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September 23 2008

Jewel Staite to make a special appearance at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, Texas, October 25-26. The convention details are here.

Outstanding, Jewel has always been special with her fans! For those whom attend, please take some pictures and share with us.
Cool -- I'm housesitting in Plano that very weekend ;)
Isn't Plano, Texas Alan's hometown?
Yep. Alan was here not too long ago.

I'm psyched!
So what's "special" about it? A striptease act? :)
Jewel's a classy lady, truly special in her own right. No "act" required.
Jewel has always been straight forward and honest. That's what makes her special.
I'm totally phyched for this since I missed her by accident at Dragoncon

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