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September 22 2008

Neil Patrick Harris talks about "Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog" and "How I Met Your Mother". In related news there's also interviews with Christina Hendricks about her work on "Mad Men" and David Boreanaz about "Bones".

OOh Panther sounds! And NPH does confirm that he just did the interview for the DVD. Dr. Horrible had tweeted something to that effect earlier in the weekend.
Wow Christina was smoking last night! (not really smoking, just smokin'!)
Oooo, I didn't know about Jason yet! I think he'll make a good younger brother. I wonder if he's a wastrel or an up-and-comer...
There's another NPH video at CelebTV. They talk about the heat and then do some thumb wrestling!

He also features in this video from eonline. It's a "best of" segment of their red carpet interviews, and Neil appears from around 7.30, after John Krasinski, Vanessa Williams, America Fererra, Christina Applegate, Bryan Cranston, Jeremy Piven and Rainn Wilson. David Boreanaz is on screen while Rainn Wilson is talking, but they don't interview him.
1-2-3-4 I declare thumb war! Oh NPH, you make me smile.

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