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September 23 2008

Bids are open on a HIMYM walk on role, donated by NPH. Support the charity Health Corps and get up close with the cast of How I Met Your Mother, in this rare opportunity for a walk-on role.

The winning bidder will feature in one of the show's bar scenes or other sets, will meet the cast after the taping and take home some signed memorabilia. Lucky!

Lucky indeed!

Nice one Neil - someone give that man a PhD in Awesomeness!
That is something on which I would definitely bid... you know, if I were fabulously wealthy or won the lottery. Sigh...
What a great idea for raising money. I bet somebody will pay a pretty penny for this.
This is the sort of opportunity that bank robbin' was designed for.
"This is the sort of opportunity that bank robbin' was designed for."

In which case, BAFler, it's a good thing that Serenity showed us just how to pull a heist off!
Man oh man! I do wish I had money right now!
This is a really cool way to raise money for charity, indeed.
Although it leaves us, not wealthy people, drooling.
HOLY...! Over $3000?

College tuition of drooling over NPH in person... decisions, decisions...!
To spread the word of the cause a little wider and involve more people, they should have a "reverse auction".

This is where the lowest unique bid wins. So instead of a handful of rich people vying for winner, you get tens of thousands of everyday people bidding $14.56 or $27.23 or whatever. Theoretically, you could raise just as much if not more money.

If 10,000 rabid fans bid an average of $10, which is not unreasonable, that's a hefty $100,000.

Yeah, I'm a genius (or I stole the idea from Liverpool FC)... ;)

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