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September 22 2008

SMG Grabs SNL Kudos, More. Buf in the buff boffo as one of SNL's most underrated.

With Saturday Night Live having just kicked off its 34th season, the folks over at Chicago Metromix are looking back at some neglected characters/hosts of the long running show. A short, glowing blurb about Gellar's three stints as host...

A little ironic...given her photo spread in 'Maxim' back in December.
I remember that episode. She played a chain smoking Tara Lipinski and her and Will Ferrell held their boobs.

She's also been on a Ladies' Man skit as just a guest once, IIRC.
I REALLY want her to headline a big studio film soon so she can make her 4th appearance on SNL. She was hilarious in so many sketches:
The porn starlet in the "Robin Byrd Show"
Her bit as a smoking Tara Lipinski
"Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine"
The Ladies Man presents "Who Wants to be My Skank"
Her role in the Chris Kattan/Cheri Oteri 'horny couple' sketch
Her 'Goth Talk' sketch
and when she made fun of Britney Spears(which IMDB lists as a friend of hers, hmm....)

Her guest appearances on SNL prove her knack for comedy, yet she rarely ever makes funny movies(while "Southland Tales" blends genres, and some of her lesser efforts, "The Grudge" franchise, are funny for the wrong reasons.), she should even go so far as to make more romantic comedies like "Suburban Girl"(just for now) because while Kat Hudson is bland, Jennifer Lopez can't act her way out of a paper bag with holes in it, and Jennifer Aniston thinks she's Sally Field, SMG could hold a small place in RomCom history while she decides what her career path holds.

While I'd love to see Quentin Tarantino get his hands on her(before working with Joss at least 2 more times) she can almost be considered a wasted talent, because her latest movies are sub par, she will still be mad hot for at least 12 more years, and she has genre jumped enough for us(her fans) to realize where she should and shouldn't be workiong(in terms of films).

I ultimately hope that "Dollhouse" is a hit, which might be a possibility because it looks amazing, and maybe Joss can shove some of his fav Buffy/Angel alums in guest spots, since the show sounds basically like a character-of-the-week style show(aside from a larger story at hand).

Just my 2 cents, but I have been in love with SMG since I first saw her on BtVS when I was in 3rd grade and I think she deserves a better career than crap like "The Return" or those god awful "Grudge" movies.
I actually have this episode on tape buried somewhere. I should dig it out again. I think that was also the episode where she was the blind girl who fell in love with Horatio Sans as an alien who wanted to eat her horse.

and YES, Brian Fellows! He was one of the few characters that Tracy Morgan played that I liked.
I didn't watch Buffy until I saw her host SNL -- and realized it was the strongest SNL, first sketch to last, I'd ever seen. (Yes, I remember the shows glorious heyday, with all its inglorious filler). She is often asked why she doesn't do more romantic comedy and replies that the parts are not that good. Her romantic/comic performance was the best part of Southland Tales, the funniest thing in that movie and the truest. She's always excellent no matter what, but I think Joss is the only writer who has let her do all she's capable of. [/fangush] [for now!]
I've always thought SMG could be an enormous sitcom/romcom/screwball star. Her comedic chops are off the charts, and too often overlooked.
My favourite Gellar SNL sketches are the ‘Be Safe Gang’ (I think that is what it was called) and her appearance on ‘Goth Talk’ – miming to ‘All That She Wants’ made me laugh out loud.

I like both ‘The Grudge’ and ‘The Return’. They are clearly not destined to be remembered as classics of cinema in years to come, but I thought both films had much to recommend about them and were under-rated. ‘Southland Tales’ is, I guess, a love it or hate it or simply ignore it kind of thing. I really like it. ‘Suburban Girl’, on the other hand, was, I thought, verging on being pretty bloody awful – which had nothing in particular to do with the performances.

Her career has gone the way it has gone – and I suspect her two forthcoming films, ‘Possession’ and ‘Veronika Decides To Die’, are unlikely to trouble the box office or seep into the consciousness of filmgoers in general. Everyone will have their own theories as to why she is not appearing in high-profile films. I assume she simply is not being offered the roles – unless it genuinely is a case that she is not interested in these parts. Either way, her career seems healthy enough, and not everything is exclusively about big bucks, red carpets and magazine covers.
I think SMG has been a bit unlucky. The three films: "Southland Tales", "The Air I Breathe", and "Suburban Girl" all had the potential to be hits. It's too bad it didn't happen, but I can't blame her for choosing those films.

Another good SNL skit was the dysfunctional family at the dinner table, with Will Ferrell as the dad, Ana Gasteyer as the mom, and Sarah as the daughter. "Shut up, you drunken witch!"
Well, I really liked Simply Irresitable but I'm old enough to enjoy a silly romantic comedy that floats away in a vanilla cloud.
Well, in about 15 years I can see her starring in a weekly sitcom or dramedy...maybe it'll be called McCready's Way or something like that.
Yeah, I thought The Grudge and The Return were perfectly decent, but Cruel Intentions is still my favourite. I even didn't mind Simply Irresistible that much. The magic crab stuff was amusingly bizarre. Strangely I remember there being a crab that kept appearing in that Beverly Hills Family Robinson film SMG was in as well. Hmmmmm. That does sound a bit unlikely actually. Could someone verify that I've not gone a bit mad and hallucinated this whole "crab" thing?!?
You are right, cypher, both films did have the crabs, so to speak. I will add my name to those who like 'Simply Irresistible'. I thought it was a very engaging and likeable film, although I recall Gellar commenting that in retrospect she had made a mistake agreeing to do it.
Fact is, except for Kendall Hart I'ven't seen her in anything else except BtVS, beyond an ocasional clip. (From 1989 to 2001 I was married to a woman who didn't like movies unless made for Lifetime and since 2002 I'ven't had TV access. Same with onl;y having seen Amber in Bye-Bye-Love and ALy in My stepmother Is....) But I've seen enough of her talent range that yes, I want her all over the place, them too.

Trailing egotistical comment:

If I finished my screenplay, sold it,a nd it got my dream cast, SMG and Amber could re-create the scene with Selma Blair. Altho at the rate I'm going SMG will be more likely to play the detective's grandmother (I want Lauren Bacall) than the detective.

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