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July 22 2003

Firefly pre-orderable on, and it's already a top seller, currently #25.

Oooh, and the second season of Angel is on it too, at number 14. Nifty.
It hasn't been 24hours!
Its a hefty $37 !
... and won't be available for about 4 months!
I wonder how this makes ( or will make ) the Fox Network look?
Ok. Who's brilliant idea was it to release Alias S1, and Angel S2 on the same day?! (9/2) AND THEN to release Firefly and BtVS S5 on the SAME DAY?!?! (12/9) I'm very irate. And, apparently, poor. :sigh: But hey, my birthday is 12/11, so I'll be accepting donations... Ugh.
...And as of 7pm EST, it's up to #7 on the Amazon list! Dammit, I ask myself every day how this show got canceled.
Little to no faith at the network level, and an indifferent ad & promotion campaign therefore.

But it's just a theory
I hate that theory, especially because it's true.
The inexplicable pilot decesion didn't help matters either, but that goes right back to no confidence at the network level.
#4 on Amazon, and it still hasn't been a full day yet, Wow!
While everyone is putting in their two cents in ... my so-called "definitive essay" on why firefly was cancelled ( until someone can write/show me a better one ).

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I'm a baseball fan, but the travesty of Firefly last year really made me question my baseball loyalties. And lookee here: I have no baseball games on tape, but I downloaded the text versions of the scripts for the Vanished Three Episodes. So in conclusion, Firefly is the new national pastime. <-- NB: does *not* resemble our Earth logic!
#3 now with Buffy season 5 trailing @ number 9.

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Number 3? Bloody hell. Wonder if the Fox execs are taking notice.
I've managed to resist buying other TV show DVDs, mostly because they cost so much, and Buffy and soon Angel are in syndication so I can catch them on DVR, but I will likely crack and pick up Firefly. Looking forward to the commentaries and being able to watch them in order, including the three unseen.
So the first day it's available, everyone who's going to buy it at all pre-orders it. Next week it's back to obscurity.
< /rain on parade>
Wonder if the Fox execs are taking notice.

Well...given that the show had low ratings (which I believe is mostly Fox's fault but the fact remains) and was expensive to produce, 20th Century is probably making more money off of the sale of the DVDs than the network was from keeping the show on the air. Sad but (most likely) true.
Peaked at number 2, now down to number 5 because is out of stock!

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