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September 23 2008

(SPOILER) AICN review of Tony Head's new movie 'Repo: The Genetic Opera'. "Imagine if you will, Joss Whedon writing an Andrew Lloyd Webber spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and you begin to get an idea of what this is."

Imagine if you will, Joss Whedon writing an Andrew Lloyd Webber spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and you begin to get an idea of what this is... Musically this is a cross between the Once More with Feeling episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Phantom of the Opera along with hints of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and patches of Tom Waits thrown in to create a gothic carnival-like atmosphere...

I don't like musicals (somethig about the X cromossome). Exceptions to Joss and 8 Femmes, but I saw one trailer of this movie and seems good, and now with these many mentions to Whedon's great works I'll definitely saw this.
Well if it wasn't enough that I, a) have been opened up to musicals by OMWF and Dr Horrible, b) like Tony Head and c) love rock music. . .

This film has a very specific audience. The RHPS watching, Tim Burton doll collecting, Vampire the Masquerade playing crowd.

. . . I'm playing Vampire the Masquerade at the moment! Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this mad and brilliant looking film.

edited to add: oops, the reviewer probably meant the rpg (which I just found out existed), I'm playing the pc game. Only being involved in one type of playing/gaming I tend to forget the terms get used in another way. Doh!

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I am so insanely stoked for this movie. It cannot come soon enough.
Does anyone know when it IS coming out? I mean all these delays are getting a little crazy. I just stopped trying to figure out the premeire date (see how long that lasted)
Minxie...It's coming out Nov 7th in a VERY limited release. We're talking 10 theaters or so. Right now Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman are running around promoting it, they have a Repo! tour that basically means they are traveling around the country with a canister of the film and showing it guerrilla style at different cities. It's all on their website: on the message boards. They are trying to expand the theater release significantly but they need the help of the public.

I can't WAIT for this movie to come out. I really like this review, good on AICN, their reviews are always insightful.

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It looks really quite good, and props to Anthony Head because while yes, at first I was stuck in "Oh-Giles-don't-be-evil" mode, I soon got caught up in the new character, so... Hats off, sir.

He also has just one of those great voices you wouldn't expect to be great for musicals, but is. There's a lot of pain in there, a lot of feeling.
I saw this movie on Friday and it was great! Anthony Head and Alexa Vega are the definite stars of the film and it is basically like watching a huge concert with all of the actors singing. There are a lot of operatic moments (like the lights going out and action taking place before the lights go back up) and it is a ton of fun! It definitely has some Whedon-esque songs featured. A 22 song version of the soundtrack comes out on Tuesday, September 30 if you want a sampling before the November premiere. (The big star-studded premiere will be in Las Vegas on November 6) You can get the soundtrack information at
Thanks DaniVampsForJoss. That's really too bad that it's being treated that's going to be an amazing movie.

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