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September 24 2008

Original Jayne Hat now up for auction. The California Browncoats have put up for auction the actual hat worn by Adam Baldwin in the episode The Message. Proceeds go to Baldwin's charity of choice, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Been waiting for this to happen ever since the day Adam mentioned it at the original Flanvention. He 'almost' brought the hat then for that original charity auction.

It makes me feel so much better that the proceeds are going to MCLEF instead of whatever charity it was that Booster was donating to...
Who has the Jayne statue head? He needs to win the hat... so the hat has a head to be put on.
NYPinTA, That would be the guy commenting right above you. :)
Putting this in both threads since one of them will be deleted.

The official word (from Adam) on how many Jayne Hats are in existence. Two. They were knitted by a lady in the ME offices. He got one, she got the other.

The auction is for Adam's hat.
To quote Book: "that thought had crossed my mind." (grin)
Danregal. I've edited my description accordingly.
Heh. Thanks, danregal. I had a feeling and then I ignored that feeling that it was MikeTMC that had Jayne's statue-ified head. Well, even if you don't win it MikeTMC, maybe the winner will let you borrow it just for a picture. (Because, come on, that would be hilarious!)
NYPinTA- yes, it would certainly be great to have a photo of them together. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

F.Y.I.- the head has a metal pole inside it (because they had to re-attach it later for some additional pick up shots)

I've always threatened to use the pole to make it the tree topper on my Christmas tree! The fear of it toppling over has kept me from trying, but I still think that would be great with a Santa hat on it.
Does a permanent URL i.e. blog item exist for this anywhere?
Is this what you are looking for?

CABC Jayne Page

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Simon, there is an announcement on the CABC site

or the CABC eBay page

And the one NYPinTA posted works too. :)

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Cheers to the both of you.

[ edited by MikeTMC on 2008-09-24 22:25 ]
Well it's definitely to high for me to bid on now, doh....
Yep. Passed $1000 in just a couple hours. It'll be fun to see if this comes close to (or passes) what the browncoat made.
I would guess so, because the hat is the kind of thing even non-fans would ask about, whereas if you don't know about SereniFly you might not even notice the coat.
That is a serious prop for sale. I'd say it would be hard to top that hat.

Although I gotta tell you guys, since that Buffy prop collection was posted a couple weeks ago, it's really changed the way I look at this sort of stuff. I'd kill for any one of those items (the double-meat palace baddie? The box from Hush? Are you kidding me?) Jayne's hat sits in the same category as far as I'm's like getting Captain Kirk's phaser or Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Good luck to any Whedonesquer's that might be bidding!
I'm very pleased to own Angel's soul...

(I love saying that.)

It's actually the fishbowl (with fish) that represented it in "Soul Purpose." It's one of those things that still amaze me to this day that I can look on top of my TV, and see it, and touch it.

But, Jayne's hat is, well, more obvious. And much more out of my budget.
I'd never even heard of the 'Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation'. Guess I'll have to google 'em now :).

Anyway, that is one great prop. I have a replica hat here, knitted by a fellow fan (he knitted one for a lot of the active core of our Dutch firefly forum and a lot of us wore 'em to the serenity pre-screening :)) which always makes me smile when I see it. I'd love to also own the original thing, but that's not very realistic. I hope it goes for a lot more than $1000 though. For Adam to put something like that up for action for charity, it deserves to go for the highest prize humanly possible :).
1,259.56 right now with 8 days left. Auspicious start.
I didn't win the auction, I came in second.

So I guess that the Jayne head will be without a warm hat this winter...

To quote Dr. Horrible: Balls.

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