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September 22 2008

Ask Brad Meltzer. The Buffy season 8 writer and Book of Lies author takes your questions today at 3:00 East Coast USA time, noon Pacific time.

You can submit your questions to the Washington Post in advance.

Aaaaaaaaaaand update!

Washington D.C.: In your recent MTV comments,you made a statement about your upcoming Buffy arc.
"Buffy and Xander don't need me for a new twist," Meltzer said. "You love the characters already, because they're terrific. My job isn't to show you what's not there, but what you've always seen before but never thought was there. I'm going to try my best not to screw it up too badly."
Some fans are reading into it that there is a Buffy/Xander romantic pairing coming. Are these fans reading into your comments more than they should and were Buffy and Xander's names used as random examples? Also,what are your thoughts on past relationships such as Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Riley and Buffy/Spike?
Brad Meltzer: It was totally random. I could've just as easily said Willow and Buffy or any other 2 that you want to put together.

W00t. I still prefer Xander/Dawn as a concept.

And I just love how he flatly ignored the other 'shippy question. Smart man. ;)
Interesting answer about Buffy knowing Spike is alive and what's in the plans for Season 9. The more stuff going on that we don't know about yet, the happier I am.
Are we going to find out whether Buffy knows Spike is alive in this season? (If you could give us a hint as to "sooner" or "later", too...) Will you be joining us for Season 9, as well?

Meltzer: As to the last 2 questions, ask Joss. He'll tell you right now.

Sunfire, I took Meltzer's response more as a non-answer than a reveal. The standard "only Joss knows" answer that his writers give.
I took it as a very general dodge, yes, but rather than just "I can't speak of the pirate map" also a small dig to the tune of "by the way, it's a nice map with stuff on it you don't know anything about yet."
True, it is the reassurance that Joss has things all planned out. Of course, a part of me already believed that Joss had this mapped out. That blind faith that creeps up on me. :)
I know there's a map, and I know it's awesome. Nonetheless, its mere mention to me is a nice reminder that my faith is not misplaced.
And don't we all need that reassurance during our month long wait between issues?

*sigh* Is it October yet?
No news is no news :-).
I, for one, was very interested to learn his character/episode preferences. I'm a sucker for random trivia like that. :)
I must've missed something... is this the first official confirmation that Meltzer will be doing the final arc or has it been stated somewhere else before?
archon, the news that Meltzer is doing the penultimate arc has been out for a few months.
One of the questioners seemed to perhaps think he was doing the last arc, but I don't think we know yet who's doing it.
Joss was supposed to do the final arc but due to his schedule,that's now in question.
Emmie, I think I remember that too. I guess we'll find out in a bit if Meltzer's the guy for the last story. I'm still holding out hope for Joss, but perhaps Meltzer can do it justice. I was kinda hoping that if it wasn't Joss it'd be another Buffy alum.
Nice interview.

And man, doesn't the pomposity just drip off of this question?:

Fairfax: I understand that comic strips are important to you, but aren't there greater uses of your fame and name -- greater ways you can make a difference -- than propping up a house where Superman was created? I would imagine that if there was actually a demand for this house to be a museum, it would have happened by now.

"I understand that comic strips are important to you"...people still won't take comics seriously. Grr. Arrgh.
I'm reading "Book of Lies" now. Interesting that he is writing a Buffy arc. I hadn't known that. Guess I've had my head in the sand :-P
...people still won't take comics seriously. Grr. Arrgh.

Yeah it's the perennial annoyance about comics UnpluggedCrazy but then, in fairness, we all do that I think (I mean consider to be trivial that which others consider to be important), it's just part of differing opinions.

Not read any of Mr Meltzer's novels so I can't comment on that but 'Identity Crisis' was pretty decent I thought, good enough that i'm not worried about his Buffy arc. And he seems humble and sincere in his gratitude to his readers, which is always nice to see in an author.

(and the real test of the Superman museum is surely how people respond to a campaign to create it - if Meltzer et al try and fail then that means there wasn't the demand. I don't see it as any different to, for instance, a Sherlock Holmes museum. Conan Doyle has a plaque on the site of the house where he created Holmes in Southsea, a collection of his "stuff" in Portsmouth Museum as well as the Holmes museum on Baker Street in London, don't see why Superman shouldn't be remembered the same way. Whatever you think of comics, if you don't accept that Superman is as big a cultural artefact as Sherlock Holmes you're kidding yourself IMO)
Agreed, Saje, I'd be surprised if there wasn't any room on the market for a Superman museum. In fact, I'm a little surprised there isn't anything like that out there right now. Are there no comic book museums?
There are GVH though i'm not sure there're any for specific characters. If there isn't a Superman one then the house where he was created seems as good a place as any to site it (they might well have turned Conan Doyle's old house into a Holmes museum but the Luftwaffe had other ideas - it's about 2 miles as the crow/WWII bomber flies from the Navy dockyards at Portsmouth ;).

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