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September 23 2008

(SPOILER) Felicia Day on House tonight. Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible, The Guild) appears on House tonight. Preview clips 1 and 5 feature her.

"We are going to have to take your head"

Can't wait...
I hate House so I'm only going to watch it because of her.
Felicia was filming a scene for The Guild at my apartment complex a few days ago. She's so very wonderful and nice. She'll be coming back to film some more in October.
She ended up revealing a lot of spoilers for The Guild's second season to me. Then she told me that if I told anyone she'd have me kill myself. It was one of the greatest days in my life... being threatened by a famous person. :)
I thought that was her.
Needed more Felicia.
And here I was hoping she'd be House's love interest this year...
How can you hate House? That's just crazy talk!
Y'know, I think they had some pretty good chemistry. I wish she was a recurring, I really enjoyed her character. :(
They had good chemistry, but I think that was because her head was messed up. I love the funny stuff, but nice to see her doing drama too.
I think I liked her character better than the private investigator (who IS recurring) at least.
She acquitted herself well while going toe to toe with Hugh. Nice job.
I just want to know if they made her a math teacher as an in-joke.
Didn't she say she was going to be back in one more episode? I could've sworn...

I loved her getting mad, we don't see that too much in the roles she usually gets and she did it great. :)
She needs to be back- her words hit House hard, which is why he went back to her to begin with. And then she hit him again, with a single word: "sad."
It's really odd reading House threads on other forums where nobody seems to recognise Felicia Day.
Hmm, I'm with xerox. I only watched because FD was on, and still only managed to watch part of it. Commercial TV philistines don't know who she is? This could be a whole new snobbery ;)
Felicia rules! Not since Hannibal Lecter ate Ray Liotta's brain have I felt so enthralled by the removal of the top of someone's skull.
Hmmm. Didn't Kal Penn (Dr. Kutner) of House have a role in Angel, where the top of his head came off on a very interesting way?

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She was great in that episode. And the scenes between her and House were really good. I only watch House occassionaly. The formula of the episodes irk me if I watch too many in a row week after week.

BTW, I liked the PI. It was nice to have someone on the show with the freedom to talk to House without some agenda behind what they say. He's not trying to prove House wrong or is pissed at House for never being wrong. That's refreshing on that show.
I think she was really good in it! That scene where she lies was very good. My favorite, I think. Although the 'sad' part was awesome too...

It's really odd reading House threads on other forums where nobody seems to recognise Felicia Day.

Yeah! I was reading some threads on orkut and was like... "can anyone PLEASE comment on how awesome Felicia was in it?".

I just want to know if they made her a math teacher as an in-joke.

If I had to guess - which I don't, but I am anyway - I'd say no. I imagine they had it written before casting her. But it does work as an in-joke for us, so, that's kind of fun.

[ edited by maxsummers on 2008-09-24 16:25 ]
Felicia was great, but not in it enough. Sure that was a poignant way to end it for House's character, but we never find out what happens to her! I smell spin-off. ;) She certainly held her own against him, and nice to see her playing different roles.
Was working, and taped SVU, so...can't comment on her performance.

But how many Whedon alums does this make now? I've lost track. Adam Busch, Caroline Lagerfelt, Azura Skye, Felicia...
... Clare Kramer, Marc Blucas, Michelle Trachtenberg ...

She wasn't in it enough but she was good when she was (liked the lying). And she had some good scenes with Hugh Laurie too, nice bit of emotional meat at the end there.

In general I thought the episode was pretty good, they're not always at the top of their game first out the gate, it's like they need to get their ear back in for the character's voices but the PI could be a nice addition for a few eps. Wilson will no doubt be back but right now they're doing a good job of making me wonder how they're gonna do it - he just seems so over House right now.
I really liked the episode.Felicia was awesome. And I enjoyed the PI guy was well. (Michael Weston). he's also an interesting character. I liked how Apple and House conected. it was all very dramatic,very enjoyable.

and yes,it is weird to see people talk about House without mentioning her. I suppose the same thing will happen when Wil Wheaton's Criminal Minds ep airs.

I even read the TWOP recap and there's not even a mention
I'm pretty sure more people know who Wil Wheaton is than know who Felicia Day is.
I especially loved her line, "The world is ugly" - or something to that effect. Her delivery was very blunt and sort of understated. She was great all the way through, though, of course. I've only seen a grand total of three episodes of House (including this one), but is it always the same format? As in, mysterious illness, no one can figure it out, there are a few wrong guesses, then House diagnoses it near the end? That seems potentially tedious.
If the plot is all you're watching for then yeah, 'House' is often quite formulaic. But IMO the show actually revolves around character revelation (particularly of House himself) as well as the eternal tension between rationality and irrationality. And the extent to which they're aware of, play with and are willing to subvert their own formula keeps me coming back, week after week.

As i've said before, saying 'House's format is the same week in week out (though a valid point - except where it isn't ;) is a bit like complaining that 'Columbo' should vary the format from homicide every episode - it sort of misses the wood for the trees ;).

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