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September 22 2008

J. August Richards chats about his new show 'Raising The Bar'. And find out his reaction to what's been happening in Gunn in 'Angel: After The Fall'.

Nice to see him reference/confirm that what's happening to Gunn in the comic indeed was what was going to be happening to Gunn if the TV version had continued in some form.
Oh, that's amazing! Man, how much do I love this guy?

I hope I get to act that one day, I really do.

Don't we all, Jay...

I think he'll really enjoy Angel: After the Fall, when he gets to read it.
It's nice to see that he confirms once again that Gunn being vamped and becoming a baddie was the plan for Angel season 6 or the T.V./DVD movies.It sounds like it would of happened either way whether the series continued or if we had gotten the film.

His suggestion also makes me wonder if at the end of ATF that Gunn might take his own unlife.
He almost makes me want to watch the show. :)
Will the echo of what once was force vampire Gunn to make the right choices? He's trying to save Los Angeles, but he's doing so without a soul, and so far he's acting just like the monsters he used to hate the most.
First time I've read an interview with him, and I kinda adore him and his enthusiasm. Love how he totally wants to play vamp!Gunn and how his family thought he watched too much tv as a kid, and that was actually preparing him for his craft. I watched too much tv, and all it did was turn into a life-long addiction.
How about a SPOILER alert here? Lots of us haven't read the comics yet, and it looks like I've just had a major plot point spoiled by reading about Gunn here =(
I so love J August. And I for one enjoy Raising the Bar. Every scene J is in, he completely shines. What a talented guy! And I love, love, LOVE that he still wants to play Gunn again. So great! You can tell that he doesn't take anything for granted, ya know?
Volo, it's true a spoiler tag would have been nice, but the blurb on the front page says Richards talks about what has been happening to Gunn in the comics, as in past tense. Wouldn't it be logical to assume that there would be spoilers?

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What I love about this show is Richards and that it was the brain child of a public defender.
How about a SPOILER alert here?

The comics have been out for a year now now so a spoiler tag would be somewhat pointless.
I'd like to see that show.

Concerning Gunn, how exactly is Vamp Charles fighting destruction while soulless himself? I don't understand.
I am obviously not of the mindset nor the lifestyle of your average working actor, but if I were in a comic that was an official continuation of a part of my life which I held dear, I would totally read it! I mean, it's like 30 pages once a month...

Which is not a knock on anyone, I just think it would be cool if more cast members besides Seth Green would read the books.
Awwww .... J. is as sweet and smart as he is pretty, always nice to discover.
I really need to find time to check out this show.
Yeah, I think I would too, UnpluggedCrazy, but then again: if you're a working actor, with limited amount of time, you might not even have heard about them. It's not like they regularly check fansites or walk into the local comic book shop. In fact, I think this was probably the first J ever even heard about these comics :).

Anyway, it's a great little interview this. I've loved J. ever since I met him at 'Nocturnal 3K' and saw one of his interviews on british television where the interviewer was asking questions along the lines of 'how do you put up with these silly fans' and he got mad at the man, explaining us fans were regular, normal, fun people (who knew how to party) and he should not be disrespecting the community, or something along those lines.

Also, this interview makes me want to watch 'Raising The Bar' now. Which is unexpected.
Actually,Seth Green is one of the few actors who does read the books,atleast he reads the Buffy comics.Joss made mention of it in that MTV interview this week.

I just saw Seth [Green], and I think I mentioned it to him. Hes the only cast member who actually reads the comics. He gets it, he loves them.

Let me be clear, Green told MTV, I love that character. I loved playing it, and I love Joss Whedon and his interpretation of it, so anything he sees fit to elaborate on with that character, Im excited to see.

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I believe J. August Richards knew the comics existed -- I think it's more a matter of he's not a regular comics reader and therefore didn't know where to find them and/or had the time to seek them out. If he doesn't know anybody who reads them and hasn't been to a fannish event lately, he wouldn't know what was in the comics. I'm not sure of the timeline here. If "Angel: ATF" was already available at the time of the Whedon WGA demonstration at Fox, it seems likely someone would have mentioned it to him there, but that was a good while back and that still probably wouldn't have resolved the "where to find them" issue (usually somebody has to tell you about TFAW :) ).

Seth Green has his own comic book for Top Cow, so it certainly behooves him to keep up on other comic books. I think it's great that he does, but he loves comic books enough to be in the business, so he's a hyphenate -- actor/comic book creator(and "Robot Chicken" co-creator/showrunner) -- in a way that his fellow "Buffy"/"Angel" cast alumni are not, with the exception of Amber Benson, who's written some comic books both in and out of the 'verse, and James Marsters, who wrote a Spike comic while the series was still in production. (If I'm omitting someone, I apologize for my ignorance/memory failure.)
Buffyfantic, yep, I made mention of Seth being the only cast member who does read them.

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