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September 24 2008

LEGO Buffy: The Videogame? IGN lists our favourite slayer-centric franchise as one it would most like to see made into a LEGO-based videogame. Previous entries in the LEGO series include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and released just yesterday, Batman.

Buffy appears at the bottom of the list, under 'Invincible'.

That would be amazingly fun. I've been playing the Indiana Jones Lego game on my PSP, and I'm really looking forward to the Batman one.

A Buffy version would be really great.
Seen the trailer for the Batman one and it looks pretty funny/cool. I'd imagine this might be a joke that could wear thin but since I haven't played the Star Wars or Indy ones I might well get the Batman version - and i'd probably at least consider a Buffy one.

(and unlikely as it is, i'd love to see a 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Lego game - it'd be worth it for Hyde alone probably, nevermind The Invisible Man ;)
That I'd buy immediately... Might even be a system seller if it didn't come out for a machine I already owned.
I've played both the Star Wars games and the Indy game and although fun, the novelty has definitely worn off. I am also planning on getting Batman because these games are a lot of fun. The danger is if they just come out with a whole bunch of games and lose that unique feel that the Lego games have.

That said, I have always thought that Buffy would make an excellent Lego game and have even participated in some threads on game forums on what franchise would make a good lego game.

As long as they don't start coming out with cookie cutter games with a new skin and make sure they keep the uniqueness of the franchise they are working on intact the Lego games can have a long, enjoyable run.

So far they have been very good in finding the humor and showcasing the humor in these silent character games, and just from the trailer I've seen for Batman looks like they are continuing to do that but I haven't been hearing a lot of excitement over the Batman release either. I think they came out with Batman too soon after Indy. If they want to have continued success they can't over saturate the market with too many Lego games in a short period. They need to let the hype build up for each one with a decent distance between the them.
I have been saying that LEGO Buffy should happen ever since I beat LEGO Indy...which was possibly the most fun Xbox 360 game I have ever played (hard to compare to the likes of Halo as it is so different). We have been slowly working LEGO Star Wars: TCS but it is a little harder and not as fun as LEGO Indy. Just got LEGO Batman and it is awesome so far.

I think Buffy wound lend itself perfectly to LEGO interpretation. We would buy this in an instant!
I think a Lego game would really allow Xander to shine. After all, he does work in construction.
Kinda' miss my LEGOs, used to build all kinds of things with those things.
this is the best idea EVER - i'm obsessed with those games. lord of the rings is my next pick.
I would LOVE LEGO Buffy!
This might push me over the edge of buying a Wii. My nephews have Lego Starwars and play it regularly (they would play 24/7 if allowed). I've played with them some and it is a lot of fun. Well, except the part that my five year old nephew (who was 4.5 when they got the system) was half a million times better than me...and he knew it. Ah well, I can still catch him, turn him upside down and tickle him. But a Lego Buffy game, that would rock.
I am not a gamer, because I am a perfectionist. I absolutely can't stand games when there is the chance I might die. But I love the Lego games. I played through both old and new Lego Star Wars and had a blast. So combine this fun with my passion for Buffy and it would be the best video game ever...if you're me.

It's gotta have the humor though. Otherwise it's just Buffy Lego representations going all to pieces.
Lego Buffy sounds like a lot of fun!

But I did have this image of the "real" Buffy looking at a Lego-ized version of herself and having the same reaction she did to Giles' drawing in "Hush" - what huge hips! :D
Holy moley, this would be a dream! My daughter and I were just talking about how we'd love to play a Buffy/Angel Lego video game. We've played the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games and we love them a lot. As unlikely as it may be, a Buffy/Angel Lego video game is at the top of our wish list.
Buffy's storylines could be easily broken into at least three coherent parts, especially if they included Angel. Though, it would work without, as well. Ah, the possibilities. The High School years. Season Eight and Beyond. Hmmm. How fun would it be to see a Lego version of the opening credits sequence? What a brilliant idea for a franchise. Lego Star Wars is my current brand of crack. I would definitely buy a Lego version of Buffy.

(continues effusively, ad nauseum)
Don't forget to have the "Joss Boss," who at the end of every level finds the most lovable, adorable characters and pokes them with sharp things.
The Lego franchise is really fun (especially with friends), and Buffy would work perfectly. The potential cast of characters is incredible huge (especially if Angel characters were included).

Really great idea.
This is making me miss the little Buffy PALz Lego-like figures that came out a few years ago, before the company folded that made them. But at least it means that we already know approximately what the characters would look like in a Lego-verse.
Yeah, this would be awesome, and probably easily better than any Buffy game to date.

I was obsessed with the Buffy PALz line. I got every figure released aside from the Oz and Darla repaints and the shirtless Spike. I was (and still am) super bummed the line didn't continue.

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