clips from any of the shows in the Drama category. So far, I don't recall seeing any...although someone mentioned a clip from ER.
Yeah this kind of sucked, Per the website they were supposed to show each winner before announcing which show won for best comedy and drama... So apparently Mary Tyler Moore Show won for best comedy- because they showed the clip and then had her and Betty White give the award. Is it possible Buffy won, but they couldn't get anyone from the show to present so they went with Tom Seleck? lol.... i know they were running short on time but still. Was Tom on any of the Drama nominee's? I don't remember seeing Magnum P.I on there. was that drama? lol oh well... Got to see David, and I'm so glad that Recount got recognized!! Way to go Danny!! -- and I like Mad Men but I wish Dexter would have won. Michael wasn't even nominated this year :( bummer... The new season starts next week :) very excited!! lol k- off to bed now.

[ edited by ninjapigeon on 2008-09-22 04:14 ]
I'm betting the whole ABC Buffy poll thing got axed early and often. While I agree that the reality TV host category isn't deserving of the primetime show, that and the Ricky Gervais bits were the funniest of the night.
Maybe the Emmys just didn't like the results and decided not to show the winners and instead just showed whatever they thought was good. (And really, that clip they showed from MTM was no where near as funny as Chuckles.)
I'm pissed about this, but I'm more pissed Lost walked home empty handed. I guess Emerson still has another two shots to win.

Then again is the same show that all but ignores BSG and other awesome shows really worth our attention?

At least Buffy won an Eisner. :P
So apparently Mary Tyler Moore Show won...

No, because as already stated, it didn't even make it into the final ten.

I sat through what was the worst Emmy telecast I've ever seen (And that's saying something...) to learn the results of a poll taken here.

And that poll which brought enormous numbers of viewers to your site amounted to nothing.

Is this a complete manipulation of and lack of respect for your viewers or is there a valid explanation??

Thank you.
I bet Buffy won and the producers who don't "get" it thought it would be an embarassment, so they scrapped the idea. Just insane speculation.... or maybe not THAT insane.
I really think Buffy won and they scrapped the idea because they didn't have enough time to do the award in the show.

As you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding our programming, we are not able to respond to each one directly.

We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!
I don't think the Academy can really ignore the impact that Reality T.V. has had in television. And really if anyone of the shows is deserving an award it is probably the hosts. Most of the time the judges are just as obnoxious as the contestants.
Maybe the hosts are deserving of an award, but not of all the time that was devoted to talking about it. Especially if the show is nixing bits that have been announced for weeks that a lot of people tuned in for.
I agree with hitnrun017. Or, I should write, it's my best guess. With a rabid and organized (and youthful) fan base, Buffy surely garnered a huge number of votes. And I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be (so not worthy of a Buffyverse sounding name) were turned off by it's perhaps having won.

[ edited by Brett on 2008-09-22 04:23 ]
Hee hee, the response you got is hilarious, Brett!

"We can't respond, but... keep on communicating!"
I seriously doubt they saw that Buffy won and decided to nix the idea of announcing who won just because of that. That would be moronic. More moronic than I'm willing to place on any network. No, I think they just wasted too much time with the reality host stuff.

Edit: typo

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 04:25 ]
"Michael wasn't even nominated this year :("

Um, yes he was. For Best Actor in a Dramatic Series.
wow.. i think maybe some of us are taking it way to personal.. I'm sure they just had to cut it due to time. I don't think it was some kind of grudge-- if that was the case they wouldn't have included the episode in the contest. lots of stuff got cut, people got cut off. It's Live t.v. I'm sure it's hard to pick and choose who you're going to cut off and who you aren't. Glad I'm not the guy pushing the button. But hey There is supposed to be more stuff on Good Morning America tomorrow- maybe it'll be on there.
Was it ever stated that the winning clip would actually be shown ON the Emmy show?

I think maybe expectations were a bit high on this one.

[ edited by missmuffet on 2008-09-22 04:28 ]
Yep. On the website it says, "the winning clips will be revealed during the ceremony..." and more stuff.
missmuffet-- yes, it was.

It said "The winning clips will be revealed during the ceremony. Watch the Emmy's at (blah blah blah) to see the top five drama and top five comedy clips"
The Friday edition of whatever entertainment show Seacrest is on (The Insider, Inside Edition, Daily 10, etc.???) stated that the Emmy's would feature sets from some of TV's most popular shows. I didn't know how that would fit in with the online voting contest, but I see that it replaced the contest. Several shows whose sets were featured (e.g. Dragnet, The West Wing, The Simpsons) were not on the list of TV's Most Memorable Moments.
Yes, on the Emmys website itself:
The winning clips will be revealed during the ceremony.

Which will emerge as the most memorable? Tune in live to the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 21 on ABC to find out.

I'm glad I skipped this. The only good news out was "Mad Men" and Danny Strong's "Recount." Shunning "BSG" and "The Wire" just goes to show how out of touch the Emmys' are with the audience which is nothing new.
"Michael wasn't even nominated this year :("

Um, yes he was. For Best Actor in a Dramatic Series.

Well -excuse me, I didn't hear his name being called, nor did I see him in the audience at all. my bad.
"We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!"

That is so funny. I love this thread.
Yes missmuffet, the poll was a bait to watch the Emmys to see the results. But it ended up being a bait and switch.

And while I'm not sure it was an intentional slam against Buffy if it did indeed win, I think they made a poor choice in what to keep and what to cut for time. I mean, they cut the bait. And if they ever plan on baiting viewers like that again, we're not going to trust them.
I forget, who votes on the Emmys?

Edit: GrrrlRomeo, I agree. I wouldn't want to be the one to make the choice of what to cut and what to keep, but that vote was a big draw so it should have stayed. No one would have known that they cut out the Jimmy Kimmel play on reality TV results shows.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 04:34 ]
Here's what I sent in:

"So what exactly happened to the Most Memorable Moments contest winner for the Emmys? I am very disappointed we were lied to, ladies and gentlemen, this was just about the only reason I sat through that 3-hour commercial for reality shows. From the Emmys site:

The winning clips will be revealed during the ceremony.

Which will emerge as the most memorable? Tune in live to the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards on September 21 on ABC to find out.

"Well, I did. And you didn't."
C.A. Bridges, can I be you? That was so succinct and pointy.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2008-09-22 04:35 ]
Also forgotten in the death list - yet mentioned on the Emmys site right now: Bill Melendez, animator for the Charlie Brown cartoons (and the "voice" of Snoopy).
I forget, who votes on the Emmys?

The Academy membership: "The awards are a symbol of peer recognition from over 15,000 members of the Academy. Each member casts a ballot for the category of competition in their field of expertise."
Oh okay. Well then, they suck. But then I already knew that. To my mind, even if they had shown a clip of Buffy, it wouldn't have made up for the fact that it was never recognized at it should have been. Then again the Emmy's are really geared more towards mainstream television and not every show that deserves it can be nominated or win. Genre TV is never going to be seen as in the same league as regular shows.

Whatever..I'm glad Mad Men won.
I told ABC their advertising that contest was deceptive and disappointing. I'm sure they won't care but it felt good to write it. I'm still re-adjusting my neck from the two-second boomerang from their automated system hitting my email in-box.
That was so succinct and pointy.

And pithy. (I just like the word. It reminds me of Ramar of the Jungle when I was a kid. Wait. That was pith. As in helmet.)

What? The Emmies?I didn't watch them. You all are entertainment enough.
I like the wordy pithy too, but I can't say it without spitting so I avoid it.
E-mail feedback on the Primetime Emmy's to
Buffy won.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-22 04:57 ]

Apparently, Buffy WON!
Thanks ricetxpeaches, sent my e-mail to that address, too.
Still isn't as fulfilling than it would have been if they had showed it on primetime during a major network award show, but yay.
Bah. You'd think they would've cut a commercial or two so they could fit those promised clips in. Oh, wait, I forgot, it's commercial TV. *rolls eyes*
Great that she won! Still doesn't quell my anger about sitting through a terrible three-hour award show for barely (Kathy Griffin) nothing.
Yay! Buffy won. LOL talk about adding salt to a wound.

Well, at least, they didn't show the winning comedy clip either. "Friends" won that poll.

[ edited by Anne 5_by_5 on 2008-09-22 05:08 ]
I'm glad that Buffy won, but I think there was some other moments that were more memorable. Like Roots, The Twilight Zone or Brian's Song.

I think it was a honor to be even nominated.
sigh, Buffy wins...but we're pretty much the only people who know. And by we I mean us "evil" Internet people. You know, love TV and fear the Internet and all that.
crazygolfa, I've actually never seen Roots or Brian's Song and although I've seen the Twilight Zone it isn't the first thing I think of if one were to ask me what some of my favorite moments or most memorable moments of TV were. It all depends on who they ask.
Didn't Buffy's tombstone read, "She saved the world a lot" ?Not, "She saved the world. A lot." Which is funny and poignant too. Either way.

What was airing at midnight that they couldn't go over time for ? Is there some rule that the Emmys can't go beyond midnight ? They let the Oscars go long, but I guess the Emmys aren't as worthy (I know the ratings reflect that perception).

I'd rather it not have won if we weren't going to see it aired. Knowing it won and once again having its chance at on-screen recognition passed over is kind of a burn. Not like seeing it at the Emmys validates its specialness for me personally, but it would've been a nice moment (and like I said before, I wanted that whole room of people plus audience members at home to experience the "WTF?!?" reaction that may've accompanied seeing that clip of "The Gift" out of context, the thought amused).

I watch a reality TV show or two each year, but I think its heavy inclusion in the Emmys broadcast detracts. Leave it at the creative/technical awards or something and maybe only honor the hosts for the on-air part of the awards.

I haven't seen Mad Men yet, I look forward to it, but even so, I had hopes for Dexter and Michael C. Hall. Wouldn't have minded Lost's fourth season earning the top spot either, even though it didn't deserve to win over Dexter Season 2 and probably Mad Men either.

A lot of 30 Rock wins too. Lotta folks I like on that show, just haven't got around to it yet. Only NBC I watch lately is The Office (need to catch up and finish Scrubs, I lost track of it at Season 4).

Wasn't worth delaying watching Entourage and True Blood for. Now time for those.

Who else was conflicted about Josh Groban's TV-intro-theme performance ? I alternated between being embarrassed for him (through most of it) but getting a kick out of certain parts and appreciating his glee.

[ edited by Kris on 2008-09-22 05:14 ]
They should've cut the entire part about reality tv and there would've been time to show the clips and say that buffy won!
Who cares about realities,for cryin out loud?!
I think it's a good possibility that the academy was hoping to be able to cap the show with what it considered to be a prestigious moment with broad appeal (like a scene from Roots) and when Buffy won, it decided the broadcast was enough of a shambles without it ending with what it assumed would be a headscratching moment for the majority of its viewers.
No period Kris - but a new line. So more of a pause than just a regular sentence would be. And laughter through tears and all that.

It does sorta seem like a new way to snub.
The Emmys are always a waste of time... good thing I was watching House!
And, as I think of it, this seems to me a far greater likelihood than the clips being cut for time since one would think that if the producers planned to show the two clips, they'd have acknowledged it at the start of the show, to whet the appetite of the audience and particularly the voters.

Since that didn't happen, and since the producers knew what shows won before the start of the show, it makes more sense that they scrapped the idea, or at least knew they might, prior to the start of the broadcast.
Maybe the website people at ABC were promised that this would happen by the non-website people at ABC and the non-website people took it away from them. Does that make sense? The website people might not even be allowed to apoligize.
Ah, I'm glad Buffy won! But I'm still disapointed that they didn't show it on TV like they said they would.
At first I was disappointed to hear that Buffy wasn't shown during the broadcast, but considering what a misguided and confusing trainwreck the whole thing seemed to be, it would indeed have been odd to finish it up with a clip of Buffy leaping to her death and then something funny from Friends. It would have seemed as disjointed as the rest of the show, and that's not something I would really like associated with Buffy if it can be helped. I watched only the first 20 minutes or so and already I knew there was no way they were showing the Buffy clip. I definitely think it was for the best.
I don't think it really matters that other shows should've won the poll...or who thinks other shows should've won. It really doesn't. If they didn't want Buffy or Friends to win, they shouldn't have put it as an option for voters.

If they were short on time, they should've cut something else. By the clock on my Digital TV tuner which is automatically set by the cable company, the show ended 2 minutes early. Even if my clock is wrong though, I've seen many awards shows run long...even 15 minutes long.

This just comes off as false advertisement. Like a really bad Time Share scam where you have to sit through some aweful sales pitch for 3 hours to get a free gift...and then you don't even get the free gift.
"Buffy" is finally honored by the Emmys... you know, in an unofficial and somewhat sad-ish way.

That's something, I suppose.
I hate reality shows. I love how the ego mania of the five hosts made the show unevenly placed, unfocused, and generally unentertaining, unintelligible, and unEmmyesque. Oh I didn't. Howie Mandel's rambling have moved him to my black list. I feel insulted in so many ways by people I don't know. It's wonderful.
I saw nothing Buffy related now that the show is over on the West Coast which was time delayed as usual. All live events for the east coast are time delayed for those of us actually living where events take place.

Try to remember that, world.

And if the Buffy thing wasn't shown it matters less than nothing that the original thing was.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-09-22 07:07 ]
So Buffy won but it didn't get shown? Good gravy. You think they would have got those overrun problems sorted by now.
A ridiculous ratings stunt that completely did not pay off. Anyone tuning in for it should feel completely duped.
I never watch the Emmys; it's just an exercise in futility and frustration for me.... floofypooh | September 21, 19:42 CET

So, I guess once every 20 years or so I watch the Emmys to remind myself why I don't like to watch the Emmys. Maybe in 2028 I'll try again...
I was a bit amused when NPH said, "Thanks to Howie Mandel's prattling, our bit has been cut."
What...the eff?
You have to love the image of David Boreanaz next to Lauren Conrad. The star of an underrated, cut-down-in-its-prime, genre masterpiece next to the over-publicized star of a "reality" show. A metaphoric passing of the torch, "What, America, you don't want filet mignon? Hmm, fine, settle for a Whopper."

Heh, yeah, Neil Patrick Harris got a good dig in at Howie Mandel.

CowboyCliche, the irony may be there for us, but David was probably only up on that stage due to Bones, not Angel (although in a roundabout way it may've been due to Buffy/Angel, because his experience there probably helped him land Bones).

And on behalf of Canada, can I apologize for Howie Mandel ? He sucks pretty bad. He was giving some of the least funny material I've ever seen from him (granted, an awards show isn't always the best place to stretch your creative wings, but other stand-up comedians have made it work).

It was nice to hear Danny Strong's name. Good to see NPH and David Boreanaz up there (David was hot, but looked uncomfortable at times. Maybe because the flow of the show was such a mess).

I'm gonna defend the Emmys, as someone who likes awards shows some years. They can be fun. It helps if you've seen most of the shows nominated or have seen a lot of the actors in something. In previous years, I've sometimes seen the majority of the best dramas nominated (usually only one or two of the comedies though), but I'm a little behind lately. Haven't got around to Mad Men yet, had completely forgotten about Damages until tonight (and I like Glenn Close a lot, from some of her movie roles to her part in Season 4 of The Shield). And during that period where the CSIs and Law & Orders were sometimes getting nominated...I don't watch 'em (I've seen pieces of episodes here and there, maybe one or two whole eps of each of the CSIs).

The Emmys can be an entertaining, if occasionally draggy, few hours (trying it on PVR for once made it more bearable, like the Oscars for the past few years. Just fast-forward through all the slow, boring, pompous, and vapid).

Not much I was rooting for won this year, but even on non-favorite-winning years, I've enjoyed it more than I did this year.

[ edited by Kris on 2008-09-22 08:56 ]
I'm exasperated "Recount" won for Best Telefilm and Best Telefilm director but *not* Danny Strong's teleplay. Do they think "Recount" wrote and structured itself? Auggh. Well, I'm sure he's honored to have been nominated and that the project won and all that, but honestly ...
Yes, it kind of sucked this year, BUT I LOVE to see the pretty dresses. Can't help. I'm a gal who enjoys fashion.
The critics seem to be laying into the Emmys more than usual. The start sounds like something from Extras.
Sounds like a bit of a mess all in all, makes me think of the '89 Brit awards from what folk on here are saying.

So BtVS won and wasn't shown ? Can I have my voting page hits back please (I need them for ;) ?

Pity Hugh Laurie didn't get it (or Michael C Hall as my second place) but I have to say Bryan Cranston was great in 'Breaking Bad' so they could've made a much worse choice IMO.

ETA: an indefinite article, clearly it's still too Monday ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-09-22 10:03 ]
Finally Buffy won the big (and questionable) mainstream award. Awesome but how awesome had it been to have it mentioned in the show in front of the major mainstream audience. :-)
There are a bunch of photos of NPH here at NPH-Fan. :)
On a positive note, they also cut Rob Lowe's dancing homage to The Food Network. ;-)

Let's not get ridiculously paranoid and make true what is often said about our fandom, folks: the Buffy clip not making it onto the show had nothing to do with the fact that it WAS Buffy. Really!

This is what happens when Outstanding Movie is on its own, but the writing gets lumped into Movie, Mini-Series, Dramatic Special all against one another.
theonetruebix | September 22, 02:50 CET

I'm so glad someone mentioned this. The categories are so skewed in some ways, the "lumping in" put Recount up against John Adams (which won, and I have to say richly deserved the win ....
for a Mini-series (it was in seven parts) but WTF is up with putting it and a "made for TV movie", in the same category? But then in separate categories, for best writing??

All this bitching and I haven't even read the rest of the comments, which will no doubt reflect the
really disappointing "non event" of the night. :(
Okay, newbie here, with a long first post. I didn't post last night because I was bored and actually fell asleep before the show was over (of course the fact that I'd been up since 2 AM had something to do with that, too) My impressions:

NPH was robbed.

So was Hugh Laurie. The man is a brilliant actor to make us like such a misanthropic character.

While I don't remember watching The Smothers' Brothers Show, I do remember watching Laugh-In fondly (John Wayne in a pink bunny suit! Both Anya and Xander would have had nightmares from that!)

The Buffy clip wasn't shown because they were running out of time. The reason? Certain 'bits' went on too long. The whole opening deal with the 'hosts' went on way too long and wasn't even very entertaining. The Ricky Gervais bit was hilarious, but could have been sped up a little. Josh Groban was cute, but was there a point to his bit? (Besides, they ruined the M*A*S*H theme!)

Anything pertaining to reality shows could have been shorter. (or not existed at all. Not a reality show fan here)

The M*A*S*H clip was not the one in the 'contest' though a wonderful clip, nonetheless. (M*A*S*H competes with The Great Joss' shows for my all-time fave) Therefore, I am a tiny bit glad they didn't show the clips because the crappy Friends clip beat out the M*A*S*H clip. Probably due to age demographics and the fact that Friends is more recent and as such, closer to the surface in most peoples' memories. But it is no way better than the M*A*S*H clip (Abyssinia, Henry an episode that proved that M*A*S*H was about more than just laughs)

All in all, a disappointing show.
None of the clips have been of the moments selected for the top ten.
Brett | September 22, 03:56 CET

Exactly. I couldn't even figure out why these particular clips were being shown but by about half way through the show, it was obvious to me that the winners of the online poll, were not going to be shown. What a mess.
I don't know when I'll learn to not waste my time on this shit.

Also getting a laugh about you West Coast guys grumbling about the time delay. Here in Hawaii, we get it three hours later than you do. Or two hours later if the Mainland is on Standard Time, as we don't have Daylight Savings Time. (That's in "real time" .... it still comes on at "8 PM" AHST/Alaska Hawaii Standard Time). :-)
And as much as I pay for my satellite service, none of the satellite channels are time adjusted. So I have to record everything I watch, other than broadcast network shows, which are aired by Honolulu based network channels.
And you thought the Emmys were confusing. ;)

The only thing that really pissed me off is that assuming I'd get to see the Buffy clip is the only reason I sat through the whole thing.
Otherwise, i don't take this stuff seriously, because they're still 99.9% unaware that genre exists. Although they honor Reality shows??? Excuse me while I barf.
Count me as one of the folks here old enough to remember and love The Smothers Brothers and Laugh In.
floofypooh | September 22, 03:23 CET

So glad I'm not the only one. ;-)

I told ABC their advertising that contest was deceptive and disappointing. I'm sure they won't care but it felt good to write it. I'm still re-adjusting my neck from the two-second boomerang from their automated system hitting my email in-box.
Tonya J | September 22, 04:46 CET

So I guess I'd be wasting my time, sending them a complaining email.
"We can't respond, but... keep on communicating!"
catherine | September 22, 04:25 CET

"Brazil", anyone?
It was extremely fulfilling sitting through three hours of a show with spectacularly terrible emcees and not even have 'Buffy' announced as the winner.

Am not even going to bother sending ABC an email.
A few comments:
1. Happy Buffy won. Yea!
2. Mad ABC didn't show it.
3. This does NOT demonstrate Emmy making up for snubbing BtVS in the past. This selection was by viewers, not members of the academy. So the public voted it #1 moment in drama but the Emmys still chose not to give it any public recognition.
4. In reality I'm sure there's nothing sinister. They had to finish by 11:00 so the producers needed to make real-time decision of what to cut to fit in the time envelope. This was optional so they cut it. No conspiracy. (... but still frustrating).
No, no, no, send them the email. Flood 'em. Who cares if you get an automatic response, I want the execs to come in to work this morning to find their mail servers swamped with complaints. Even if Buffy hadn't won, they held a contest, promised a payoff, and did not deliver it. Someone's got to be held accountable.
I didn't get an automated response when I e-mailed the Emmy's, instead of ABC.

[ edited by ricetxpeaches on 2008-09-22 13:47 ]
The Emmys ended with me scratching my felt like a hoax. Thanks ABC, you've just ensured I'll be less interested in watching your awards shows for the rest of my life.

The one highlight for me was seeing Tina Fey get some great recognition - she's a spectacularly funny and clever woman: "Thanks to my parents for instilling in me confidence disproportionate to my talent and looks."
I believe that we should all try to email abc, just to show them that we are not forgetting this !
Well once I realized that we were getting a delayed telecast on the West Coast I set up my VCR and switched over to watch Men in Black 2 again. I knew I wouldn't be able to tolerate that 'reality show hosts' thing. So sometime today I'll fast forward for the highlights, but judging from comments here, there weren't many highlights!
"Most Memorable Moment in Television History". It was part of the Emmy buildup. Buffy wins. The win is NOT mentioned on the show.

So, six years after "Buffy" bows out, having been snubbed repeatedly by the Emmys, Buffy gets snubbed one last time.

Oh, joy.
Snubbing a show that's been off the air for 5 years takes a special kind of evil genius.
It's too bad Lost is on ABC or I could have another network to loathe besides Fox (although Fox has a better track record where loathing is concerned).
... takes a special kind of evil genius.

This was ABC's application to join the Evil League of Evil!

Oh, yes, I remember The Smothers Brothers and Laugh In; I always wanted to see Tommy vs Goldie in an off-the script adlib "I can break you up" contest. I think she'd have won, if no other reason than that she keeps going while she's laughing.

Buffy wins! Huzzzah! and it's not shown. How totally appropriate, is Buffy now a nominee for "Best snub of someone most snubbed?"

We watched "The PeaceKeeper Wars" the "conclusion" of Farscape, instead; the series is highly recommended by both of us (and it's another show snubbed by the Emmys)
I'm exasperated "Recount" won for Best Telefilm and Best Telefilm director but *not* Danny Strong's teleplay.

As recounted (*cough*) by Shey, this really comes down to the moronic decision to give Mini-Series and Movie their own categories, but combine Writing for Mini-Series or Movie into one category. Again, I'm fairly sure that if there had been a separate Writing for Mini-Series and Writing for Movie, John Adams would have won Mini-Series writing and Recount movie writing.

But forced to choose between the two, I really don't think it should surprise anyone that members chose John Adams. That's not a dig at Danny, it's just the reality of the vote the Academy forced members into.
I think it would be a bit silly to email the Emmys about the Buffy thing. I'm sure they had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was an ABC thing. The Emmy people probably have no idea what your are writing about.
Except the "memorable moments" thing was promoted directly on the Emmy website as well. Someone over there absolutely knows what's being talked about.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-22 17:53 ]
Ah. Well, at least their website people do. I really don't think the Academy was managing this stunt.
Maybe, realizing how bad the show was going to be ahead of time, they decided it would be a bad idea to conclude the whole thing with the image of a girl taking a swan dive off a tower. Just a thought ;)
I'm just glad I went with watching Miss Congeniality instead of the Emmys.
*whacks head on desk*

I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

*keeps whacking head on desk.*

Ya know, I always know these things are gonna suck out loud, but I always have some rationalization for watching it yet again. ("Blad-de-blah is up for an award." "Bloo-de-bloo is gonna be on, and I must watch enough to see her.")

This year was no different. NPH was gonna be on - and they cut his bit. The BtVS clip was probably gonna be on - and they cut that bit.

And I'm always hoping for that Streaker moment - that thing that just "happens" instead of being laboriously and painfully scripted, but they almost never happen. While Gervais and Steve Martin and Colbert and Stewart are always a treat, the Laugh-in skit just hurt to watch, and I was a big fan of the show as a teen. It was good to see Tommy Smothers, and I loved the occasional political remark (when they weren't cut) - but I truly don't ever want to spend another three hours of my life life like that. Please remind me of that next year when Emmy time rolls around again.

And about ABC and the BtVS clip - I feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy has pulled the ball away yet again. Nope, that's it for me - life is too short.
How very frustrating.

*passes QuoterGal a cushion for the desk to stop head-bangage*
Well, this is just silly. I think some people were saying "quite possibly the most important online poll we've ever voted on on whedonesque" when the news of this vote hit (I think that was Simon, right?) and I agreed. Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and Buffy won (obviously, our fandom is very, very strong on the internets) but it isn't shown on television. I'm surprised at being surprised, honestly :).

QG, stop banging! That could do permanent damage, y'know.

missb: wow, that sounds painfull! (Although, breaking and hurting stuff at dragonboat racing makes it cool pain ;))
After reading all this, Im glad I switched off after Danny didnt win. Normally Im watching the Emmys every year, even if it means a nights sleep lost, but this time Im really glad I got a few hours more sleep instead.
I feel QG's pain. Like I said in that other thread about award shows and the Emmys (I think), I watch if there is someone I really like and think they should win. There are very few true moments involved that celebrate art (the only moment lately was last year's SAG awards and Daniel Day-Lewis' stunning speech). The people who run these entertainment (God, what an oxymoron) extravaganzas seem entirely bereft of what it is they're celebrating (does it have to come off so crass and cheap?). I don't tune in to see who's had plastic surgery and who is with whom, and how many boring-ass hosts they can round up. Thank Buddha I did not have to sit through this shitfest. At least with the People's Choice Awards, you can count on someone to be drunk or Christine Lahti in the ladies room missing her name announced as the winner (also the laborious effort to get through the maze of tables to the podium if you are not an A-lister seated up front).
Thank you for the cushions, sympathy and admonitions - I have stopped banging my head long enough to give you (assuming you are allowed to watch it) two painful minutes of last night's walk across rusty razors. Please to be enjoying.
QuoterGal, so very true.

The Emmy's are rarely the best of these award shows. (Golden Globes & free drinks on the table = pure win!) However, having watched our tape of last night and fast forwarding thru nearly everything, I need to wash my eyes with soap. Or bleach. Yuck. What everyone else said. Really, I end up watching these every year and this was outstandingly amazingly worse than I even thought they could ever be. And that was before they didn't show the results of the competition they promised to show.

And did any one else feel particularly uncomfortable at the treatment of the women? From the ripping of Heidi's clothes at the very start to the hand-on-ass Brooke Shields bit, it just seemed - odd.
I'm speechless.

I've actually never watched the Emmys, but almost did this time. So glad now I didn't!

The not-showing of something they promised to show is rude; cutting out NPH (and was that Kristin Chenoweth with him?) is also rude; but the stuff they did have time for? That's what leaves me speechless. QG, that clip was just unbelievably bad; I can sympathize with your head-banging urges.
Wow, I couldn't get through the 2-minute clip. Good thing I didn't watch the show.
Per usual, I ignored an awards show, and good thing, huh?

But it is (and I'm not overusing the word for once) awesome that Buffy's "Gift" was voted the most memorable ever. That vote was a measure of intensity of love for this show. (Or of hacking technique, which is still, but less, impressive.)

In retrospect, it's kind of nice that this moment was not smirched by association with this particular awards show. Even fitting. Enjoy the lack irony. Or the lack of irony. Enjoy both.
That vote was a measure of intensity of love for this show. (Or of hacking technique, which is still, but less, impressive.)

Buffy fans hack with intense love, Pointy. Willow fans, all.
QG, I will say "thank you" and then wander off in a quandry, should I offer prayers that I didn't have to watch that expecting something other than horrid, or bang my head on my desk in sympathy. Alternation is sometimes good, I hear.
I'm so glad they cut out the Buffy clip so they'd have time for the Emmy for best reality show and reality show host.
Buffy fans hack with intense love

Yeah. I see that now.
Yeah I mean if I had to miss that Survivor guy win that award well you know...actually I would have been real fine with it.

Emmys giveth the hope and taketh away. One day perhaps we will have redemption.

Until then, Emmy boycott continues.
That vote was a measure of intensity of love for this show. (Or of hacking technique, which is still, but less, impressive.)

Couldn't it be even more impressive? Like how being an international jewel thief is incredibly sexy? ;)

This awards show makes me ashamed to bear the name Emmie, though spelled differently (when spelled correctly), the close comparison is now painful to my fandom heart. Anyone have any good ideas for a new nickname?
"Previously known as Emmie before the Emmys once again shamed Buffy causing Emmie to look for another nickname"

Or you know


That's good too.
I've never watched the Emmies but it IS entertaining to read people who did watch complain about the Emmies. Many chuckles to be had here on the black, and also here. This part of Heather Havrilesky's article made me laugh, kinda mean though it is:

Fey isn't done! "I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. Well done. That is what all parents should do!"
Fey's point is clearly thrown into question by the overconfident five-headed host-Hydra that now bumbles onto the stage to accept its Emmy.

I have to say that I'm enjoying fast forwarding through the show, first there is the satisfaction of getting to skip those 'reality show' hosts, and still getting to search the audience for Nathan Fillion. I do remember 'Laugh In' well, that was a true classic. And I enjoyed how everyone was being political while avoiding being political (particularly Laura Linney's "community organizers" comment).
Likewithpie, so PKAEBTEOASBXETLFAN or I could follow Prince's example and be "The Fan Formerly Known As Emmie/TFFKAE".

Hmmm. Tff-kae sounds like I've got attitude, that might work - I had a "Tff" with ABC but now I'm "kae" about it because of a secret plot to wreak, didn't mean to share that part just yet.
. . . would go nicely with the Firefly browser that never gives up.
Nah Pointy, that nickname would be way too long.
I'm sorry I am late for this, but I was at the Emmy Bleachers yesterday at the Nokia. I got a nice picture of David Boreanaz, but I almost forgot about that poll. I knew they tried to get the show done in three hours, and cut a lot of stuff out, but they decide not to show the most funniest and dramatic moments after they had the big online poll? I almost wish they'd move the show to HBO or Showtime. At least that way they don't have to worry about ads.
Sheesh! One day, a bunch of vampires will invade the Emmys, then Buffy dusts them all, turns to the camera and says, "despite what I've just done, you'll never let me be on the Emmys, will you?"
YEEESH!! Now I'm hoping more than ever that someone comes up with a category that Dr. Horrible can qualify for next year.
From today's L.A. Times review of the Emmy Awards show, written by Mary McNamara: " ... For 35 minutes the 2008 Emmys seemed well on the way to being the Worst Awards Show in the History of Television, including this year's Golden Globes, which happened in the middle of the writers strike and wasn't really a show at all." She goes on to thank Ricky Gervais for livening things up. But it seems the opinion of the show expressed on this board is shared in the wider world :)
For the record - I did watch the whole painful show - and was quite upset (think Angel upset in the episode Forgiveness) that there was no Buffy clip.

But I think it shows a lot that we made it the #1 clip. We done good folks... we done good.

Joss would be proud, well proud or banging his head on a desk somewhere :)
For what it's worth, despite it being a day late, both my United flights on Monday showed a program about the Emmys, copyrighted by the Academy itself, which twice promoted the online "memorable moments" vote.

So, this was not some stray ABC thing that the Emmy webmasters happened to know about. At the very least, the Academy's own PR department was involved.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-09-23 07:53 ]
And I enjoyed how everyone was being political while avoiding being political (particularly Laura Linney's "community organizers" comment).
embers | September 23, 00:14 CET

Yes! That almost made the entire odeal worth while. ;-)
On the other hand ....

Ya know, I always know these things are gonna suck out loud, but I always have some rationalization for watching it yet again. ("Blad-de-blah is up for an award." "Bloo-de-bloo is gonna be on, and I must watch enough to see her.")
QuoterGal | September 22, 19:03 CET

So right there with you, QG and always questioning my sanity, afterwards (although so far, no banging of head on desk).
Maybe we need a support group? ;-)
"So, this was not some stray ABC thing that the Emmy webmasters happened to know about. At the very least, the Academy's own PR department was involved."
theonetruebix | September 23, 07:52 CET

Well, we do know for certain now that they're evil. Wait .... didn't we already know that? ;(

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