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September 23 2008

Rebecca Rand Kirshner gets new gig at '90210'. According to's Ausiello, the former Buffy vet will be running the writers room.

Relevant IMDB blurb about Rebecca can be found here.

Wow, that's a high profile gig for Rebecca., congrats.
As lame as this show can't be, I can't help but be nostalgic towards 90210, as I did grew up with the original show.
Maybe this means it will be better. One can only hope.
Well, that's not strictly true cos one can also just not care at all ;).
True, but one liked old 90210, because one didn't know any better back then.
I'm wondering if it could lead to Emma Caulfield making a cameo in the show.
Totally - about 4 potentially vengeful women were scorned just in the pilot alone so there's a ready made part for her.

... because one didn't know any better back then.

Ah, back when one was young(er) and carefree(er) ;).

Have to say, I watched the pilot for old time's sake and very probably won't watch any more BUT Jennie Garth has really grown into herself I reckon. Not my bag back in the day but she wears her years pretty well now.
Best of luck to Rebecca- let's hope she doesn't get caught in any of that Brenda crossfire!

You know, I decided to test the theory that there's a YouTube take on just about everything, and look what came up- Buffy as 90210

It's a little...strange...
missb, that was just weird, funny but weird.
But the youtube theory, definitely valid.
It has been many years since I last watched 90210, and I don’t know when or if I will get a chance to check out the revived show, but I have a soft spot for it. For all her idiosyncrasies (!), I like Shannon Doherty, and various other people I like passed through the show at one time or another – Rebecca Gayheart and Dina Meyer, for example.

I liked the episodes Rebecca Rand Kirshner wrote for ‘Buffy’ and I suspect her writing style would lend itself nicely to 90210.
For those who don't know, Emma Caufield was actually on Beverly Hills 90210 before her Buffy days. As I told her, "You were my favorite non-Kelly, Brandon girlfriend!" :-)

GO Rebecca! Rock the zip code! :-D
Speaking of Emma Caulfield, does anyone else think she kinda looks like the actress who played Clare Arnold, Kathleen Robertson ?

Let's hope Rebecca will make it better. I was a big fan back in the day so I watched the new 90210 hoping for brain candy, but merely felt old (and bored). Meanwhile, that YouTube take is hilarious - especially the spelling (not the Aaron). While I have to disagree with some of the choices - Buffy's more suited to Brenda, Xander is David Silver, and the whole Angel crew seemed to be miscast - gotta love the creator's attention to detail with the closest-matching eyebrow raises, hair flicks and high-fives.
I don't even remember when I lasted watched the original 90210... must have been around ten years back. Am happy for Rebecca, though.
This might work out. I remember not liking a lot of Rebecca's early Buffy episodes, but I thought her later work was very underrated. I once wrote up a list of the 13 most underappreciated episodes of Buffy...and two of them were among her Season 7 output ("Help" and "Potential"). If she continues to write at that level, 90210 just might be made something of yet, almost in spite of itself.
I feel the same way, BAFler. I thought the first 3 episodes she wrote were either just okay or a little flawed, but starting with "Tabula Rasa" she knocked it out every time. "Tabula Rasa" is, I'd say, one of the most underappreciated episodes of the show, second only to "Normal Again". And the others, like "Hell's Bells" and "Help" are all great.

I watched maybe the first 10 minutes of 90210 but turned it off after that. Maybe I'll give it another shot.
I cannot stand 90210. As a huge Spring Awakening fan, I've put myself through the first couple of episodes to see how they butchered the show, but its just not worth it. I think all the storylines are garbage and unoriginal, I can't stand any of the actors (save Jennie Garth) and the writing is just...I'm glad RRK got a job cause she's a great writing, I just wish it wasn't on this show. Maybe she can save it?

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