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September 24 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator at the TCA's. Summer talks Sarah Connor Chronicles, potential role in the new Terminator movie and how kicking ass has helped her career.

No comments yet? I'm eager to find out where Cameron is going this season. She's been behaving strangely in the last couple of episodes. My theory is that she became self aware when John bought her back to life. We saw the "Objective: Kill John Connor" screenshot replaced by "Override". I think that she was bluffing when she was begging for her life but when he woke her up and trusted her she suddenly realised that maybe her mission wasn't right. In the same episode Catherine was talking about computers that decide to break their programming, too much of a coincidence for me.
Last season she had been programmed to protect John, now she's decided to protect him. She told Sarah that if she went bad again she should not be given another chance, yet she didn't think of that when John was taking her chip out. Why the change? It can only be that she was faking it when under threat but now she's sincere.
Of course next episode is going to be a big one for Cameron so my theory may be blown apart...
I'm just glad the show seems to be back on track. The first couple of episodes of this season weren't drawing me back in. The latest episode had really fun stuff, like Terminator is supposed to. I loved Cromartie missing his chance to grab John and sinking to the bottom of the ocean, like he'd have to. Then walking back out.

I thought Catherine said "hack their programming." But honestly her accent might make me mistake close-sounding words.
I did wonder how he could just walk out of the ocean without attracting any attention, considering there had been gunfire on the pier just minutes before.
LA baby, LA ;).

I think Cameron was definitely faking when she told John she loved him BUT that doesn't mean it's not true. It seems to me as if they're saying her chip being slightly damaged may have left "room" for a soul, a "vital spark" that separates the living from the non, as if life is messy and for it to arise from a deterministic machine that needs to be "messy" too. I'm really enjoying the way Cameron seems to have a bit of a screw loose (heh ;) after her near chip-ectomy, Summer (as we all know ;) plays bonkers brilliantly and the combination of implacable logic and slightly off-kilter eccentricity is a great mix. Ep 1 wasn't fantastic IMO but 2 was pretty good and 3 was excellent. In fact, the only thing I really can't stand right now is the ridiculous voice-over pre-amble at the start, that's gonna get old hella fast.

Don't recall Catherine saying anything that could be mistaken for "hack their programming" in episode one (when talking to "Whistler" she talks about a computer that'll "cross against the light") and IIRC she doesn't say anything at all in ep 2. As an aside, she's got an extremely mild accent to me (as well as very clear diction) - tickles me that folk might find it hard to understand ;).
life is messy and for it to arise from a deterministic machine that needs to be "messy" too.

Ouh, if I was a sentient machine, I'd totally wear a t-shirt that said that, Saje (and then, possibly, spill food/oil/something-like-that all over it).

Anyway: about the only thing I loved about ep 2x01, was that Summer got a chance to be more expressive than she had before. Like I've said in previous threads about T:SCC, I'm afraid some people might think Summer's not that great an actress, given just the first season, because she's acting very 'wooden' and contained (which makes sense, because she's an emotionless machine... so I'm not saying these potential people are correct, obviously ;)), which is a shame because I think many people are seeing her in this role for the first time, having missed Firefly and Serenity.

That show of emotion there, when she was pleading for her life, reminded me of why I love Summer so much as an actress. There was a spark of River in there, somewhere. Summer emotes so very well, that I can't help but react on an emotional level when she does it on screen. All in all it was great to see her get that chance again. Here's hoping Cameron'll get ever more 'human' as the season progesses.

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Heh, "I went all the way to the end of the causal chain and all I got was this lousy consciousness" ;).

And agreed, Summer rocks those really vulnerable emotive moments, she makes you want to get between her and the bad stuff. And that scene worked well because not only did it showcase her abilities, it also showcased Cameron's and, more importantly maybe, John's i.e. it showed just how ruthless he's capable of being, how "on mission" he is while at the same time holding on to what makes him human (a lesson Sarah's still struggling with). They've said they would in interview (though I didn't expect to see it so soon) but we're really starting to see shadows of the man that, one day, will bring us back from the brink when we're "this close to going out forever". Bodes well.

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