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September 22 2008

Serenity makes Empire's Top 500 movies of all time. Number 383 on the list.

This was voted for by Empire members, including yours truly.

It shares that page with some great movies! While (of course) I would probably rank Serenity a bit higher, it's got some extremely respectable neighbours.
Sweet, I voted for it. And us Browncoats got a mention. Look forward to reading the list in full in the magazine later.
It's an extremely strange list. The Pixar films are all out of whack if you ask me. And too many, too low. i would have thought Wall-E would be higher, Ratatouille too. Also, Monster Inc. higher then those two? Great film don't get me wrong but on the lower tier of Pixar. But perhaps the worst is The Incredibles. Arguably the second or third best (depends on how you rank the Toy Storys plus I haven't actually seen Wall-E) and yet it's so low. Finding Nemo I think is overrated. Really good but it's not as great as some say. It's place gets no real complaint from me.

There are a ton of other things you could go on about. Some things being really low (Ben-Hur and Full Metal Jacket what?) and some really strange choices (Episode I, Pirates 2, Indy 4, Transformers?) but it's a varied list with some great films so a few weird things are hardly bad.
I disagree with a good portion of some of the choices already but that is to be expected as everyone has their own just-as-valid opinion on what makes for a "great" or "classic" film.

Still, a few of the choices being included on the list at all are mind-boggling to me...
Gremlin? A 'great' movie? Ummmm, 'kay. *shakes head in wonder*

I'm shocked Zulu is so low. I'm guessing that's more a function of it being so old, lists like this tend to give newer flicks an advantage. Though why Gremlins... *wanders off in bewilderment*
Wander back and ponder this, Cabri: Not only did "The Goonies" make the list... it beat out the BDM! *Swears off online Opinion Polls for at least a week*
Okay. Seriously. Don't start bashing Gremlins. You wouldn't like UnpluggedCrazy when he's angry. (Or if you feed him after midnight.)
Nowt wrong with 'Gremlins', Phoebe Cates' Santa bit is worth the price of admission by itself IMO, hi-larious.

Glad the BDM's on there but for myself, I reckon 500 is too high a number to make the individual entries (and especially their position on the list) particularly meaningful. It's so many that I could probably put all the films I even like on there without having to be too discriminating.

(and as usual, i'd juggle the order and add a few/take a few - Indy IV for instance ?? *is boggled mind-wise*)

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