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September 24 2008

More on Rebecca Kirshner's Seven-Figure-Deal. CBS Par inks a two-year pact with our former "Buffy" scribe that will take her beyond such places as the "90210" zip code.

Good for RRK. I don't watch 90210, but I've always enjoyed her episodes on BtVS and GG, so I wish her well - and hope to see one of her other projects in the near future.
I haven't watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 yet, I'm going to be picking them up soon though. I don't know what it is, but I just love teen dramas. The OC was awesome! I like Gossip Girl, and now I'm a fan of 90210.

I think the best part of that article is just how special it must be for Kirshner to write stories for the show she grew up watching.

I hope she finds great success.
holy crap, 7 figure deal!

Man if only the government would bail me out of my student loans.

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